Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Country of Significance

America has her north node of the Moon in royal Leo, indicating that she is as great as everyone and everything. Greater. No exception. She reigns superior.

The south node in Aquarius has previously taken in every refugee in the universe. It's a very ancient pattern. She will, by habit, always take in the downtrodden considering it happens naturally. But it requires no effort, so the country can turn her attention toward developing her magnificent ego. She is a stand out.

Self expression characterizes Leo and that freedom has been enjoyed by the populace since the beginning, protected by statute and relished heartily by the citizens. 

Confidence is the perpetually replenishing mainstay of Leo, so the United States of America, attractive, bright, and proud, continues to fascinate in her starring role. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The inventive and technological planet, Uranus, is just finishing its long square aspect to the United States' communication hub, Mercury, and broadband internet has officially come to rural America.

Business is picking up in these parts, I hear, so I'm sure they can use it. I can't imagine what will show up on Ebay.

Hope the connections are good! Welcome fellow country people!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Twittering Gemini

President Trump and Twitter are a match made in heaven.

He's got all kinds of ridiculously close Gemini planets up in his tenth house, and you know how Gemini loves words. And it could have something to do with the short attention span famously associated with the fluttering natives.

The chirping of many Gemini types is commonly known, with its short, sharp often quick phrases, like a sort of permanent punctuation mode. Ideal for Twitter's strict law of numbers.

Attention wise, I was thinking it could be the curiosity extra active in Gemini that has them eager to advance so speedily to the next moment, preferably to one of a different variety.

Lucky for him he's presiding in the Age of Twitter. It must be kismet. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

A Pecker on the Head

You probably remember the Pink Pussyhat Parade last year protesting men, and President Trump in particular. The ladies found it fun. They wore their simulated female organs on their heads with enthusiasm. Someone suggested that men wear a facsimile of the male part on their heads in contrast. Then women could resist the sea of dickheads they find themselves stuck in. 

They are still horribly upset about their sexuality and are having another gathering this year.

However, this year the pussyhats are being discouraged.
"The sentiment is that the pink pussy hat excludes and is offensive to transgender and gender nonbinary people who don't have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink."
Although the intention might be noble, the ladies are mistaken. They are all pink inside.

Here again I think Saturn newly in Capricorn might have a hand in this event. 

Throughout history and the world, oppression of women has been a reality. The darling pink pussyhats are probably not the optimal way to triumph in this conflict, not according to serious Saturn, although they are attention getting.

It will be interesting to see what the ever creative American women come up with this time. 
Peckers are a perennial problem.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Sparkling Coverup

Hollywood movie stars.... the ladies.... are like floozies, many of whom copulated their way to the top. Of course, some are prudes. Others camouflage it well.

Becoming wealthy and famous, and not necessarily through talent, can be a challenge.

So it was with great amusement that I found their evening costumes for the latest gala covered far more flesh than is customary at these dos. A touch of black sobriety seems to have influenced their choices.

They looked odd, a little uncomfortable I thought. I wonder if it will catch on. Body parts for sale is an old tradition as is the display of the product.

I was also wondering..... could Saturn in Capricorn be encouraging them to pull it in and cover it up? This sign likes prudence and modesty, and the stately formality of black. Are they thinking of trying other techniques to achieve their goals? What do you think?

I was actually stunned to see their outfits vaguely resemble Middle Eastern jilbabs, you know, the garments that conceal a woman entirely. The ones that such women seem ready to cast off.

The American beauties might find a bit of relief, even freedom in a cover-up of sorts, a reasonable one of course. They could develop other assets, assuming they have them.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Honor Among Selves

Honor: regard in high esteem, with great respect

Honor comes under the auspices of the astrological sign Capricorn and its governor, the planet Saturn.

Saturn recently crossed the border from Sagittarius into Capricorn, elegantly joining the Sun at 0° on the winter solstice. The two and a half year transit has ceremoniously begun.

Capricorn and Saturn arouse visions of largely populated organizations. What starts as the lone self marking the beginning of the wheel in Aries becomes a conglomerate of selves at the top in Capricorn, where individuals assume their positions in society.
Yet each self stays a self.

So follows the concept of integrity, thought to mean honor. It really means that an entity is a thing unto its own. From integer. A whole unit. 

To identify the entity, boundaries are established. Capricorn draws borders.  It compartmentalizes. The planet Saturn even emphasizes its defining edge with an unusual broad crystalline display.
The restraint or limitation normally attributed to Capricorn is connected to this outline which gives a body its contained shape and form. It finds its place and performs its function. It is evaluated.

I think Saturn is basically responsible for self appraisal.

When identity is honored, the many selves are free to conglomerate with dignity.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Donald The Great

King Donald I has just stepped into the realm of greatness, much like Cyrus the Great they say.

Jobs are skyrocketing, even wages are increasing. GDP has exceeded all human expectation and is now defying prediction. Confidence is shooting into the stratosphere. Even black unemployment has dipped to a low 7-or-so percent.

Money is everywhere! 

I think King Donald has been rolling the palace dice again. 
He'll be back to being a regular king shortly.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sovereignty of Mind

13 Months of Freedom
Transiting revolutionary Uranus has just reversed direction square to authoritative U.S. Pluto in Capricorn. It's headed back to 24 degrees Aries where it will turn direct and fairly slowly exit the sign, aspecting Pluto one more time.

You know that the United States has Mars in mental Gemini. The ruling planet of this placement, Mercury, finds itself positioned in Cancer at 24 degrees in the nation's wheel, across from Pluto, meaning the government molds people's thinking to its desires through all avenues of communication. The Uranus retrograde ends squarely on this Mercury and Pluto.

Sharing thoughts is revered but with these thoughts come many emotions, especially with Mercury in Cancer. Some are wonderful and some are decidedly unpleasant. Some people like that. Some don't. Some consume too much. Some don't get involved.

Mimicry is common with Gemini.

Governing people is a big job. To make it easier, Pluto in Capricorn, signifying the ruling body, often gives orders.

"You'll think what I say you'll think, you'll feel what I say to feel."

Uranus in Aries square Mercury says, "I'll decide what I think."

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Fiction and Fact

People love a good story and often care not if it's true, based on fact, or completely fabricated within the convolutions of the inventive brain.
They are titillated by the possibility of truth but by the time the stories reach the audience they usually have wandered far from the sketchy beginnings.
And so it is with news as the story is changed and embellished like a gigantic game of telephone.

With severe Saturn spending three months opposite U.S. Mars in Gemini and her president's Sun, fantasy, lies, and other distortions are coming to the fore to be handled as the group sees fit. Truth will peek out. Deceptions will continue.

I think true and false are about equal in importance. The story humankind creates is a loose weave traveling through history constantly adjusting to the tellers and the times. Fiction and fact are both enjoyed. Fantasy provides relief from reality and hard cold evidence relieves the anxiety of confusion.  Some fear that fiction can upset the flow of earthly events, but that isn't likely. Say what you will. it does what it does.

Sagittarius is known for honesty. It often attaches a spiritual dimension to the concept of truth. So truth becomes in essence a product of divinity, greater in scope than the mere human being. Maybe the small human is enhanced by its practice. Uplifted. Elevated, you might say.

Gemini, on the other hand, is famous for lies of  all colors, all shapes, all sizes. Yet Gemini also delivers information, sometimes accurate. And sometimes sources can actually be verified.

Together Gemini and Sagittarius oversee the education of humankind. With Mars in Gemini, the U.S. communicates with zeal and bellicosity. But this active Mars also is in square aspect with Neptune, so the people often wander into netherworlds, mists, and altogether nebulous reportage.

If clarification within the fogginess is desired, perhaps Saturn can bring some crystallization to the country's thoughts by the conclusion of the three month station.

"Where precisely are we?" one might ask. "What exactly is going on?"

Who's who and what's what?

What's up?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Earth to the White House!

America's feisty Mars at 21° Gemini, together with the president's ebullient Sun at 20° and North Node at 22°, are now in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, 21. It's part of a three month station as Saturn prepares to leave for Capricorn. 

To mark the occasion, a new Director of Communications, with Sun, Mercury, Mars, and the south node in Capricorn, and an official new Press Secretary, were just appointed by the infamous President Trump. You know, of course, that Gemini governs communication. Saturn tends to be serious. They're all kind of educational.

I, for one, would like to stay updated. What was that number again?

Friday, June 23, 2017

North Node in Leo or the Fifth House

His regal majesty is ready to take the throne. After serving humanity and being eclipsed by the magnificence of others for ages, the Leo North Node has finally found his kernel of self aggrandizement. He can now stand above the crowd and assume rulership of all creatures. His radiance emanates. His power is mighty. He is the undisputed king.

Superiority. The NN Leo is unquestionably better than everyone else. The position can even be sometimes considered divinely invented. He wears the mantle of grandeur with aplomb and considers it his destiny to reign supreme. While once terrified of relinquishing his democratic ideals, the Leo now knows that people can remain egalitarian while he prances in elevation, providing a perfect focal point for their ideals and aspirations. In fact, the audience is uplifted by his uninhibited expression of self importance. 

Ego. Some are cut out to be the center of the universe giving the ego full rein. Like the planets surrounding the sun, the Leo North knows he is the center of the world, once he emerges from the group and fully enters the limelight. Bragging comes naturally to this self admiring native. While once adverse to revealing his ego, he now relishes the freedom to enjoy its  infinite expanse.

Pride, and Vanity. This node holder is proud to be himself and seizes opportunities to show off his special position. He often dresses the part, exaggerates his royal affectations, and reacts to the praise of his watchful audience, defying cultural norms that belittle self absorption and dominant self expression. Even if not entirely approved of, the rapt attention bestowed upon him suffices. What often is cause for embarrassment in others becomes great uniqueness with a north node in Leo. Long building self esteem is emerging. Privilege is his pleasure.

Spontaneity, Hilarity, and Happiness. This NN is coming from the somewhat dour and sober Aquarius SN to the wild, warm, wonderful world of Leo. He slathers on the greasepaint and steps into the spotlight to put forth his all to the ever responsive audience.
Leo lives to have fun. He entertains in luxurious fashion in lavish surroundings with an abundance of entertainment. With his excellency as the center of attention, the NN Leo wants to make sure that the people around him have the best time of their lives. The stiff serious restraint of the Aquarius SN is exchanged for the free, often ridiculous animation of Leo. A raucous party inevitably results. Dull moments cease to exist. The warm personal love received equalizes all he remembers giving through his impersonal SN. Happiness results.

High Drama. As Great Executor of the ongoing human drama, the Leo North is appropriately unrestrained in his heroic gestures; full of fire, amplified, and larger than ordinary life. He does not hold himself in. The exaggerated staging automatically draws attention and travels to the far empty corners of others' lives, and to their own unfolding dramas. Leo knows that all people are stars of their own shows. With his memory of group immersion behind him, he finds that the kernel of self aggrandizement is vast. His significance is obvious.

Creativity. The Leo North indulges in creative endeavors with the innocence of a child completely impressed with his output and bursting with the urge to show it off to everyone. He knows they will all be as amazed as he is by his voluminous talent. Applause is expected yet nonetheless heartily appreciated as he soaks in the adulation with pleasure. Unable to contain the surge he expresses more of himself. He ecstatically makes a big joyful mess.

Heart and Guts. Activating the region of the heart, along with the solar plexus provides warmth and courage to the Leo NN. The ego breathes into life. Confidence manifests. Honor will be defended. The intellectual cautiousness of the Aquarius SN can now be abandoned for uproarious self promotion which actually benefits others due to the ancient memory of serving humanity.

A Lover for the Ages. Leo deserves to be loved and knows it. It's only proportionate to the attention he bestows upon the recipients of his affection. Falling in, staying in, and falling out of this state of being is one grand continuum, with all the accompanying melodramas and occasional fractured hearts. Money, gifts, sex if applicable, entertainment, support of all kinds are part of his abundant generosity toward his loved ones. It can be boundless after waiting so long to erupt. The operatic magnitude of his romances is nourishment for the storybooks.

Leadership and the Power of Will. In the Aquarius SN, the Leo NN was accustomed to circumstances beyond his control. Some larger power beyond the self determined events. But in Leo, he realizes that he has the ability to shape circumstance and determine his own destiny. He's heading the production.
This automatically leads to others bestowing power upon him to guide them through the extraordinary thickets of mundane existence. He knows from past experience how to help the group progress, but now he's ready to do the same while standing out to garner credit, respect, prestige, and admiration. He is exceptional.

The North Node Leo is ready to relinquish his world weariness and live it up. Life is personally for the taking, full of amusement, so he can let go of his concern about the future of humankind and revel in the exhilaration of the present. His emerging radiance lights up the world and his glorious confidence acts as a beacon. He encourages self expression in all forms. He reaches the sphere of longing and gives reason to the moment. Something big is happening. The lights are on. The star has arrived.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

King Donald I Travels Abroad

So the north node of the Moon, freshly, barely into Leo, just crossed President Trump's ascendant at 29. King of the Beasts, highlighted. 
Mars is involved, and so was fixed star regal Regulus, at the heart of Leo, also known as Alpha Leonis, or the Cor Leonis in ancient Rome. 

You can follow the Big Dipper to locate the constellation of Leo if you're looking into the sky.

Apropos of the moment, he was received as royalty in Saudi Arabia. 
They know royalty when they see it and act accordingly.

His kingdom awaits his return.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring Planting

According to some observers, Donald Trump is a plant, installed into the United States' Presidency by Russia. Some merely label it collusion. They like that word.

Going to the Latin root, colludere, collude means to come together, to play.

Considering that Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, has Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune in Libra, and that President Trump has a big Jupiter in Libra, and Neptune, too, it's natural that these two gentlemen would get along. And they do. 

And wouldn't you know it? President Putin's Saturn is at 17 degrees, exactly conjoined with President Trump's Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn .... an ancient couple.... and old coupala .... America is in on this, too, with her Saturn at 14. Added to that is transiting Jupiter traveling through this year.

Well, within this setup of cooperation, it's still too soon to know exactly what they/we are agreeing and disagreeing upon.

Trump, of course, is eager to eradicate the terrorist outfit, Isis, in tandem with President Putin.
I'm sure he'd also like to work some deals regarding resources and markets in the Russian leader's part of the world.
Maybe they'd even like to have an elegant dinner together in high Libra fashion, silver tinkling merrily.

The Russian president has Moon in Gemini describing him as chatty and clever, much like the American president with his Sun in Gemini. They have a lot to talk about. New relationships are like that. I'm sure America would love to be included. Russia is definitely on her mind.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Poking Pluto

Defiant and revolutionary Uranus in fearless Aries is transiting at the end of the 25th degree, very close to the square to U.S. Pluto, positioned at 27 degrees Capricorn. With this, and under the influence of a very full Moon in Scorpio, the Federal Bureau of Investigation got poked. Good timing. Aries is sharp and accurate.

Government organizations are handy, indispensable really, when they function with something somewhere within the vicinity of propriety, a Capricorn preference.

Pluto is a cosmic detective, so naturally, Scorpio and Pluto desire, maybe even require a sound investigative body, especially in Capricorn. 

Uranus introduces intellect-intelligence, perhaps genius.

Central Intelligence could use Uranus. That's my moderately educated guess.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Revvv It Up

As in Rpms.

Wheels on the road. Aries. Motion. Destination. Driving the point.

Aries likes a quick start. Instantaneous, of course, at least the first one of the day.
The interval between ignition and acceleration is non-existent. Potential energy charges out. 

Aries even sometimes likes the noise of the revolutions. 
Hum, whine, roar, and purr. And a staccato put-put.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Another celestial orchestration has occurred.

The big fat silvery developing full moon in Libra just graced the formal swearing in of America's brand new Supreme Court member. Libra oversees the balance scales of justice.

As it happened, the Moon was crossing US Saturn in Libra at 14 degrees on its way to President Trump's Jupiter positioned at 17 Libra. You remember Saturn, do you not? The one that wants to seriously debate?

And lo and behold. Transiting Jupiter is also at 17° Libra. 
Jupiter signifies laws and the courts.

The opposition party vigorously opposed the appointment, yet oddly, several years ago, the same gang voted unanimously to place the then judge on the Tenth Circuit Court. He was very very much approved of. I guess that's what you call balance.

Pleasing others foremost in partisanship simply ruins Libra's love of objectivity. 

Justice approves.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spitfires, Liars, and Linguistic Acrobats

The President of the United Sates, with his Sun and north node at 22 and 20 degrees Gemini respectively, and the United States of America, with her belligerent Mars at 21 Gemini, are at it again. The verbal battle is on.

"I don't approve of you, Mr. President!!" shrieks the United States.

"Don't worry", coos the Elected Tweeter, among other retorts.

The den of thieves, known as Congress, is frantically busy trying to cover its latest length of exposed track while lobbing insults at the president with astounding velocity. Some are twisting and whizzing like boomerangs. They've even forgotten how much they hate each other.

The Sun together with Uranus in Aries now has riled up the Marsian firemouths. U.S. Pluto in Capricorn and its nefarious machinations are resisting encroaching Uranus, due to arrive in June. Heaven knows what's going on there. The people are fidgety.

But lovely Venus is also in Aries, in retrograde, taking her sweet time. Venus in Aries loves herself. A little personal adoration might do this raging collection of miscreants some good. There's theoretically something to like.

Meanwhile, across from the Gemini confluence, in Sagittarius, is serious Saturn, where snippets of truth are being hurled with the incendiary devices. Why not pitch in?

Gemini's ruler, Mercury, is a wily one. As keeper of the crossroads he's been known to trick people into taking unintended directions. He plays with rocks. Thieves, cheats, and spinners of tall tales are under his auspices.

Understandably, humans lack full omnipotent power. A god figure was created for that purpose, and it comes to notice in Sagittarius. If there is a celestial something, I do hope it's on the up and up.
Saturn has a final retrograde before leaving for Capricorn, and in quite ordinary sublime planetary orchestration, the station occurs exactly opposite this shared American Gemini spot come late summer. About three months of it. That should be enough.

Liars unite!

Sunday, March 26, 2017


The north node of the moon is leaving Virgo in several weeks for a year and a half in Leo. I'm scribbling a mental note.

Virgo sees that living systems are maintained and working at optimum efficiency. All moving parts are synchronized and lubricated. When breakdowns occur, they are repaired. The hum of working activity is music.

An ideal Virgo body eats sparingly, enough to fuel the machine and not much more. The fires of combustion can be harmful, so keeping the level at what is essential works best. As guardian of the small intestine, Virgo breaks apart and picks through matter sending all elements to the appropriate receivers. Virgo is good at identification and classification.

Fortunately, when a poison happens to enter, Virgo comes to the task and alerts the mistaken body to its predicament. She even carries antidotes regularly.

On the other side, Pisces gladly turns down the antidote.

Of course, some machines are lemons and never work well, no matter what Virgo tries. But many function reasonably well and with this astrological entity on hand, they might even be improved with some fiddling. Hopefully, the north node will leave behind a little know-how.