Monday, March 31, 2008

Pluto and Desire

In Taurus - the creature grasps the banana, peels it, masticates it, swallows it, and discovers satisfaction. Desire gratified.
In Scorpio, it's not quite as simple. The desire continues after the banana is eaten. But this is Scorpio. It prefers the state of desire until it can find the most desirable desire there is. Then the most profound satisfaction. Unearthly pleasure. Spiritual awakening.
The unsatisfied impulse in constant quest can result in obsession and further inability to find fulfillment until a Pluto transit. One can finally get enough.
Some people gain from remaining in this state of desire, and all people do in some compartment of their lives. Some place where they can never get enough. Seventh house, relationship. Sixth house, satisfaction from the job. Third house, the answers. Stuff like that.
So often ancient teachings profess that desire is the cause of human agony. Probably so. But it is also the cause of human ecstasy, plus it's an impossible thing to live without. So we're taught to forsake temptation and even try to lose the urge for gratification, but Pluto shows the human the immense gain that can come through desire. The map to the treasure cave. The root of longing. The full satisfaction. Nothing less.
This type of journey often does get troublesome, desire is not an easy thing to contain. Enter Pluto. Enter Capricorn. Saturn is the purveyor of control and the Plutonian runaway impulses can be regulated and used, resulting in creativity and achievement while Pluto transits this disciplined sign. As Pluto turns his dense little body around and heads back for a last visit to Sagittariusland, I'm getting prepared. A few desires of mine could use some harnessing in the near future.
Black Prince: Paul Klee. 1927

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Fox News Team

Somebody rescue them!!
Ship of Fools: John Alexander

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patriotism in the 21st Century

For the totalitarian, "patriotism" means support for the state and its policies, perhaps with twitters of protest on grounds that they might fail or cost us too much. For those whose instincts are democratic, "patriotism" means commitment to the welfare and improvement of the society, its people, its culture.

With regard to the US, I think we find a mix. Every effort is made by power and doctrinal systems to stir up the more dangerous and destructive forms of "patriotism"; every effort is made by people committed to peace and justice to organize and encourage the beneficial kinds. It's a constant struggle.
Noam Chomsky

Apparently God has been blessing America for a long time, according to traditional patriotic stalwarts, but the results have been somewhat less than divine. Now the United States is embroiled in a confused occupation of a foreign country that seventy percent of the people say they want ended. People are being killed, the occupied country is devastated, and the economy at home is failing. America has a long history of dissent, indeed the birth of the country was based on a revolution proclaiming unfair representation of the people's will.
Saturn (authority) is opposing Uranus (dissent) and the subject is beginning to dominate the political landscape. Despite the rage in parts of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's sermons on God and governmental immorality, something about them rang true and the country is currently recovering from shock treatment. Obama himself, one of the alleged culprits in the matter, is an extraordinarily Uranian gentleman.
The question comes up about real defense of country and the most effective way to show pride. Dissatisfaction. Is it a cheap pin on a lapel? A spine tingling speech? A poetic song? Support of a war that still hasn't found a reason? Peaceful demonstrations? Bloody battle in the streets? Running for office?
The USA has Uranus and Mars in Gemini indicating skill with verbal protest, as well as Moon in Aquarius quincunx Mercury. Saturn by transit is squaring Uranus giving concrete form to the discontent. Interesting how Jeremiah's bombastic expression was juxtaposed with Barack's calm and gentle presentation, two sides of dualistic Gemini. The world is connected in cyberspace now sending messages back and forth around the clock. Dissent among the commoners is shared universally. And truly, the authorities probably are just as dissatisfied in their own ways.
The subject will likely be a major theme in this presidential election, initiating a new form of rebellion. But more importantly, setting the stage for Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, when the commoners and the status quo face off bigtime. I'd rather not leave it in God's hands to damn America. Instead, I hope that the body politic as a whole will voice legitimate objections to corrupt and unethical behavior and follow the criticisms with decisive and effective action. Certainly those who choose to wear a pin should feel free to do so.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Aries Has Arrived!

Man your battle stations!
The fear graph has spiked and all hopes of One America have vanished. But don't worry. Aries is brave and can handle just about anything.

As an Aries Rising for well over half a century with plenty of experience in these conflicting matters I feel I have a choice. I can join in the over-excitement or I can kick back, relax, and anticipate the soon to arrive cool and refreshing leaves of spring. Oh there'll be some blood of Christ thing happening but I've had my fill of religion for the moment so I think I'll decline. As far as primary battles go -- I've primarily been battling all my life. Nothing new. And my rapier is in the shop.

So relaxation has won the day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Step Up

Several steps up, actually.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Human Races

Mongoloid, Negroid, Caucasoid
No one seems to know why the human race was divided into three sections, each with defining characteristics. Some metaphysicians theorize that the separations were designed for evolutionary purposes -- to teach humans how to integrate and come back to wholeness through learning and cooperation.
And to know themselves.
Pluto is just about to go retrograde and return to Sagittarius for the last part of the experience. The test to see how far humans have advanced in terms of gender, racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, and ideological divisions. Mars is in Cancer opposite the stationary Pluto and the Moon just crossed the last few days, setting off subconscious fears, a return to primitive tribal separation, and surfacing of collective memory. Pluto is associated with crisis, meaning a changing point. Krisis. Point of decision. Pluto crossing from Sagittarius into Capricorn at this delicate time is having an influence.
I grew up on the Pennsylvania-New York border in a lower middle class factory town surrounded by farmland. We moved out of the main city when I entered junior and high school, and I encountered no noticeable bigotry during those years. This is why -- there were two black kids in the school, brother and sister, and three Jews, two of them twins. It was a homogeneous, non-violent environment.
Later I lived in New Orleans and encountered the discomfort of racism directly. I vowed never to live that way again so I moved to the west into a relatively prejudice-free city. I've been here thirty years and I've seen even more changes, although prejudice certainly does still exist in many ways. Sometimes I think that the American West is gaining influence in society and the independent, live-and-let-liveness of this region will be a great addition.

So as Pluto is stationing, the primaries have come to some problematic states and racism has surfaced in dramatic ways for a last look at the phenomenon. A look at the old style of politics. Divide and keep divided. Scare up votes. Throw crumbs until the next election. Or nothing, as it stands now.
The point of decision. I'm sure it will be a good one given the time allotted and the attention paid to the process. The effort from all sides. And the collective patience. Quite amazing.
It doesn't really hurt to look at some truth deep in Sagittarius. To look at our own judgements or pre-judgements. And all that religious stuff comes with the package. Hopefully some more subdued worship rituals will arrive with Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Some of us in the species, though, will always love a little blazing thrill. Last chance for 250 years!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Fear Card

Common Sense
The future is not what somebody tells us it is.
The future is what we decide it's going to be.
Barack Obama
My favorite quote from Obama.
There's been a lot of talk lately about (in)security, terror deep in the night, trust, hope, change, leadership, faith, fear, possibility, truth, and what-not. At the moment, fear is center stage. The idea that something good is impossible due to global conglomerates, attack machines, evil monsters, psychic predictions, planets in outer space, or such uncontrollable forces, is erroneous. None of these are omnipotent. Believing these things points to a deficit in self determination.
There is a natural fear that something bad is going to happen and it will. As well as all the good things. People who crave power sometimes try to make others think that if they do what they say the bad things won't happen, and if they don't, they will. Completely false. No leader has control over these elements and they can't be predicted. Both bad and good are scheduled. The times determine which one triumphs temporarily. People have no idea what the future will bring and death looms ahead as well. Most people are uneasy at best.
As you might have noticed, the fear card came into play exactly as Mars went into Cancer a few days ago and will be there for the next two months. Join me in a closer look at the significant planetary configurations ......
First of all, Pluto in Capricorn is making a four month station opposite this zero-one Cancer point. Not surprisingly, one of our presidential candidates has a planet in this location. Barack Obama has Venus at 1 degree Cancer. No wonder the last few days have been an emotional trial for him. The Pluto opposition is represented by Mrs. Clinton, a Scorpio. The lesson is in composure and maturity as the emotional jabs come in relentlessly trying to help him maintain equanimity as a prerequisite for his new leadership position. The self-control of Capricorn vs. the reactive of Cancer. The interesting addition is the USA Venus at 3 Cancer. This is a prelude to the whole country's lesson. Emotional maturity. It's especially important since the Pluto crossing is happening right at election time.
Pluto is going to oppose the Cancer stellium for many years. Cancer responds from the primitive brain, Capricorn is more aloof and can assess situations with logic and react accordingly. Through the Bush years, whose Cancer Sun conjuncts the US Sun, fear has dominated with an unpleasant result. Now that Mars is in Cancer and Pluto is in Capricorn, hope and inspiration have been put on the back burner while the people deal head-on with the old issue. This is a good opportunity for society to take a reasoned look at how manipulation operates and make some intelligent choices.

The Attack machine
Attack is a fact of life. Every second it goes on in the body, in the country, in the world, in space, everywhere. The purpose of attack is to muscle against resistance and build strength and a good defense mechanism. Every human encounters it. The people will need to step it up as Uranus goes into Aries. The last time Uranus transited Aries, Pluto was in Cancer and the government came to the rescue. This time no such thing, which is why Capricorn self preservation is waiting to be developed.
The best approach is to take attack and turn it into strength. If you attack the entity directly it will return and weakness will be maintained. If you take it and transform it, the weakness disappears as well as the future confrontation. Survival in Aries will likely call upon some good defense. So Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto is part of the preparation. The antidote? Confidence.
Don't let'em scare ya too much.
Celebes the Elephant. Max Ernst

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


My best friend and I have a standard greeting we've been using for 30 years .....
Either one of us: Hey. It's me. What's going on?
The other: Nothing.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Deep in the Heart

All right! Stand up! The real Democratic nominee for the President of the United States. Now!!
The State of Texas.
Sun: 7 Capricorn
Moon: 18 Capricorn
Mars: 4 Aries
Uranus: 6 Aries
Pluto: 22 Aries
Jupiter: 0 Taurus
Saturn: 16 Aquarius
Neptune: 23 Aquarius
Venus: 24 Aquarius
There's no doubt about what's happening on March 4th in this tough and rebellious state. Senator Obama more than likely given the nod, hopefully the final one. What's so intriguing is the Texas Aries-Capricorn square with the Aquarius stellium, foretelling the upcoming Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn square, and the continuing debate in people vs. the establishment or vice-versa. But what is even more interesting is the connection to Iowa, where the saga began. Iowa also has Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. Pluto there, too, and Saturn-Neptune in Aquarius. Practice makes perfect. Independents unite!!

Mars opposite Pluto
In keeping with the cosmic tone of this election, March 4th will be the anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo and the end of the Texas fight for independence. The Alamo chart, march 4, 1836, has Mercury and Mars conjunct the USA Moon at 27 Aquarius accompanied by the north node station I've mentioned so often at 27 right now. There is a sense of liberation in the country, although from what? One does not know quite.
One added factor that caught my eye in the Alamo chart was the Moon at 1 Libra. On March 7th the New Moon occurs at 17 Pisces. The Full Moon follows at 1 Libra. Could there be some sort of some kind of peaceful resolution in store? Providing the audience with a breather, perchance?
But perhaps the most definitive configuration is the return of Mars to 0 Cancer tomorrow exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn. A decisive moment to say the least, as the past falls behind, the immaturity of Cancer is set to be relinquished, and the responsibility of Capricorn gets ready to take hold. The childishness and emotional excess of the last days of this campaign will be a welcomed exit as I see it from my perch. I'm interested in something a little bit different.
As Mars spends the next two months in Cancer, the good-byes will be completed. Adios. Fare thee well. Then on to Leo with Pluto back in Sagittarius, when the fireworks and inspiration continue and could easily attain new heights. Be prepared is my adopted motto.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nurse Jill

From Primary Care
At your service.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wordsmith Alert!!!

Spell it out now while you can. Last chance before Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer next Tuesday.