Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Peace. The illusive phenomenon

Harmony and conflict have existed side by side throughout the entire history of man. As we witness the rage and destruction from our overstuffed sofas and rolling business chairs, we click our tongues, and some absorb the agony. People cry about the brutality of man and the injustice of life.
As a metaphysician, I believe most in equilibrium. I feel it is the prime motivating factor in all earthly occurrences. Human events mimic geologic events, and both the earth and mankind have violent eruptions. Pressures build and find release. They are unpreventable. Those who wish to avoid them, act accordingly as much as possible.

When one suffers, we all suffer somewhere in the consciousness. But all events are related and combine to create destiny. If outbreaks of war ultimately lead to peace and a future better than we imagined, we would be remiss in stopping that, even if we could. We can help the wounded, speak out against the inhumanity, and most of all, engage in peaceful conflict resolution in our own lives. The duality is a fact of life, and the opposite is always on its way.


Blogger jm said...

I think the main thing that frightens people in an outbreak of war is the thought of it coming to them. Disrupting the structure they cling to for security. Old traumas are revisited, and guilt surfaces. I don't believe the hypocrisy of compassion. Some people suffer with, but most are concerned with their own skins. This isn't wrong at all. It's natural. But it can be openly admitted and not concealed behind the pretense of caring while looking at pictures of bloody humans and burning buildings over and over. Saying how terrible it is, but secretly feeling glad it's not happening to them. And it provides a chemical lift in an uneventful day to day existence.

The collective rage at the perpetrators is equal to the rage of the warriors, and the cycle is neverending. It all comes back to rage at the self.

Who knows what sequence of events has led to the situations people are involved in? If you are kind to others, adhering to the highest of principles, then you will be safe.

So much fear of outside circumstance is motivated by personal guilt. While we can't undo what we've done, we can try to do better in the future, adding one tiny speck to the end of worldwide bloodshed.

20/7/06 2:27 PM  

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