Friday, August 19, 2016

Center Stage

The Leo loves himself. Ideally. 
And he loves to have countless eyes watching him love himself.

His expressions are grand, his demeanor regal, and his confidence is second only to his magnificent ego.

The sun rises and sets in his realm.

Thus the spotlight falls on him. The warmth and light attract other creatures. coupled with the uproar and abundant drama. He adores the admiration as much as the crowd admires him. Entire structures have been erected to accommodate the self loving Leo.

Rise and shine. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Giving Voice

Honesty is a trait associated with Sagittarius.

Ask a question, you get a straight answer.

In the beginning, as the wheel turns to Gemini, fact and fiction, are interchangeable. The reportage of Gemini contains many fabrications and distortions, all there to create enjoyable chatter. Like a baby discovering its voice, babble is everything.

Arriving at the opposite side in Sagittarius, truth becomes more pronounced. It contains information designed to upgrade perception and to conceptualize the universe. Questions about infinite power arise as the individual perceives the vast expanse beyond the self.

The laws of the land and those of the cosmos are studied. Thought and talk in these courts attempt to separate fact from fiction, while people prepare to govern successfully in Capricorn. The person wants to know what's what.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, honesty takes a serious turn. It's more like a requirement with Saturn's strict rule. It doesn't mean that lies and such disappear or even retreat. It means that the truth is more discernible. More available. And potentially preferable at times.

Sunday, August 07, 2016


An astrological chart largely influenced by Uranus depicts an individual who is nervous, agitated and destructive. To the norm, that is.  And some other things.

The neurons of a Uranian are like high tension wires, buzzing, crackling, popping and drilling madly. To the uninitiated, they even appear to misfire, but there's an ultimate logic in the sequence, as Uranus urges the consciousness into new space.

The planet simply flipped its axis. Who knows when?

Uranus lives by its own laws. I guess the other planets don't mind. They get along quite well, it looks like to me, these characters.

Saturn's matrix is useful when first built, but there comes a time for the structure to be taken down in order to advance.
Uranus does a smashing job.

I find it interesting that the keywords for Uranus ruled Aquarius are "I know".
Yet the path to knowledge is through the wildly, oddly unknown. The certainty and security of Saturn are removed in order to expand the mental frontier. Aries is bold and aflame, which is where Uranus is now. Hot and electric. They're getting ready to part ways and there's a lot to cover.

I actually don't think Uranus is as disruptive as its reputation insists.
It stays in orbit.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Binary View

With Saturn in Sagittarius, it's not surprising that the puzzle of optimism versus pessimism is forefront in the mind.

Every wheel has both, so apparently the two are present in a well rounded life. Some lean more toward one than the other, but each situation attracts a unique ratio, and this ratio likely prevails, whether one is conscious of it or isn't.

Down in the murky eighth house, the native encounters mysterious bondage. Then the traveler is thrust far up into the ninth house with freedom to roam the universe. Possibilities abound, spirits are high, and people are eager to explore.

After the ninth house excursion come the restrictions of earthly reality in Capricorn and the tenth house. It involves coming down in response to gravity, and that can depress the spirits giving rise to pessimism.

Now that the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is crossing Sagittarius, it's not time for buoyant, unrestrained optimism. Jubilation is tempered. joy might not be as abundant as in other times, and the larger picture is uncertain. Nor is it time for despair.

The reason for the configuration is to replace inflated, outdated, even false optimism with a real, substantial, usable version. A barrier is erected to protect construction, and then the scaffold is taken down to expose a new working confidence in the cosmic order.

The optimist sees the universe trending toward a better state, according to Funk & Wagnall's, the pessimist sees it getting worse, taken from the derivations; best and worst. 

I see it as a continuum. I've come to think it doesn't matter. One lives with the whole, be it the world at large or the attitudes of one's own mind. Joys and disappointments come and go. Has the end of the story even been written?

Who knows?

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Gardening With Clever Gemini

An inventive horticulturist in a moment of genius.

"I use golf balls partially buried in hanging baskets to keep the birds from building nests. The foliage covers them and the birds think the plant is already occupied. Has worked for years."

It's Gemini season with its many amusements.

Friday, June 03, 2016


If a task list is annoying, it might be worth examining which tasks can be deleted, delegated, or deferred.

Picking and choosing. 

In pursuit of efficiency. And pleasure.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lofty Intentions

"I set this matter down not to instruct others but to inform myself."

John Steinbeck

Thursday, February 18, 2016


With the combination of the lunar South Node and Neptune, both in Pisces now, things are bound to unravel.
The South Node is weary of the repeated experience, but Neptune is not. Come late summer into the fall, they'll be tightly together again. Briefly. 
Until then, people might feel like they've returned to square one and beyond. Getting back to square one might look like progress.

The strength of Neptune lies in the sea. There are places in the depths of the water unstudied by humankind. The oceans have not been mapped by the constantly exploring, charting, graphing, and analyzing human. The details are a mystery.

It might seem as if one isn't getting anywhere -- but is there anywhere in particular to go? Not in the world of Neptune. Choice becomes irrelevant.

Out of the convoluted apparent confusion of Pisces comes determined straightforward Aries, on a mission, unstoppable. Aries knows where it's going. Or It goes where the Aries goes.

Perhaps the unplanned motion introduces Aries' lucid direction.

From the mists of Neptune, stark pathways can appear. Sometimes undoing what's been perceived as completed leads to a re-doing and a superior conclusion, if such a thing exists. 
There is a perpetual chaos that asserts itself with Pisces. Certainty is temporary. The making of illusions in the deep sea goes on, luring earthly creatures. The world of imagination plays its part.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Curing Ills

The human imagination involved in concocting remedies for maladies is dazzling. It seems that people have grabbed almost anything that isn't lethally poisonous and given it a try. In fact, poisons are significant, since many potions contain harmful elements. Maintaining the body involves a curious mix of the threatening and the benign. Noxious factors are within and without and somehow the body's mechanism processes it all with varying degrees of difficulty or ease. Some instinct has urged humans to explore the world around them in search of remedies in a remarkable matching of illness to antidote. The choices are vast.

With Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo now, there is an opportunity to discover expanded ways to fix bodily malfunctions. New substances for old complaints can be tried and different paths to relief might show themselves. If and when it's a good idea to seek professional help remains perplexing, yet sometimes it's obvious. Sometimes it's best to do nothing and let time and the self do the work.
This planetary configuration also provides the chance to discover what the body is trying to communicate, which can be quite a study. 
"Why is the condition present?" one might ask. "How did it get there? What is really the cause? What is it telling me? Am I  doing something wrong? How can I correct it? Or is it just a natural and logical progression as my body continually adjusts to living?"

Pleasure and Healing

Everyone is familiar with the pleasure and pain see-saw humans ride. One leads to the other unfailingly. It's thought that people seek pleasure and attempt to avoid pain, but are they actually seeking both? There's the fullness of experience to consider and the enduring relationship of these two entities.  They volley with one another.

The increasing interest in medical cannabis deals specifically with this subject, speaking of herbal antidotes. People have a choice whether or not to experience the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) altered state associated with the plant.  Some prefer it deleted, and it's done.  Maybe the pleasurable sensations are part of the treatment of pain. It's not yet known. Jupiter in Virgo is bringing further investigation into the possibilities. Trying to find the essence of the medicinal factor is a job Virgo likes.

But the idea of pleasure in and of itself being a healing potion is intriguing. Some people feel that more pain is the answer to pain, or at least a different kind. It's part of the cure. Others think that more gentle remedies are the solution, while some insist they don't work. Adding to the astrological mix is Mars in Scorpio for the moment, and Scorpio says that deep pleasure is borne by pain. It likes the merging factor.

Probably all the techniques contribute something of value, and with the transits of Virgo, people can try them and find out.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Another Sagittarian interest.
It starts with an attraction to variety in Gemini, and becomes a study of differences within the world population -- language, food, music, clothing style, cultural customs, religion, on and on and on. An anthropological banquet.

In the clamor for multiculturalism, various facts can be overlooked.

The flavors of a culture are often consistent. Groups contain mimicry.

Some people enjoy the sensations in a foreign society, others have a natural aversion to them, stemming from largely unknown sources. Some people don't notice. Some pretend.

Some like deep fried eels, some can't stand them. Some people like Jesus, others don't.

Disliking certain groups is normal. The subsequent engagements with the disliked tell the story. They are as varied as the people themselves.

Of course, this makes for complicated travel decisions occasionally.

"Darling, let's go to China this year."

"No Dear, I don't like their food.

"How about Italy, then."

"They make too much noise."

"And what about Turkey, Dearest?"

"Turkey sounds good."

"Or perhaps Montana."

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nurse Jill Has News

As a result of changes in professional medical policy, I am currently offering some new and interesting remedies for all that ails you. As you probably know, I like to make use of herbs, flowers, buds, and assorted plants in my prescriptions. It takes experimentation to discover the  precise treatment for the individual. I'm a Virgo. I like that.

And speaking of Virgo, people of the astrological persuasion know that the North Node has just entered Virgo and is going to be there for a good while, joining Jupiter, so I plan on staying busy dispensing your medicines. I think you'll find the new selections wonderfully effective.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Captain of the Ship

 One of the handy characteristics of Sagittarius is the ability to take life's pokes, punches, and prods philosophically. There's a resilience in its nature.

One discovers a number of different reactions to the unpleasant aggressions coming from anywhere. It's easy to attribute the acts to other people, and that's commonly done. Sometimes the person, her*himself, is perceived as the miscreant, while other times a punishing god is pinpointed. And still other times, no one and nothing are specifically responsible.

No matter what, the truth is evident. People are in charge of their own ships. They find it difficult to detach from the view of things being done to them; that that they are victims of superior powers. In a mundane sense, this is frequently accurate, but further contemplation reveals the impossibility of establishing a real source of authority. The decisions concerning one's destiny are a mystery.  

The Greeks created the three Fates as an explanation. They calmly spun, measured, and cut the threads of human existence to their liking. But what influenced their moves? I suppose some entity or entities guide humans' every move, and what or who they are is a continuing puzzle. 
Each event is a bridge to another, and a comprehensible view of the sequence comes and goes.

Outside pressure is in the winds, and its genuine source is mostly unlearned. Acting with and against the forces comes automatically, as they ebb and flow. Skilled navigation comes with experience. And maybe intent.

Establishing metaphysical longitude and latitude is a lifetime endeavor, as is reading the winds and currents.

If one uses the metaphor, that is.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I'm happy to inform you that Al has taken up jogging and has remained alcohol free for quite some time. He no longer attends AA meetings but has joined a chess club instead, where he exercises his intellectual and social muscles regularly. Unfortunately, cigarettes still factor in to combat his nervous nature. But Al says that at his age it doesn't matter. You can go ahead and bury him with his smokes.