Saturday, April 15, 2017

Revvv It Up

As in Rpms.

Wheels on the road. Aries. Motion. Destination. Driving the point.

Aries likes a quick start. Instantaneous, of course, at least the first one of the day.
The interval between ignition and acceleration is non-existent. Potential energy charges out. 

Aries even sometimes likes the noise of the revolutions. 
Hum, whine, roar, and purr. And a staccato put-put.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Another celestial orchestration has occurred.

The big fat silvery developing full moon in Libra just graced the formal swearing in of America's brand new Supreme Court member. Libra oversees the balance scales of justice.

As it happened, the Moon was crossing US Saturn in Libra at 14 degrees on its way to President Trump's Jupiter positioned at 17 Libra. You remember Saturn, do you not? The one that wants to seriously debate?

And lo and behold. Transiting Jupiter is also at 17° Libra. 
Jupiter signifies laws and the courts.

The opposition party vigorously opposed the appointment, yet oddly, several years ago, the same gang voted unanimously to place the then judge on the Tenth Circuit Court. He was very very much approved of. I guess that's what you call balance.

Pleasing others foremost in partisanship simply ruins Libra's love of objectivity. 

Justice approves.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spitfires, Liars, and Linguistic Acrobats

The President of the United Sates, with his Sun and north node at 22 and 20 degrees Gemini respectively, and the United States of America, with her belligerent Mars at 21 Gemini, are at it again. The verbal battle is on.

"I don't approve of you, Mr. President!!" shrieks the United States.

"Don't worry", coos the Elected Tweeter, among other retorts.

The den of thieves, known as Congress, is frantically busy trying to cover its latest length of exposed track while lobbing insults at the president with astounding velocity. Some are twisting and whizzing like boomerangs. They've even forgotten how much they hate each other.

The Sun together with Uranus in Aries now has riled up the Marsian firemouths. U.S. Pluto in Capricorn and its nefarious machinations are resisting encroaching Uranus, due to arrive in June. Heaven knows what's going on there. The people are fidgety.

But lovely Venus is also in Aries, in retrograde, taking her sweet time. Venus in Aries loves herself. A little personal adoration might do this raging collection of miscreants some good. There's theoretically something to like.

Meanwhile, across from the Gemini confluence, in Sagittarius, is serious Saturn, where snippets of truth are being hurled with the incendiary devices. Why not pitch in?

Gemini's ruler, Mercury, is a wily one. As keeper of the crossroads he's been known to trick people into taking unintended directions. He plays with rocks. Thieves, cheats, and spinners of tall tales are under his auspices.

Understandably, humans lack full omnipotent power. A god figure was created for that purpose, and it comes to notice in Sagittarius. If there is a celestial something, I do hope it's on the up and up.
Saturn has a final retrograde before leaving for Capricorn, and in quite ordinary sublime planetary orchestration, the station occurs exactly opposite this shared American Gemini spot come late summer. About three months of it. That should be enough.

Liars unite!

Sunday, March 26, 2017


The north node of the moon is leaving Virgo in several weeks for a year and a half in Leo. I'm scribbling a mental note.

Virgo sees that living systems are maintained and working at optimum efficiency. All moving parts are synchronized and lubricated. When breakdowns occur, they are repaired. The hum of working activity is music.

An ideal Virgo body eats sparingly, enough to fuel the machine and not much more. The fires of combustion can be harmful, so keeping the level at what is essential works best. As guardian of the small intestine, Virgo breaks apart and picks through matter sending all elements to the appropriate receivers. Virgo is good at identification and classification.

Fortunately, when a poison happens to enter, Virgo comes to the task and alerts the mistaken body to its predicament. She even carries antidotes regularly.

On the other side, Pisces gladly turns down the antidote.

Of course, some machines are lemons and never work well, no matter what Virgo tries. But many function reasonably well and with this astrological entity on hand, they might even be improved with some fiddling. Hopefully, the north node will leave behind a little know-how.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Man of Metal and Nerve

Aries is strong. He's in excellent physical condition. He positions himself. He rushes enthusiastically into battle. A victory is assured.

And now, as the sun briefly comes in, Uranus, presently in Aries, is on some sort of triumphant roll, unsettling everything in range. Almost.
Victories atomize. Unexpected ones materialize.

Well, Uranus is leaving fairly soon and Aries might get a break.

It's unnerving. Or over-nerving. 

The nerve.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Good and Bad

Traditional schools of astrology separated the planets into malefic types and benefic.
The malefics were bad, causing harm to the individual. The benefics brought goodness and helped the person. The judgments spread to everything.

But take two olives, strong Kalamata for example, and instruct two people to eat one.

One might exclaim in joy, "Ooh, that's so so divine."
Another might say, "Icchhk! That's disgusting!!"

Some could conclude that nothing is inherently good or bad. Even if one perceives an entity as threatening, it loses that aspect when not engaged with. 

Here's an interesting piece of art. Good, right? Oh wait....That's bad!

So over time, the malefic benefic dichotomy fell out of favor. Modern schools make it a point to avoid prejudice against a planet. But thoughts of good and bad remain. Perceptions seem to have their own personalities.

In Capricorn, judgment is precise, right and wrong are established and enforced. Quality is determined. In Aquarius, judgment starts to crack and fall apart. There are oddities to consider.
In Pisces, judgment is irrelevant.

Now, as Neptune slowly travels through Pisces, and the south node finishes its current journey there, it can be confusing. Good and bad happen, but so what?
It boggles the conscious mind.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Between the Moon and the Sun

Western astrology uses the sun as the dominant element in a person, but my experience leads me to view the moon as equal in influence. As the Sun circles in the sky, its orbiting moon crosses the resulting path in two places. These points are the nodes of the Moon, and what I see as an answer to the ongoing puzzle of the luminaries. Where these paths cross occurs an integration of the disparate selves. This opposition exists in every chart.

The south node represents that which the individual has mastered and is ready to leave. Job done. Some say it reaches back to past lifetimes and contains cumulative memory of teachings previously learned about this facet of the personality.
The north node contains the discoveries of the future. They meet, or oppose each other, in the present.
While studying these nodes for many years, I've found them to be an accurate indicator of perennial problems in a person's life. The enigma. The paradox. The clue to possibility, perhaps destiny.

Some say that people can integrate the two nodes and enjoy a good life. Some say choose one or the other. I am of the opinion that a person benefits by relinquishing a grip on the south node. The reason I think one gains by loosening from this point is because it requires no effort to effect the behavior. It's entirely automatic, habitual. It will continue to act without one's work, which frees up energy to be consciously applied elsewhere.

The south node is easy to be occupied with. It has a familiar draw.
For those who look toward the north node potential, I think the positive attributes enter by osmosis and fill the bank for later use. Or anytime, really.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rhyme and Reason

These two have been serving humankind, as they say, for ages. 

In this line of thinking, rhyme would be my servant. I kind of like that. I'm a poetry lover.

Rhyme and Reason are a good combo. The poetic drifter, Rhyme, gets meaning through smart Reason. Reason gets to loosen up. They are what's called harmonious. No wonder they stay together.

These two are so in love, they made music together, and produced a charming offspring, known to earth dwellers as Rhythm & Blues. 

Some don't realize that Blues is quite intellectual, you know, if you really look at it.

And as for rhyme as my servant, I'll pay anyway, for the excellent job.

Friday, February 10, 2017

South Node in Aquarius or the Eleventh House

The south node in Aquarius portrays detachment from personal involvement and a sublimation of self glorification that no longer serves the purposes of the individual's destiny. He often clings to the need to be different when what he wants most of all is to be embraced, and falling short of that goal, he magnifies his eccentricities thus verifying his belief that he's an aberration and has little need for individual love. A lover of humanity who pines for a lover. The SN's cerebral skills are well evolved but by now he knows enough. His proclaimed adherence to equality and democratic ideals betrays his true longing to be an autocrat and a superior shining star among the masses of ordinary human creatures. He knows he's cut out for greatness.

The misfit and rebel. The Aquarian SN identifies with the rejected, destitute, and downtrodden masking a deeper desire to join the ranks of the mighty and well entrenched in society's inner sanctum of wealth and position. Sometimes he will purposely be outrageous and unacceptable to ensure his lack of worth to those in the higher echelons. He will frequently be found in social services biding time in an ultimately unsatisfying career hoping for the chance to be served rather than always be of service to the unfortunates in common society.

This nodal native will often display rebellious behavior thinking it quite normal to be halted for fractures of the rules of the game, while inwardly seeking an equitable relationship with the ruling elite, and ultimately a prized superior position in the ranks. What he often does not realize is that expression of true confidence gives him the freedom within the upper crust to still be independent and as quirky as he wants to be, as long as he can let go of the obsessive need to be an outcast, and he remembers his innate non-attachment to material luxury.

Observation versus participation. Like a cool and rational scientist, the 11th house SN immerses himself in the crowd, maintaining enough separation to ensure that personal hurt touches him only peripherally. He studies human behavior and can be an expert on the psychological underpinnings of society's members, but he himself remains emotionally distant approaching personal involvement in a technological way. His longing for group love keeps him immersed in crowds, but his reluctance to step into the spotlight, fully animated, dulls his true ambitions. He remains an equal part of the congregation.

Shunning the Spotlight. Rage at the system masks his ability to use it as his audience. While once afraid of being found out, he now wants to bask in the glory of being discovered and even fully exposed in the limelight. Self consciousness and an attempt to maintain his intellectual prowess keeps him from enjoying the warmth of people and the admiration that comes from being his authentic uninhibited self, where each performance begets another successful performance and the crowd applauds enthusiastically.  He's coming to love the crowd loving him.

Circumstances beyond control. Aquarius often tries to control spontaneous events since he knows that circumstance will get out of his grip no matter what he does. He now understands some of the larger than ordinary influences that govern life on earth, but still he finds it difficult to let go and lose himself in moments of abandoned self expression. What will happen to the world without his awareness? A preoccupation with the future that once inspired the crowd to consider utopian possibilities now inhibits his celebratory immersion in the present.

Pessimism.  The SN 11th house is accustomed to looking at gloomier aspects of existence instead of a bright future, unless it's shaped by his visions. He's too aware of humankind's path thus far and perceives more of the same. That could be accurate, but now he wants to plan for better conditions at least within his own realm. He can indulge in playfulness this time around, if happiness is no longer thought of as foolish. Or even if it is. Like the performer who's come to expect the bad review, he overlooks the inevitable raves that are due to come his way. Happiness is a possibility, at least momentarily, as he learns to spread joy with his unpretentious self love, leaving the world to its own machinations.

The mind vs the heart. What gets the SN Aquarian's heart going is  association where conventional attraction need not be expressed. Overdone love of concepts and ideals prevents the native from experiencing the full pleasures of ordinary romance. Sexual expression of devotion can be problematic, if singular devotion even enters in. He frequently frowns on the melodramatic sentimentality of romantic escapades. Too many requirements for freedom can restrict affairs of the heart.

Alienation. The marked detachment of the 11th house SN can create the feeling of being a stranger. He's come to rely on his aloof nature, but now he longs to feel the heat of emotion and even suffer the results of losing himself in personal mergers, even when some admire and seek his mastery of separation. Dependency is not attractive, but he knows it's a by-product of the relationship he's really seeking. It's the antidote to his isolation.

Rejection of useless fun. The SN Aquarian secretly wants to forgo world weariness and enjoy life unashamedly. He resists silliness even though he  can have a great sense of humor and a talent for dry observation. Still, the childlike nonsense enjoyed by others eludes him or falls short of the mark when he tries it. It can take on a stilted nature. He is serious and embarrassed by flights into what he often considers stupidity, where mindless fun overcomes intellectual pursuits. He's ready now to join the party, if he can overcome his fear of eclipsing his vast intelligence and advanced state of evolution.

Everyman's man is now ready to leave service to the collective and shine with a brilliant ego, illuminating the environment and drawing the full attention of the crowd in a healthy glowing exchange of love given and love received. After years of supporting others as a democratic member of the group, his turn to step above the audience and be singled out as special has come. No longer bound to identify with the oddballs and misfits of humanity he can consider himself a full fledged accepted and adored part of the crowd, or ideally, the star. The curtain calls with the North Node in Leo.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Solid Footing

The trend nowadays is to step lightly and nimbly around the planet and barely leave a footprint. Well, to attempt to, ideally.

So I got to thinking and trying to imagine the total number of footprints a human creature makes in its lifetime. It boggled even my brain. I find it truly astonishing.

With Neptune in Pisces, and fairies flying everywhere, it's easy not to leave a footprint. It washes right away, anyway.

But with Pluto in Capricorn lumbering heavily on the dirt these years, footprints do sink in. Even these eventually disappear.

Maybe it's primarily gravity, upon which the sole feels its way, lightly or anywise. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Capricorn has great admiration for high quality. It likes commodities that are well made and enduring. People of this judicious sign are drawn to expert craftsmanship, carefully selected raw materials, and end products that efficiently serve a purpose.

These types love to own products that reflect status and authority. The color black, accents of gold, silver, sleek lines and simplicity attract their eye. Naturally brands with impeccable reputations are appealing.

While such people are prudent when it comes to finances, sometimes dramatically thrifty, if they see and want the best, they'll pay for it.

Of course cheap, badly made, short-lived detritus is tempting, but one can always find these things. Markets are broad. And abroad.

Elegance of form accompanies functional perfection with Capricorn's influence.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Revolutionary Tendencies

Well, it's excellent timing from my calculations.

Uranus, the astrological planet symbolizing revolution, just turned direct in Aries and comes to a square aspect with U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, positioned at 27°, by June of 2017. A strong challenge to the present government is approaching an extended climax.

On an interesting bend in reality, an unusual creature appeared in politics and took the lead. He upended the established order to become president of the United States. Job complete. Well done, against the odds.

America chose to take this tangential route, logically most likely. 
Having a Sun, Uranus, and the north node closely conjunct in the 10th house of public life, the new executive is an apt emissary for the unordinary planet. 
Mars rising is the other part.

Uranus influences the collective, but sole sovereignty remains intact with Aries. Fitting into the prescribed social construct is actually optional. As for the relationship between the self and the rest of humanity, one can get to it.

What does a united one world mean? It could be any universe. It could be The Universe. Who wants it? Let it keep its own self together, Aries might think. 

Or considering government ..... should it control this universe and that universe? 
By all means, says Pluto in Capricorn.

Uranus is a futuristic phenomenon. It breaks apart defining lines so earthlings can move into further dimensions and explore. Aries pushes out hard, adding to the barrier bust, pursuing freedom from constraints.

So America, with great nerve and in defiance of convention, has placed an executive anomaly into the presidency to shake up, dare I say disrupt, the normal proceedings in Washington, D.C. 
Pluto in Capricorn is getting a poke. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

President Muckraker

Although the incoming president of the U.S. has a Leo ascendant at 29°, marking his persona, almost all of the first house is in Virgo. When blended compositely with his strategic adviser's chart, they have five planets in Virgo.

In a cosmic match-up, the North Node of the Moon is just finishing its year and a half transit of Virgo.

The less than pristine nature of American broadcast and print journalism is very much on display at the moment. Virgo is famously opposed to filth.

Cleanup on aisle 1776!!

Saturday, January 07, 2017


"The study of vibrations and electrical force fields has revealed the permeability of a world previously assumed to be solidly material."

So says the Divine Astrologer regarding Aquarius, and its planet Uranus. 
That threw a curve into people's thinking.

It does get mixed up. Even if the invisible can't be seen people know it's there. Uranus draws attention to alternate worlds, and these days scientists are on it. They're measuring, counting, extracting, deconstructing, analyzing, identifying, and even naming names. They figured it out, while admitting they're not yet exactly sure of the number.

If you place several objects in front of babies, they'll organize them into sequences understood only by them. They're not schooled yet to put things in order the way people think they should.

The artist does a similar thing, although some follow a more traditional juxtaposition than others.

People are taught that this harmonizes with that, and that belongs with this, and deviations from the rules cause distress. I think it's reversed for artists. Maybe that's why they're so fond of mind altering concoctions that so deliciously blow the confines of their brains.

This is the world of Uranus, the entity responsible for invention and genius.

It can start out as a mistake that leads to intrigue and an urge to follow the strange path opened up. It can lead to anything. But it usually comes back to something.

As to the distress, one can easily hear it in discordant music. It's interesting. When departing from traditional melodies, harmonies, rhythms, etc., emotions get confused. I think that sends the observer further into the intellect.

Uranians can be distant, not especially warm, fuzzy, sentimental, and sweetly affectionate. The colder world of intellect is often preferable. A newcomer can turn on a heater.

But out of this invisible realm comes the unusual, the unanticipated, the whimsical, the wild, the inappropriate, the unique, and the brilliant.

And so invention is born. Whether this advances humankind or not could be a matter of opinion. I'll let the scientists figure it out.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

D. Tweeter Trump

Donald Tweeter Trump, Tweeter as he's commonly known, was born into a large hillbilly family in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They didn't have a TV.

He got his name because of his remarkable ability imitating bird calls. He could do them all. Nightingales, chickadees, wrens, robins, finches, you name it. He could even do a blue jay.

The family did fairly well, but as time went on they migrated north to New York, much like Jethro and the Beverly Hillbillies did on the opposite coast.
They settled first in the Borscht Belt and eventually moved to New York City.

Tweeter acquired millions and millions of friends on account of his gaiety and all around good disposition. Even prominent figures around the world are now tuning in and listening to his bird calls.

People back home in the hills often said that young Tweeter was headed for great things due to his impressive talent. They were right.

The family is mighty proud.

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Emotional States of America

Cancer, astrologically speaking, is the primordial mother, with her coos, kisses, and hugs. She protects and nourishes her young, which is everybody. She soothes all hurts as they come. She fills the intimate world with comfort, perpetually responsive to feelings. Feelings, of course, cross the full spectrum.

The United States is a Cancer by birth. Mother country is literal in this case.
She also has Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in the sign, and Jupiter especially exaggerates the Cancer traits.

These days it makes sense to take into account the dense influence of Pluto in Capricorn slowly moving in opposition to Cancer.

Cancer, at the bottom of the astrological wheel, depicts home, refuge, and the mother, while Capricorn, at the top, is the symbol of father and success in the outer world. The current transit completes the parental axis.

In Cancer, emotions are supreme, but in Capricorn one learns that personal feelings are secondary when stepping up the ladder on the way to vocational fulfillment. Childish dependencies are excluded. Pluto in Capricorn transiting opposite Cancer now reveals an enhanced phase of maturity and worldly achievement. Things can be done.

Strict Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, forms a potentially useful square aspect to the Cancer placements in America's wheel. The family is able to manage itself, theoretically. 
The firm influence of the sober architectural planet comes in handy when it's time to draw and actualize plans and choose jobs, yet the value of expressing emotions within reason is usually appreciated.

In the land, crying is common, whining ever-present, fear misplaced, screaming acceptable, laughter spontaneous, and it's largely non-political, if even interpersonal. Emotions are hard to conceptualize. Their source is vague. A current event can trigger an ancient memory since linear time gets obscured in the instinctive realm of feelings. They come from anywhere looking for a logical sequence and looking for form, not always finding these things.

But by a stroke of happenstance, the country has that aforementioned Mercury in Cancer, which can study and comprehend emotion, with, believe it or not, objectivity.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas in Capricorn

Capricorn is the astrological sign representing preservation, conservation, and tradition. The United States has toyed with straying from her Christian roots over the years, but the experience runs steady.

The rituals of the Christmas holiday carry a certain sway. Even the shops are closed, after all. The world gets quiet.

It's occurrence around the time of the winter solstice in cold serious Capricorn probably adds to the attraction, with all the fire and light, the multi colors in particular. Warmth spreads. Spirits are high as Sagittarius ends. Peace on earth, goodwill toward all is a well received concept.

Of course, there are always those who protest the yearly event in this land of free expression. But if it were not these rituals, there would be others, probably just as objectionable, to mark the longest nights of the year. The dissident spirit is as good as any.

Thoughts of holiness combined with commercial jubilation create a celebration that has appealed to many for quite awhile. Participation is singular, although the display of light is omnipresent. Such are the miracles of human crafted illumination.

Pluto in Capricorn is investigating American traditions as it returns to its native position. Some are eliminated, some are kept, generally.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Perfect Nest

Astrological chart of President-elect Donald Trump
You see that circle with the dot high atop this chart? That's the Sun at 22° Gemini. Right next to that is the north node of the Moon at 20. Exactly in between the two lands USA Mars at 21° Gemini. Now that's cozy. 

America pokes and stabs the soon to be president's Sun, stimulating his not too limited confidence as well as attacking it. It's a convenient receptacle for American aggression. The fact that his ego is strong and resilient actually fuels the combative Mars and provides a continuing outlet, while further arousing the radiant sun. These fiery entities thrive on high vitality, the end result being forceful dispersion of ideas everywhere in varying degrees of substantiality, which is fine with Gemini. Communication flows, energetic, bellicose, and possibly educational. 

The north node nestling on the other side says, "Welcome."

Birds of a feather tweet and twitter, with fledgling concepts and animated words flying regularly from the nest. 

As circumstance would have it, both have Uranus nearby, upping the ante, intellectually speaking.