Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nurse Jill Has News

As a result of changes in professional medical policy, I am currently offering some new and interesting remedies for all that ails you. As you probably know, I like to make use of herbs, flowers, buds, and assorted plants in my prescriptions. It takes experimentation to discover the  precise treatment for the individual. I'm a Virgo. I like that.

And speaking of Virgo, people of the astrological persuasion know that the North Node has just entered Virgo and is going to be there for a good while, joining Jupiter, so I plan on staying busy dispensing your medicines. I think you'll find the new selections wonderfully effective.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Captain of the Ship

 One of the handy characteristics of Sagittarius is the ability to take life's pokes, punches, and prods philosophically. There's a resilience in its nature.

One discovers a number of different reactions to the unpleasant aggressions coming from anywhere. It's easy to attribute the acts to other people, and that's commonly done. Sometimes the person, her*himself, is perceived as the miscreant, while other times a punishing god is pinpointed. And still other times, no one and nothing are specifically responsible.

No matter what, the truth is evident. People are in charge of their own ships. They find it difficult to detach from the view of things being done to them; that that they are victims of superior powers. In a mundane sense, this is frequently accurate, but further contemplation reveals the impossibility of establishing a real source of authority. The decisions concerning one's destiny are a mystery.  

The Greeks created the three Fates as an explanation. They calmly spun, measured, and cut the threads of human existence to their liking. But what influenced their moves? I suppose some entity or entities guide humans' every move, and what or who they are is a continuing puzzle. 
Each event is a bridge to another, and a comprehensible view of the sequence comes and goes.

Outside pressure is in the winds, and its genuine source is mostly unlearned. Acting with and against the forces comes automatically, as they ebb and flow. Skilled navigation comes with experience. And maybe intent.

Establishing metaphysical longitude and latitude is a lifetime endeavor, as is reading the winds and currents.

If one uses the metaphor, that is.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I'm happy to inform you that Al has taken up jogging and has remained alcohol free for quite some time. He no longer attends AA meetings but has joined a chess club instead, where he exercises his intellectual and social muscles regularly. Unfortunately, cigarettes still factor in to combat his nervous nature. But Al says that at his age it doesn't matter. You can go ahead and bury him with his smokes.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Expanded Worlds

There's a distinctive excitement in Sagittarius and the ninth house when a person leaves the deep entanglements of Scorpio and the eighth house to enter the universe at large.

The beginning of the transpersonal sector of the wheel yields a moment of freedom between the bonds of personal relationship in the 8th and the societal responsibilities of Capricorn and the tenth house. The higher mind germinates from the rich decay of Scorpio, reaching into new dimensions. The cosmos opens, and one is no longer an observer but a participant in the galactic proceedings.

At birth, the journey through personal relationship continues until the ultimate other is discovered in the 7th house. But stepping further into the 8th, the traveler finds increased profundity in areas of interpersonal exchange. This sector contains the transition into the galaxy and relationship with entirely different entities. Foreigners, you might say. Breaking out is a common sensation. Restraint is not desired. And so with Saturn?

The notorious roadblocks understood to be erected by Saturn are not spared through the transit of Sagittarius. The doors open wide, but one can be afraid to go. What's out there in all that infinite space? Am I safe to travel?

Enhanced perception marks the passage from Scorpio into the untried, no matter what luck or misfortune follows. People might use Saturn to guide them intelligently through the altered realm. A little bit of prudence is periodically welcome under the influence of Sagittarius.

Friday, September 18, 2015

High and Low

There appears to be a receptor in the human brain for god or a facsimile of the somewhat elusive creature.

With Saturn in Sagittarius for awhile, manifestation of this creation is probable. Here, validation of a person's spiritual achievement is the plan.

It's a complex dialogue a human has with itself to arrive at some conclusions as to what's been done right and wrong, what goodness is deserved, and what misfortune is as well. Saturn relies on accurate judgement with reward and punishment meted out as required. People bounce between behaving and misbehaving.
Still, one thing leads to another, and what can be wrong on one hand, might become right through quirk of fate and passage of time. It keeps people wondering.

So results the relationship with an omnipotent being who seems to hold the cards and deal them at what? Whim? Who exactly is this being? Who decides matters of destiny?

There are many philosophical questions to be considered as Saturn traverses Sagittarius in pursuit of a substantial version of the god figure and a well-functioning set of rules, while people decide what they believe. Or think about it.

I lean toward the idea of divine power being distributed within a pantheon of gods and goddesses. In this case, they're all in charge of their own realms. And they never can decide who's the highest. I guess it's inconsequential.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Deep Repair

Scorpio finds the fundamental root of problems and Virgo comes with its precision tools to fix the predicaments. In these last couple weeks of Saturn in Scorpio, while the Sun and Jupiter travel through Virgo, opportunity appears.

The combination of eighth house Scorpio and sixth house Virgo is known as a point of crisis. The healing powers of this duo are legendary. Longstanding breakdowns are ready to be repaired in the body, in the machines, and in one's life.

It's probably not time for bandaids and pleasant cards. This is serious action designed for long-term results. Saturn in the 29th degree of Scorpio is naturally profound.

Enduring the maintenance process can be taxing with Scorpio involved. Rigorous routines, much harder than usual, might be instituted, while others are sometimes deleted, with the accompanying sensations of loss. Scorpio favors emotion while Virgo simply wants to get the job done. Together they are ruthless, determined, detailed, and thorough. The Detective and the Doer, gutting, wrenching, digging, twisting, screwing, unscrewing, and frequently permanently repairing. Presumably, everything can be fixed, although the solution might be different from what's expected.

With Scorpio, the ultimate physician, and Virgo, the cosmic technician, one is in good hands. A semblance of order for a moment, until Neptune in Pisces brings its chaotic magic once again. There's always something to do. Or undo.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


About half of the weight of the human body is made up of muscles. An individual has more than five hundred muscles large enough to be seen with the unaided eye, and many thousands so small that a microscope must be used to observe them. The skeleton is covered and hidden from sight by thick layers of large muscles. The familiar shape of the human form is due as much to the muscles as it is to the bones, if not more.

All the motions of the body or any of its parts are produced by muscles in action. There is never a time when all of them are quiet. The body as a whole might seem to be at rest, yet breathing goes on, the heart beats regularly, and muscles in other internal organs are at work. The heart itself is a hollow mass of muscle.

There are two kinds of muscles. One kind works whether we wish it to or not. The work of the other kind is to a great degree under our control. It's an interesting fact that life depends on muscular behavior that cannot be controlled, while conscious work is governed by muscles that move by choice. This suggests that humans receive the gifts of life together with the freedom to choose what to do with them.

I'm reminded of the Aries-Capricorn relationship.

Maybe the wise and patient bones guide the eager and impetuous muscles, much like the system guides the individual ideally. The structure provides restraint, control, and stability following the initial muscular impulse.  And I suppose the action loving muscles keep the bones from becoming too locked and rigid, besides adding curvaceous beauty to the form.

Aries-Capricorn. A fine combination, keeping the body in motion.

Muscle information from The Modern Medical Counselor, published in 1943.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


      If you set out at one point on a trip around the world, you eventually end up exactly where you started. Such is the nature of roundness. Forward motion is questionable, even though most people perceive time moving linearly. It goes round and round in some mysterious fashion that people strain to understand and race to keep up with. They also strain to identify the motion with improvement, although reality does not always bear this out. Something better is inevitable from time to time, though, with statistical factors in play.

      The same can be said about the astrological wheel as a representation of a life. The greater wheel of the ages speaks of humanity's journey, and oddly, that circle goes in exactly the opposite direction from the personal one. So what is this thing called progress and evolution? Forward is not always good. You could be walking straight into a pond loaded with water moccasins, for example. In that case backward would be considered good. Forward and backward both work.

      In Pisces the native comes to the end, to begin anew in Aries, the birthing point of personality, assuming there might be continual forward progression. This point is often accompanied by a feeling of futility where all previous struggles have come to naught and the person is ready to relinquish control, freeing him or herself from mundane contests, however briefly, in order catch a glimpse of other dimensions. Here's how this comes about.

      In Aries, the native is born and starts the solo journey looking ahead, finding something to do, forming relationships, building families, creating a complicated network of connections, and arriving at Capricorn, or the 10th house, where he attempts to join in the construction of a great society. In Aquarius, it's discovered that the attempt hasn't worked out as well as expected. Social and political systems are far from ideal, so utopian concepts are developed and group cohesion becomes the goal. In Pisces one understands that nothing has worked, really. So the person gives up for a minute to experience a moment of refuge and resuscitation. This brief interlude is where one stops in the circle and pauses to see the expansive realms existing outside the confines of the body and structured worlds. At this moment the entrapment of mundane living can be wearisome, but it also frees the native for square one again and a new plan. The period of confinement offers the chance to undo. It's a time to recognize the limits of human influence and to contemplate the inclusive nature of existence. Everything happens all at once and all experiences are vital to the whole. Thus comes the prize in Pisces. Non-judgement.

       These days there are many factors influencing this completion of the revolution and it looks to be a rather drawn out affair.

Neptune in Pisces
US Progressed Sun in Pisces
The 12th house of the Pluto return
Pluto in Pisces forthcoming
The end of the Age of Pisces

      People believe that if it weren't for the enemy they create, they would be happy or something like that. Safe. Anything. But in Pisces, the identity of the enemy is blurred which leads to confusion. A lot of things are blurred in this area. The world of Neptune often escapes common logic. It escapes everything. And that's what led to my conclusion that progress is unimportant overall. It happens automatically.

     Due to mathematical laws, a certain amount of experience is bothersome. At the full revolution, it can seem like everything is out of order. It probably is.

Still, one can look to the heavens and the beauty of astronomy. The celestial bodies revolve independently of one another while maintaining the integrity of the system. Movement is omni-directional. So I assume it's all progress. Or is it just motion?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Shaping Identity

The astrological sign on the horizon at birth provides an accurate guidepost for character development. The odd thing about the ascendant is that it precedes the individual. One is behind, not inside it, and the native often acts out traits that aren't natural inner ones. This can cause confusion, and that's where relationships come in handy. Others reflect ourselves back to us, and thus we get familiar with the persona we are projecting, more so as life goes on. I think people incarnate further into their ascendants as they progress through the years We learn who we are.

Because of the separation one actually has the opportunity to mold and sculpt this part of the whole. It is malleable and responsive to personal will. It's where the native creates him or herself over and over again like trying on clothes in a cosmic dressing room.

Often the rising sign conflicts with the sun, moon, and other placements, but this costume is the winner as far as outer existence is concerned. And it can be creatively thrilling.