Monday, July 31, 2006

Pluto, Sagittarius, Lies, Truth, and Foreign Policy

Pluto supplies the energy for the evolutionary process whereby outmoded or dysfunctional entities are transformed through death and rebirth into new ones higher on the evolutionary path.
Sagittarius is the lord of foreign lands. Pluto has reached a 4 month stop at 24 degrees Sagittarius. The USA foreign policy is in ruins.
Throughout history, tribes, city-states, and countries have invaded others in an attempt to expand their boundaries. Success has been short lived, as the diversity of man's civilizations has always triumphed. Destiny tells us that we have to maintain our distinctiveness in order to evolve. The whole process of evolution is thought to be based on mutation, and so far, the differences among us have been impossible to erase. We have no choice but to live side by side. Drawing the borders, creating and re-creating the map, is an endless endeavor.
The extreme policy of the current United States government was necessary to bring this long standing behavior in the world to an end. Demolition by Pluto was the only way. The US has a Sagittarius Ascendant and a destiny of foreign involvement to fulfill. This experience has been a step in this path to eventual enlightenment as the lies are being revealed by Pluto's stripping of pretense and exposure of the kernel of truth. We are momentarily powerless. No country can dominate the world. The collective power is far too great and will always be the determining factor.
America is incarnating into her Sagittarius identity. Pluto will make another extended stop at 26 degrees Sagittarius starting July 2007, right in the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The destruction will sink in, the knowledge of the need to rebuild will be clear. There will be one more station, in 2008, right before the new President is elected. It is in our best interest to select a person skilled, serious, responsible, and dedicated to the well being of the country to repair our world standing. A long process of dishonesty and ruthlessness has brought us here, and regeneration is well advised.
We can prepare and help the process unfold, by looking at our own lives through Pluto's lens, and seeing where the ruins of our own dishonesty have manifest. Where we can all, as individuals do something, however small, to recognize the reciprocity, understanding, and generosity required for all groups in the family of man to flourish.
This is the perfect time.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Last night I consulted the infallible Chinese oracle, the I Ching. I got 18. Ku. Work on What Has Been Spoiled[decay]. No changing lines.

The Chinese character ku represents a bowl in whose contents worms are breeding. This means decay. Stagnation. This implies guilt, the conditions embody demand for removal of the cause. Hence the meaning of the hexagram is not simply "what has been spoiled" but "work on what has been spoiled."

What has been spoiled through man's fault can be made good again through man's work. It is not immutable fate that has caused the corruption, but rather the abuse of human freedom. Work toward improving conditions promises well, because it accords with the possibilities of the time. We must not recoil from work or danger, but must take hold energetically. We must first know the causes of corruption before we can do away with them, hence it is necessary to be cautious during the time before the start. Then we must see to it that the new way is safely entered upon, so that a relapse may be avoided. Decisiveness and energy must take the place of the inertia and indifference that have led to decay, in order that the ending may be followed by a new beginning. 

When the Iraq invasion occurred I was compelled to end a long hiatus in my political involvement. I then spent the years following, tense, in pain, and caught up in my society's fear. Now that this phase is drawing to a close, I feel great relief, and have started to return to myself, turning away from the constant vigilance of the government, while still maintaining my social responsibility in order to work on what has been spoiled. The time has come. I am no longer agonizing with every twist and turn of the news, but I am bidding farewell to the now impotent figures who have dominated the political scene and I am preparing for the next play. One in which I intend to carry some influence. The rich remains of decay can soon nourish growth. I know it will with me.

Sunday Service

My cheeldhren. Doo nut vurry. Gawhd has spoken. Vee are safe.

Friday, July 28, 2006

1000 cigarettes

If I had the perfect night
I'd have a thousand cigarettes
Long skinny and white.
Or short and fat, light 'em up
A thousand cigarettes
With a big brown butt.
Homo Erectus....probably took a puff or two
From the fire in the cave
And....the Cro Magnon too
If I had the perfect life
I'd have a thousand cigarettes
Rolled up tight.
I started stealing my mother's Pall Malls(nonfilters) from the closet when I was 12 years old. Despite the dizziness, I continued to smoke for the next 40+ years. Then one day I looked in the mirror at my not so young oxygen deprived face and made a decision. Not normally prone toward vanity, I found myself wanting to salvage any rosiness of skin I could, plus save what breath I had left for my singing career. So I quit, although I still indulge when partying.
Man has been inhaling smoke since prehistoric times. There is something intensely gratifying for the human creature in swallowing these vapors. It's a great equalizer of the planet. A truly universal and adored activity.
But now it's become the devil's hot stick, and as usual the scare is exaggerated, the public suitably terrified. Cities are outlawing the evil practice, but the long term effect of the crackdown remains to be seen.
Granted, smoking is unhealthy. I'm happy to be free of bondage to the pleasure packed sticks. Ending the habit can be done when a person is ready and the decision firmly made. But for those of you who still inhale, knowing the difficulty of ceasing ....take heart. The Japanese are among the longest living in the world and half of them smoke. And Jeanne Calmett(a Pisces) lived to be 120 years old. She quit smoking at 118. Her face was rather wrinkled, however.
By the way. Smoking is allowed here at Raging Universe.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Chicken On Uranus

This is Myrtle Rae's chicken, Zelda, when Uranus was transiting her Mars in the 5th house. A good layer ordinarily, with Mars in the 5th, she started dropping eggs at odd hours or not at all, refused to eat her cracked oyster shell supplement, and was cackling way more than usual.
The planet Uranus, for those of you not familiar with it, is the purveyor of eccentricity and beserkness. All bets off. The wild card. Mars is the planet of thrust, and the 5th house is birth and creativity.
Uranus transits can be long, and Myrtle Rae, not being well versed in the application of patience, had a tough go with Zelda. But they got through it. She's laying normally now.

Parallel Universes

Physicists are now acknowledging what mystics and other imaginative people have always known. That there are other planes of existence beside the 3-dimensional world we live in. I feel this way about the increasingly hard to bear political reality I face every day. It's only one level in a multidimensional organism.

As the complete governmental manipulation of the public accompanies the virulent plague of human destruction now manifest in the Middle East, I feel a compelling urge to pursue a parallel path, and I am coming to believe it's the only real chance for redemption.

This is my home for now, this troubled earth, but it's spinning in a vast mysterious system that merits exploration now more than ever. There is an alternative reality, I have had glimpses, and therein might be a path to possibility currently unimagined. Perhaps even slightly improved.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Please extend a warm welcome to my aunt. Myrtle Rae Burnstein.

I'm so goddamned mad I can hardly speak! But I hear great things are happening in these quarters and my niece, jm, wanted me to meet you all.
The wringer of my washing machine is busted. My parrot, Mortimer, has been talking unkindly using bad language. My asparagus soufle fell. My cow, Judy, is flippin' and snappin' her tail. It's 102 degrees. There's a horsefly in the house, and my blueberries need picking immediately.
They're dropping frikkin' bombs all over tarnation, but I don't want you good people to worry. Just keep doing what you're doing and wait till the rest of the jackasses in this blasted world wise up and come join you.
Enough is too much!
So nice to meet you.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Juno's Request

As the Leo/Aquarius lunation approaches and we become concerned with matters of love, ego, and creativity, I must bring your attention to the wise words of of a famous pundit around these parts.....juno jones. Juno is one of the advanced seekers who has knowledge to share with us all.
I propose a meditation in keeping with the energies of this moon that everyone on this planet 'get a life' as is crudely put sometimes.... planting a desire that everyone finds a means of expression that allows them to become involved in their own lives, being themselves.
People who are doing that really have no time for the bull that passes as politics, celebrity worship, and religion these days.
And the Internet gives us a global audience without selling our souls.
Let him go[the Resident], we are all too busy dreaming the creation.
While others are free to enter and travel the dark crevices of others, avoiding the brilliant light of the self, I am going to join this wise woman in celebration of the New Moon in Leo and 'dreaming the self'. Actually I believe I will do more than dream. I will live it.
Thank you juno.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Tonight the planet Mars is ending its raging and fiery passage through the sign of Leo. The world stage has seen action fitting this explosive combination. The planet watches in shock as the warriors wind down the dangerous pathways, blasting, burning, and blowing up everything in their way. We can only wait on the sidelines to see where the uncontainable flame of these planetary entities will go.

The Sun is at the center of everyone and is the core around which all other parts whirl, as we reach into the flames for recognition and life.
Enter. The Sun in Leo.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Spelling Lesson

efffffff eeeeeeeee
aaaayyyyy rrrrrrrrrr

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My guest. Mr. Merton Picklebee

Hello one and all! It's great to see you. How is everything everywhere?

Peace. The illusive phenomenon

Harmony and conflict have existed side by side throughout the entire history of man. As we witness the rage and destruction from our overstuffed sofas and rolling business chairs, we click our tongues, and some absorb the agony. People cry about the brutality of man and the injustice of life.
As a metaphysician, I believe most in equilibrium. I feel it is the prime motivating factor in all earthly occurrences. Human events mimic geologic events, and both the earth and mankind have violent eruptions. Pressures build and find release. They are unpreventable. Those who wish to avoid them, act accordingly as much as possible.

When one suffers, we all suffer somewhere in the consciousness. But all events are related and combine to create destiny. If outbreaks of war ultimately lead to peace and a future better than we imagined, we would be remiss in stopping that, even if we could. We can help the wounded, speak out against the inhumanity, and most of all, engage in peaceful conflict resolution in our own lives. The duality is a fact of life, and the opposite is always on its way.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My cup is beginning to runneth over

The Age Old Game of Telephone

Rumor has it that the Constitution of the United Sates is being destroyed. I thought of how these thoughts start, get implanted, and take off like a wildfire in the public's mind. These are some imaginary people sharing the news....

Our Constitution is in trouble. The government has been tampering with the document in an attempt to increase executive power.

It is very clear that our Constitution is in grave danger.

Really? Our constitution is being destroyed?

Shit!!No!!! C'mon. Goddammit it all to hell! Our Constitution?

Well, I'll be gol' darned, Homer. Didya hear that? Our Constitution is gone.

Fuck. Our constitution's destroyed.

rrrrriiiiiing........Mommy! Mommy! Our Constitution has been destroyed!

Darling. I have something to tell you. Would you like a drink? This is hard for me....but ....our Constitution has been destroyed.

What? You mean the one that starts...4 score and 7years ago?

The First One

As I sit here tonight, composing, creating, wondering, daring to hope in a world raging somewhere out there with all its misplaced desire, I am determined to cut a swath of my own, edited like a perfect blog, and following my specifications to the letter.

I am my own man.