Thursday, February 18, 2016


With the combination of the lunar South Node and Neptune, both in Pisces now, things are bound to unravel.
The South Node is weary of the repeated experience, but Neptune is not. Come late summer into the fall, they'll be tightly together again. Briefly. 
Until then, people might feel like they've returned to square one and beyond. Getting back to square one might look like progress.

The strength of Neptune lies in the sea. There are places in the depths of the water unstudied by humankind. The oceans have not been mapped by the constantly exploring, charting, graphing, and analyzing human. The details are a mystery.

It might seem as if one isn't getting anywhere -- but is there anywhere in particular to go? Not in the world of Neptune. Choice becomes irrelevant.

Out of the convoluted apparent confusion of Pisces comes determined straightforward Aries, on a mission, unstoppable. Aries knows where it's going. Or It goes where the Aries goes.

Perhaps the unplanned motion introduces Aries' lucid direction.

From the mists of Neptune, stark pathways can appear. Sometimes undoing what's been perceived as completed leads to a re-doing and a superior conclusion, if such a thing exists. 
There is a perpetual chaos that asserts itself with Pisces. Certainty is temporary. The making of illusions in the deep sea goes on, luring earthly creatures. The world of imagination plays its part.