Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Very Good News

We've been talking about Pluto in Capricorn and the upcoming developments in city planning. I also have hopes that this society will start to deal with it's obesity, a serious problem that leads to many complications.
This appeared in today's paper:

Kendra Johnson is moving her family to Stapleton's Urban Estates Development by Thanksgiving, a move that scientists say may be good for her family's health. On Monday, she and her husband were the first to sign up for a 10-month, five-city pilot study on walkable communities. Researchers think neighborhoods that offer trails and paths connecting homes, schools, and businesses may be a partial solution to the obesity epidemic. Positive results are hoped for that will create consumer demand for walkable neighborhoods.
The Study of Health in Families in Transition (SHIFT)[:-] will follow families as they move from less walkable communities to more walkable ones, measuring how their activity levels and health behaviors are affected. The participants will spend five days wearing accelerometers, pedometer-like devices that measure the amount and intensity of physical activity, six weeks before their move-in date. They will also keep travel diaries and fill out a survey about their diet, weight, and quality of life. Six weeks after the move, they will repeat the procedure. It is believed that the study results will show that neighborhoods hold the key to fighting obesity.
Adult obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years, and prevalence of overweight children has nearly tripled. Decreasing calorie intake by 100 calories a day could be all it takes to turn the problem around for many Americans. "Small changes are critical", says James O. Hill, professor and director of the Center of Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado. "Simply living in that neighborhood could make the difference."
I agree. Small changes are critical. I also think the increased sense of community and intimacy will help the fat problem since fat is related to vulnerability and insecurity. It will cut down on fuel consumption due to less usage and decreased family poundage in the cars when they are on the roads. Just wait until the Taurus-Capricorn years. Then maybe we can relate to the earth outside of the scientific laboratory. J

Monday, July 30, 2007

A Virgo Reminder

Last weekend Venus unobtrusively continued the retrograde in Virgo, a sign not known for dramatic overproduction. Venus is personal beauty and in Virgo, she can be decidedly lovely. I was reminded of this when a Virgo friend of mine commented on the well finished edge of my cut-off jeans, not a noticeable garment by any means. But this Virgo saw beauty in the perfected details, thus seeing value in the whole in an entirely different way than most. This makes me want to go into my sewing room and straighten up my fledgling self-made wardrobe. It encourages me to pay attention to my grooming, which can help as a performer, not to mention the details of my song arrangements, and the editing I know I must do.
Venus will be back in Leo soon until early October, when she will again go into Virgo joining Saturn, newly engaged in his 2 1/2 year journey through this busy sign. I admit to some trepidation when it comes to the Virgo criticism sometimes, but yesterday's reminder of the value of this close investigation of detail has aroused my enthusiasm. I have to say I suddenly like this person more. It can be calming, meditative, and fruitful to carefully craft in the Virgo style and I always associate these times with therapy, healing, and spiritual renewal in a very personal practical way. The sewing room is a wonderful place to retreat; cutting, stitching, and occasionally steaming alone in silence, sorting out the madness of everyday life and the myriad social conundrums. The hand stitching especially is soothing.

At this juncture I intend to welcome the Virgo years making the most of the opportunity to get straightened out, even if it requires some quiet moments for this overexcitable grand fire trine. Productivity could be a good thing, after all. Cleanliness and organization? Well, I'll have to have a talk with my Neptune in the 6th house. It's in Libra, so maybe a compromise can be arranged.

Can't a Fella Enjoy a Quiet Evening At Home?

Full Moon in Aquarius
With the recent new Moon in Cancer, this bedtime snacker thought he could relax and enjoy the comforts of home. As it turns out, these cosmic visitors right outside have something else in mind. Fortunately our hapless chap has a Moon-Uranus conjunction so he'll probably offer them sandwiches. And, naturally, he's familiar with the unexpected.
The milk was just sent by Pluto from the Galactic Center, so everyone's in good shape.

Illustration: David Wiesner

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Politics of Fear. The Chemistry of Courage

The metaphysical View.
Each moment in a human creature's life contains every feeling in existence .... fear, hate, love, confidence, sadness, joy .... they all come together seeking receptors outside the self that fit the requirements of the specific experience. When someone feels fear and associates it with an outside person, place, event, object or idea, it's symbolic of an inner fear in the psyche. The connection is worth considering as a path to self cognizance.
Those who spook other people have karmic reasons for doing so. Maybe they were frightened out of their wits by others in a previous life, or early on in the current one. Maybe it's the only protection they know as the feeling accompanies them everywhere. Scare first or be scared. Or scare another when scared.
On the other hand, those who express confidence might have triumphed in fearful situations previously. The most important thing to realize is that the distress is always internal as well and might not be directly connected to what a person thinks it is.

Many politicians are very very frightened people. They often have weak identities and are driven by impulses they don't comprehend and can't control. They lack personal will and do what they are told to do, living in a world of crime that they might not have anticipated when they got involved, overtaken by urges for power. The further they go into this world the more imprisoned they get. They use of fear is a top priority in their work and it has even been designed specifically throughout history to maintain their job security. Insecurity mounts with increasing pressure. This is what they induce into the population at large. And the receptors of the mass consciousness take it in. The game has gone on forever.
There are countless variations on the theme. In societies with brutal and oppressive governments the people have karmic lessons dealing with terror and restriction. Those who have freer societies have lessons in that direction. This is the main reason enslavement of the masses by a central tyrannical government is impossible. There are too many ancient lessons of freedom being taught. Far too much diversity. Too many evolutionary stages. Each person's karma leads him to the right birth time and place, and to the right passage of events thereafter.
Since we can't stop the tornadoes or the bombs in their tracks, or control the actions of other people, the best chance for feeling unafraid is to experience some victory over our inner fears. So rather than shrinking and quivering when imagined outside threats come, we can use the terror as motivation to learn courage and discrimination. The techniques for dealing with the real threats are always there. We can learn what to battle and what not to, creating a balance of give and take. An osmosis in our protective membranes can develop encouraging a fulfilled and productive life.
But then, I'm a born opportunist.

The media are the tools of these politicians and the idea that it's worse than it was is false. This has always been the scenario. The Gothic horror that the public has always craved, and maybe there is good reason for it. Maybe this serves to remind people that their own lives are tolerable in contrast. Perhaps the only way they can endure for now. Sometimes people's lives dip into unspeakable real horrors, but mostly they are manageable and there are joys in between the painful contractions. The extremes come and go. And they are geographically selective. They always occur but people survive and recover. It's the in between times that give them the chance to enjoy the goodness of life while building strength to face future difficulties.
Aries and Mars are associated with courage in the birth chart and when these daily fears are aroused one can look to the Aries house and the placement of Mars to find the bravery to face them down. Aries Rising is in good shape. The whole life is strong and protected if the skills are used. Aries in the 2nd house might be protected by their material possessions, a tangible fortress. 3rd house Aries have the strength of their minds to defend themselves against mental manipulation. Aries in the 4th have emotional courage and perhaps strong tribal defenses with family and other close people. The 5th house folks have their creativity to turn to and even their children can help provide the tough barrier to resist the injected dreads. 6th house placements can use their health and sometimes turn to immersion in their work as defense. Daily routines serve these people well as coping mechanisms. 7th house Aries can have brave partners that they trust completely to protect them through danger. Aries 8th house have regenerative abilities, healing well from the wounds, with great skill in handling crisis. The 9th house people can use the power of their faith. Aries in the 10th often have authority figures to help them through the storms and sometimes their own executive skills to manage fear. The people they direct can be a source of strength. In the 11th house, knowledge of a better future can provide the defense along with good people in their lives. And the 12th house Aries have infinite potency to combat fear when they are not indulging in it completely themselves.

When one takes the frightening aspects of a life to heart knowing that they represent the individual's own selves seeking recognition the whole game changes and one becomes the holder of the keys to real freedom.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Surprise Scoop!!!

Two more politicians have entered the USA Presidential race and will be announcing on Monday, both personal friends of Howdy Doody.
Robert Borkfeld Bones III, the esteemed Senator from the fine state of Blogifornia (left), and Chaz Clarity Johnson, the popular governor from Tennessee. Both Democrats.
I am enthusiastic. New faces. Very optimistic.

Friday, July 27, 2007


With all the Saturns popping out of 12th houses around here and returning in Leo, I decided to provide a place for youse-all to escape the party if you want a moment to yourselves. While you were snoozing and dreaming (maybe snoring) last night I built this treehouse as a getaway and anyone can use it, although it's tiny, so either democracy will prevail or we can draw straws. There're books, a transistor radio, and, of course, a phone in case you want to speak with humanity. The facilities are in the potting shed nearby. There's also a bell, so ring if you need anything. With Venus still in Virgo someone will be of service, something we Saturns in Leo need to learn how to accept. Enough humility already.
It's going to be a Capricorny weekend, more of that Saturn-Leo stuff. It's endless. Think something's trying to get through? Well at least the cool reserve should keep the Dog Day summer heat down.
Ring me up if you want any company.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Government

The Sun is in Leo now heralding the grand finale of the Saturn in Leo years. Hasn't it been fun? A real blast. I suggest you enjoy yourselves now while you can because the party is ending soon and servitude is scheduled to begin. On August 22 the Sun conjoins Saturn and Venus, just back in from Virgo, in this last bit of frolic. A little over a week later, the curtain will close as Saturn enters Virgo for the next 2 1/2 years. Well, as with all parties, I'm glad I survived in one piece and hangovers are usually gone by sunset the next day. They recommend swallowing a raw egg but I've never tried that.
Soon the real hard work will begin as Pluto goes into Capricorn. The Pluto in Sagittarius years alone have been volatile, unrestrained, reckless, and bombastic. The times will most likely be changing.
Pluto in Sagittarius sometimes seems like it has been one big mindless fiesta spanning days (well, years really) spilling over into totally ridiculous amounts of excess.

This is central communications as it stands now from our esteemed administration's head office, or should I say "esteamed". I'm hoping our next president will be conversant in the English language.

And here is the present White House chef. They say the next one will be cooking more organic vegetables and even some free range chickens, to replace the chickens who will be leaving office shortly.
And the winner of the contest is ..........

The Politician of the Day!
Are we in good hands? God help us, if you would.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Taurus Trine Capricorn

These elegant stairs in the rich green of the city park remind me of Capricorn and Taurus. Saturn the architect building harmoniously within natural surroundings, preserving both the grace of manmade structure and the integrity of nature. Stone on soil. Hard and firm on soft and giving, combining pleasure and usefulness.
Venus and Saturn at their best.
It's no mistake that in several years Uranus in Taurus will trine Pluto in Capricorn while a new awareness of the value of the earth is burgeoning along with an urge to maintain its health and beauty. The challenge of providing for the people of the planet within bounds of self control and propriety is up for study. The productivity and consumption of Taurus restricted by the discipline of Capricorn are on the minds of many people these days as they move toward an understanding of system maintenance. The global system. No small task. The trine between these two great earth signs will help with this international effort.
The war in Iraq will take time and great care to come to a resolution but upcoming planetary aspects are in favor of a possible good outcome. The extended time is needed to close it properly. There is a chance for redemption if all goes well and leaders with skill take over when the moment comes. It's a delicate and complicated procedure with far reaching consequences. Patience is necessary.
When this is accomplished, Uranus transits Aries for breakthrough, innovation, and pioneering steps into the future. Many creative thinkers and planners will be crafting blueprints for use in mankind's changing relationship with the environment. When Uranus transits Taurus, they'll be put into practice.
Uranus enters Taurus in less than 11 years, and shortly after, a magnificent conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will take place in Capricorn with Uranus in early Taurus. The trine with Pluto continues until 2024 when the degrees will be very close. Then Pluto leaves for Aquarius. The preparation is beginning now as people nationwide are consuming products and disposing of waste with a new consciousness that is positioned to grow rapidly in the coming years.
One of the most important parts of the process is city planning ... responsible building, historical preservation, and the all-important park systems countrywide. Parks are vital to urban health and the well-being of society. I live in a place with one of the best park systems in the US. Seventy-seven miles of bike and footpath throughout the city along with beautifully maintained natural sanctuaries in town and the surrounding countryside. I'm looking forward to this development everywhere. A source of pride and dignity, a reminder of the importance of nature, and proof that the human creature is capable of good actions within all that he does.
Photo: Central Park:
Paul Rocheleau

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bury Your Troubles

Yesterday the subject of Venus, beauty, and the earth came up as an antidote to traumatic experiences, an ongoing fact of life.
Too much Scorpio and one needs a break from the crisis and battle to again feel the beauty and depth of what we are really about on the earth - venus, taurus, cancer and the 4th house.
As Mars furrows through Taurus, this seems especially appropriate, and I just came across a book about potting sheds. Pleasure goes hand in velvet glove with the concept of soil and germination ... a fertile place to put pain. Planting the seeds of sorrow and trouble into moist dirt, nurturing them and watching them grow appeal to my good sense, not to mention my north node in Taurus.
There are many solutions to these problems, and what works for one will fail completely for another. I've never been one for picking at wounds repeatedly and bringing the caskets back up for exhumation with another through psychotherapy, although sometimes this way does the job well enough. With a south node in Scorpio, the aesthetic approach is the one for me. I've noticed as I continue this pictorial journey through Raging Universe that the juxtaposition of beautiful images with the words of sometimes uncomfortable experiences is in itself a soothing balm. I wonder if this could be used in therapeutic techniques. It's amazing how much beauty there is to provide this healthy potion.
The rich cool interior of the potting shed is a perfect place to go. No revenge, no guilt, no obssession, no envy, no jealousy, no fear, no sinister shrieking monsters, and no politicians. Just a budding plant, hopefully free of grubs and other assorted worm-like pests. One can always hope.
Photo: Teri Dunn

Saturn Through the First

Saturn is the architect, the builder. He goes around the zodiac every 29 plus years spending 2 1/2 years in each sign in a logical sequence of development. It's like a roulette wheel when we're born. The place he stops in the individual chart is where one has concentrated building in that particular area for a lifetime. It's what the person works on through trial and error from birth to death. This is the reason the Saturn return is so important. There's always more to do no matter how much one achieves.

The passage of Saturn out of the 12th house and into the 1st is also important where the individual begins a new cycle of conscious effort, making adjustments in the whole presentation of self to the environment and then to the broader world. After Saturn leaves the 12th, dissolving boundaries and building a spiritual base, he comes through the 1st where construction begins in earnest on new defenses, an improved body and personality, and the manner in which one will protect the self as it travels through world. Many assaults come our way so we need to be fortified. An inner wall should be erected and firmly in place to defend the delicate interior world that comes with the person all the way. Sometimes an outer wall will be temporarily used until the inner boundaries are completed, and thus the feeling of isolation that sometimes happens with this transit.

With Saturn transiting the 1st the attention is entirely on the self and often relationships are secondary as a sense of urgency takes over, knowing time is limited. Unless relationships are intrinsic to self defense -- something that happens less than many realize. It is usually not time for great recognition and if it comes, there's a sense that it's not what's most important. It's really not a time to try and compromise too much with others.
This is the story. As I mentioned before, my husband died when Saturn was in my 12th, stripping my biggest defense, leaving me extremely vulnerable. When Saturn came through my 1st both my parents died completing the necessary preparation for my Aries solo life. But by this time the construction of my own defense was already underway and the exposure was becoming more manageable. The transit was not easy, but I had clear ideas of my path ahead and willingly went to work on myself to prepare. Because of my astrological knowledge I was fully cognizant of the reasons for these hardships and I had no doubt about their value.

Being an umbilically active Sun in Cancer in the 4th, this was the only way to get to my Aries. The first time I had this transit I was in India, when a radical change of course occurred rather suddenly and surprisingly. The 12th house passage was the major spiritual awakening, and when Saturn got to the 1st, I left college where I was studying to become an anthropologist and decided to become a musician instead. This was a painful break from my parent's wishes, and when the 2nd transit came 29 years later, the death of my parents freed me completely to pursue my own destiny.

Such is the nature of Saturn. Mundane difficulties designed to help people achieve the purposes of their incarnations. Other planets work in more mysterious and subtle ways, but you can rest assured that Saturn will make it obvious to you, and when you do what is required, you're able are to turn the difficulties to your advantage. All of them. None are gratuitous sufferings imposed for no reason. They have distinct purpose and there is never a logical reason to fear a Saturn transit. We are fully equipped to cope with the events that come our way, especially if we avoid the ever-so-popular path of escape. Unless Neptune's around, of course. 

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Passage

The end of the Sun's journey through Cancer is especially significant for me as a Cancer with Saturn in Leo in the fifth house. The Sun rules Leo so my life has been teaching me how to use my vast body of feeling in my expression as an artist and a person. Now that Saturn has just returned, I don't think I've ever been more cognizant of this reality.
Since the sun rules Leo and the moon, Cancer, the combination is the primordial marriage of the conscious and the unconscious ... the solar and the lunar. That's it. All I gotta do. Get them to the alter.
We talked earlier about the hurts connected with Cancer and they are necessary for expression of experience others can understand. They give the solar ebullience the cool and dark that complete the sphere. The wounding is the only way to release these mysterious universal feelings, the powerful longings, the plaintive pinings of the imagination. Many poets, musicians, and writers, have potent moons in their charts. While the sun illuminates the riches life offers, the moon hides them and makes us long and search for things we wonder if we'll ever have. The part of fulfillment that eludes us, yet fills us to the brim with unnamed sensations at times. Sensations that no tangibles can match. Yes. I know now more than ever the strength of this marriage between the solar and lunar forces.
So as I take my Cancer self across the bridge into Leo today, I will do so with complete commitment to my Cancer Sun, trying my best to combine the depths of feeling with the exuberant expressive joy of self through the grandeur of Leo.

Welcome Sun in Leo.
Photo: Paul Rocheleau. Illustration: Loretta Krup

Sunday, July 22, 2007


If I could do anything I'd love to dispel the fear that things are as bad as is often professed.
I'm beginning to see the magnitude of the prejudice against certain astrological aspects.
I've never seen them that way so it's taking me a minute to catch up and adjust. As far as I know, the benefic and malefic days ended long ago.
They've said that squares are the worst, oppositions are not so bad, and conjunctions swing both ways.
Actually, squares can be the most productive of all. Look at Leo-Taurus. Couldn't get any more creative productive than that. Or Aries-Capricorn. Pretty disciplined. And how about the Gemini-Virgo square? Jeeeze. Try to keep up with that mind. Go ahead.
I dare you. Take the Mars-Saturn conjunction. Consolidated potency ready for use. Take Sun-Jupiter. With shades, of course.
The screwed up parts are always there to some extent but all aspects have their assets.
The mix is up for grabs
Yogi with his Head in the Earth. India.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The key.
My eye is highly attracted to B&W. They just seem to go together. They evoke feelings of completion for me. Especially piano keys. So inviting. So exciting. So clear, stark, and reservedly beautiful. Black and white is intellectual I've noticed, yet every nuance of colored emotion can be created by these non-colored keys. Where is color, really? I love the piano.
I've also been accused of having only B&W viewpoints. Maybe that was a compliment, now that I think about it.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Saturn Through the Twelfth House

During the discussion of the Moon-Uranus aspects, the subject of Saturn's transit of the 12th house came up, and judging from the reaction I knew an article was in the works. Saturn's passage through a lifetime is especially important in terms of purpose and tangible achievements. As the natural ruler of Capricorn and the 10th house Saturn describes people's vocations, not necessarily their jobs. It's what one aspires to become in the world's eyes and what one wants to be recognized and remembered for. All Saturn transits will influence the progression in some way, with this entity as a guide.

Whenever a Saturn transit occurs it will be related to the natal placement of the planet, the 10th house, and the ruler of the 10th with accompanying aspects. With each transit, an individual is ideally getting closer to realization of her life's goals. The hardships occur to delete whatever is blocking this passage, although the defenses have been necessary thus far.

The transit of the 12th house of the wheel is especially important in preparation for a rebirth as Saturn crosses the ascendant, the driver of our lives, and a new cycle of worldy achievement begins. The 12th house is the infinite karmic closet holding everything -- past, present, and future. Saturn here brings hidden factors into reality so the individual can confront the deep problems and remove the obstacles impeding progress. Sometimes these complications seem like they're of cosmic proportion. Loss, tragedy, sorrow, weakness, inertia, helplessness, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed often arrive as the result of Saturn's presence here. Age old complexes can surface, old wounds, and unnamable feelings. One can be at a loss not knowing what to do. Waiting and suffering continue, while the magic rescue fails to come. Saturn is famous for relentlessness.

Years ago I lived in an apartment complex with others in a family-like situation. My downstairs neighbor was the first to get the transit. She was an Aquarius rising with a Moon-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius in the 10th. Sure enough, her mother died. She was devastated. Afterward, however, she emerged with a new feeling that the presence of her mother prevented...Moon-Saturn blocking the joy of Sagittarius. The release of the sorrow was necessary in the cosmic 12th house way in order to go on to her detached Aquarius incarnation, with her birds and her independence. 

The next one to get it was another downstairs gal with Capricorn rising and Saturn in Cancer in the 7th house of marriage. She was given away by her mother at birth believing she couldn't care for the infant. The other siblings remained, the tragedy of her life. Her search was for a partner to give her the lost security. Through the transit she drank heavily, cried incessantly, and pleaded with everyone to relieve her sorrow to no avail. After the tears dried and Saturn moved along, her new husband arrived. As far as I know, they are still together.
Then came my turn. Aries rising with Saturn in Leo. My Leo husband died after 25 years together while Saturn was in Aries marking the start of my solo life as an independent artist. I was in completely unknown territory, alone, and terrified. He was a noisy man and when he died my world suddenly became dead silent. That's when the psychotic episode arrived. I started hearing all the refrigerators in the aparment building in a hum I could barely endure. I'd get home and at first everything was fine, then the humming would start and I couldn't escape. No exit is often part of the 12th transit. Fortunately this didn't last long. I recovered my normal hearing and then it came time to move. But this is where it got interesting. I moved to another apartment in late spring and when the heat arrived, a hum came with it that was 100 times worse than the original one. Only this one was REAL. The huge industrial air conditioning units, unbeknownst to me when I moved in, were right above my bedroom. Reality? Saturn was just out of my 12th and in my 1st. I moved to the 2nd floor. I was in the war zone for the next couple of years, and Saturn in Aries through the 12th had mobilized me in the most basic of trainings I'd ever known heretofore. This was a taste of my new life of survival alone and it worked. I'm alive.

Not all people have the challenges others do when Saturn transits the 12th, but the experiences can be overwhelming, unfamiliar, and without resolution until the blocks to the beginning of the next 30 year cycle are dismantled, and building with a new potency can commence. Saturn removes ego defenses that have been in place for a long time and leaves the person vulnerable until the new structure is gradually built in the 1st quadrant. The frightening part can be the confusion since these blocks, themselves, are often unknown until Saturn arrives, and sometimes one never knows. The malaise can be unidentifiable and some people despair of ever finding direction again, but we continue and the cycle starts once more with all the new complications in tow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Myrtle Rae has a few words to say. Caution, please.

I've had it! We need to get these goddammed jackasses off the stage and get you good people up there instead. Enough is too much! I've seen a lot in my life but those in the starring roles of late need at least 53 lifetimes of lessons.
Get them out of there!!!
If you don't have confidence in yourselves, your talents, your abilities, your unique gifts, then fine. Watch this hideous show until you die.
But if you have any sense of responsibility, I suggest you see the light and start getting together to take charge of this lost family and lead them out of the wilderness.
I am not in a good mood. This lunation always gets to me in the summer heat. As you know, I am an Aries, and I would feel a lot better if you people of the Aries persuasion would get out there and give them what you will!!! Lay it on'em!
They'll love you for it.

A Huge Cosmic Thank You
and an Invitation.

Today is the first birthday of Raging Universe, a glorious moment. It happens to be my birthday as well. As you know, I normally hate birthdays, but Raging U is tougher than I am and can handle this event, I'm sure. Little RU is up and flying, always ready to celebrate.
I want to thank everybody who has participated here for enriching my life, believe it or not, more than words can say. Words have been saying everything else, however, and I am thrilled beyond expectation with this magical confluence of human imaginations. The generosity of it all.
I'm hosting a reception in the garden, nothing fancy, and everyone's invited for some virtual libation and assorted cyberian refreshments. Come just as you are, any time at all.

Ther're apricots in them thar mounds. Help yourself. A guitar, violin, and cello trio will be playing for your pleasure through the sunset and bring your swim suits for immersion in the cool waters. Nude bathing would be allowed if Capricorn weren't so close with Venus on to Virgo temporarily and Saturn up to his neck in Leo.

I'm offering this light to the universe in thanks for sending me this wild, wonderful, motley family ... to dispel fear, and to illuminate the path through the serious hard-working times ahead. May we all achieve everything we want to.

The wineglasses have been whispering and they've revealed a secret. I looked at the astrological chart for Raging Uni for the first time and this entity has Taurus rising and a moon in Taurus, just on my north node. I had no idea. How's that for election?
A toast to pleasure and may the universe rage on!!! Happy Birthday Jm and Raging Universe!!***
And remember, jm. Sip as you go.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Moon and Uranus

The Cancer-Aquarius lunation I wrote about earlier has received some attention regarding Moon-Uranus contacts, so I'm taking the opportunity to elaborate.
People often see these aspects and think immediately of problems with the mother, the family, forming close bonds, and breaking connections abruptly, along with an excitable emotional nature. While all these might happen there are always reasons which tie in to the rest of the chart.

Many times a Moon-Uranus aspect will indicate a mother that suddenly wasn't there and then reappeared in unpredictable patterns. I have a Moon in the 9th opposite Uranus in the 3rd house, and this incident illustrates the scenario well.
One night when I was a young girl I was alone at home with my mother. She was off somewhere and I was watching television. A very disturbing program came on, and I called out and went looking for her. She was not in the house. She'd slipped out and gone up the street to visit a neighbor (3rd house Uranus) without telling me. I had no choice but to deal with my fear alone. Panic quickly ended.
These repeated lessons (separations through travel as well: 9th house moon) aided me in my later life with my Cancer 4th house sun, Aries rising, and the north node in the 1st. I learned emotional independence to prepare for what was up ahead. And because of this I'm able to receive nurturing from strangers as I did the other day in the dentist's office. It will be especially important as I start the public part of my incarnation and will need safe contacts as a Cancer 4th house Sun in an often uncaring world. So this is how the Moon-Uranus has helped me develop well in order to actualize my potential. I established freedom from my mother from the beginning.
Let's look at Joe, who has a Moon-Uranus square and a south node in Cancer. He's learning the hard way how to gain emotional distance from his family, and as painful as it is, the Uranus contact also is teaching him independence. He keeps trying to reestablish the protection, but something always sabotages the connection. That's when the square comes in handy. When the intimacy breaks up, he can rely on this innate emotional autonomy to see him through and cope with the fear. Again, he will have the ability to form close relationships out in the world when Pluto comes to his Capricorn stellium.
Lastly we have The_ Ninth_ Immortal who has the opposite situation .... north node in the 4th house. Coming home to the self and finding deep emotional connection. So why the Uranus square? Well it just so happens that Ninth has Saturn in Cancer (more lessons of closeness) in the 11th house of the collective. In this case, the separations from home and the mother provide encouragement to form the close bonds needed with friends and associates. The aim is to nurture the world encouraging growth in everyone, rather than just the family tribe. Moon in the 11th is the natural Moon-Uranus placement, so it's a perfect setup.
All Moon-Uranus aspects teach emotional freedom, among other things, and an advanced application of the maternal instinct along nontraditional lines.
The horoscope is a perfect mandala meant only for the child born into the wheel. Everything works together as a unit. There are other forces involved, but the integrity of the natal chart is a universal map for humans to help see and position themselves. I think because one is so impressionable at birth with no experience yet in the earthly dimension, the chart impacts the individual enormously as a representation of the cosmic alignment. Every step forward from that point is an interaction between the person and the wheel, so conscious development can be ours if we so choose. Everything in the chart is designed to encourage the realization of potential, so "bad" aspects and "good" aspects are equal.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Leo stands out in the crowd. The Sun is the brightest of bodies and the group often elevates and admires those prominently influenced by this solar power. Someone is always designated to shine in the spotlight.
Leos feel as though they have a special destiny and are under divine order to establish a superior position. The pedestal, the throne, the crown, the robe, and all things grand and regal are made for these natives. It is their natural inclination to fill this starring role, adored by the entourage and always in demand. They are ready, able, and willing to perform. The crowd's attention is theirs, the chosen ones.
People are often taught that this is wrong. We're told that everyone is equal until we get on the playground and learn the truth. The group always establishes a hierarchy, starting with the family, and on to school, the workplace, the circle of friends, the country, and the world.
Several of us here have just had Saturn returns in Leo with many dramatic and illuminating events. When Saturn is positioned in Leo, the 5th house, or with the Sun in the birth chart, there is a block to this natural expression of ego and self aggrandizement. There is often a great amount of guilt and fear about owning this superiority. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. Leos feel it and must cope with the results successfully in order to do well in their lives. Shrinking from the spotlight shortchanges both themselves and their eager audiences who can't thrive without their luminaries.
Saturns in Leo are among the chosen ones. They are cut out to do the job well. It can take many many years to get completely and comfortably into the limelight, but once they get there, the stage is graced with truly stellar performances that uplift, entertain, guide, disseminate joy, and perform a vital function to society.
If a Saturn in Leo is a teacher, he should be the best one in the school. If she is an actress, no one can compare. If she is an artist she stands out far and above the rest. All is well as long as they remain loyal to their authenticity and step fully into the chosen spot, embracing it with enthusiasm, letting the light shine on, adoring themselves, the audience, the moment, and all of life. A grand celebration. A star is always born.

Democracy is wonderful in theory, but at this stage of evolution, mankind always establishes an order of power and influence. The grandeur of Saturns in Leo can best be expressed, not by diminishing others, but by proving their superior skills where their talents lie, and taking the stage with poise, dignity, and purpose. These chosen ones can lead with ability assuring a democratic structure under their auspices. Firm and knowing monarchs, with the good of the group in mind. Otherwise anarchy would result, and we're not ready for that yet.

Friday, July 13, 2007


New Moon in Cancer and the setting sun.
The culmination of the beautiful summer sunsets is here. The consistency and rhythm of these natural events are great comfort in an uncertain world. No matter how many times I experience sunsets, they always stop me in my tracks. The mesmerization is forever present. Few things in my life are as continually fulfilling after that many repeats. A perfect cookie will even lose it's glamour after several eatings.
I've yet to find any written or spoken words that can adequately describe the colors of the setting sun. It shines yellow-white and predictable throughout the day and then meets the night in a splendorous drama of color and dance. What have we done right to get this continuing unconditional pleasure?
I got to thinking about the sunset and horizons. The meeting of earth and sky represents the future, the journey ahead, or at least the imaginary place we want to go. It's interesting that this place would be so beautiful, deep, and rich. So elegant.
Then why are people afraid of the future?

I believe I'll watch the twilight and think about it.
Photo: Jeff Goldberg

The Moon and the Water Bearer

Next lunation:
New moon in Cancer
Full moon in Aquarius

Recently I found a new dentist. Being a Cancer, I walked into the office and knew I was in the right place.
I was scheduled for a cleaning but last week some some unexplainable something popped up somewhere in my mouth causing me great pain and fear. I did not feel well by the time I got there.
No one seemed alarmed. They said they'd take good care of me. So the X-rays and tooth cleaning began. Meanwhile, storm clouds formed and rain started to come down. After a few moments the office manager walked in and asked, "Are you cold? Do you want a blanket?" She went to the corner and got an orange-peach colored woven throw and covered me, tucking me in gently. She then touched my face, and stroked my hair, and asked, "Is that better?" Then she went on about her business. My fear evaporated. The cleaning proceeded.
I feel infinitely better right now and this illustrates perfectly to me the moons in Cancer and Aquarius. Nurturing strangers as you would your own. No difference. I'm particularly fond of this combination, the family feel with everyone. Gives credence to the idea of a "family of man". Safety out there.
All Moon-Uranus contacts express some of this intimacy with unfamiliars, although not necessarily physical. Aquarians with Cancer planets or prominent moons, especially seem to be the caretakers of us all. It makes so much sense. Cancer with Aquarius, the water bearer. He doesn't have to go far. So expect someome to take care of you with this upcoming lunation. And of course. No telling who that will be.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reflections on Cancer

Tasha Tudor, children's book author and illustrator.
Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Cancer.

The Sun represents conscious experience, the Moon, subconscious. The way we are able to see this half of life occurring in the darkness is through the reflected light of the Sun. The respite from the bright light of day is welcomed in the night of Cancer, despite the fears that often inhabit this world.
Within this blanket of darkness lies man's vivid imagination, and Cancer governs this world of dreamers, writers, artists, musicians, and all interpreters of fantasy. Both the Sun and the Moon are needed to bring this into actuality, and human well-being requires its existence. Cancer excites the imagination to the extent that fear is often evoked, real and otherwise, and these people can't often tell the difference. Shadows and strange creatures loom in the night and Cancer knows them well.
Here we have a holding close to the self and protecting as this photo of Tasha Tudor illustrates. Perhaps the darkness is what moves us to embrace and shield in this zodiacal sign. The natural clustering together, staying close and warm when the night descends. The necessity of human touch.
The Moon is unschooled instinctive response. When a person takes in sense impressions the feeling is Cancer before it is picked up by Mercury for translation and reaction. So the Moon governs how each individual responds to life.

The Sun in Cancer is the combination of these two great forces. The light of the Sun illuminates the subconscious and this is what these people characterize. They express the feeling nature for all to identify with. Cancers will enter a room, for example, and feel a million sensations which will be revealed in their faces, their body language, and their timidity and caution as they proceed. They see in the shadows and feels every shift in the air. No wonder they need time in retreat, away from the endless sensory input. But with the Sun placement there is often a confidence within this feeling world, and an ability to handle the sensitivity. They know what to do. When to hide, when to emerge. When they can soothe another, when they can't. When others are milking them excessively, and when the tenderness is really being appreciated and used.
The Moon in Cancer is extremely immersed in the feeling response and they are often beset with fears, sorrows, premonitions both real and unreal, and insecurities. Brooding is common. But they have the ability to experience untainted happiness like no one else. There is a constant flux of moods and the Moon in Cancer gives in to all of them. This sensitivity makes them good judges of character and the quality of "soul" so highly prized in people is found in this sign placement. An understanding of, and an ease with, what it is to be human. The Moon here is especially in need of retreat and the hurt feelings that often disturb others around them are simply the only way they know to find solace and time to themselves. The hurts guide them well.
The symbol of the crab is appropriate in the way Cancers can move in any direction suddenly helping them cope with their acute sensitivity to stimuli. They are often encouraged to be tougher, but why should they be? They are told not to take things so pesonally, but I have my doubts as to whether this can really be achieved. They get over it in time.
One fallacy about Cancers is their dependency. While this is often apparent, it is not a rule. Grant Lewi says it well:

The defensive, protective instincts dominate Cancer, whose life aims at security. Capable of great self-sufficiency or of being a clinging vine, the Cancer branch will take the turn as indicated by the roots, which must always be in secure soil. If independence serves security, cancers will be independent; if security depends on another, cancer will cling.
I think the greatest attribute of this sign is the gift of intimacy. When someone gets one of my full Cancer hugs, they never forget it. We enfold people completely, absorb them, and all boundaries are momentarily gone. Of course, at 5 feet tall, they have to be short to get the full effect.
Richard W. Brown

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cancer & Thoughts of Home

Home for a spaceman? Winston Moonbat's summer cottage perhaps?
Nope. This is a house at Port la Galere on the Cote d'Azur of France, designed and built by Hungarian born architect, Antii Lovag. A classic example of organic moderism in 1970.
Lovag rebels against pure geometry and believes that architectural forms should reflect the flexibility of nature, basing his conceptions on the curves of the human body. Inside, this house is also composed of spherical forms, reached via cylindrical corridors and oval doors. It is unclear where walls end and ceilings and floors begin.

The conversation area of the main salon.
With the new moon in Cancer and the full moon in Aquarius coming up, one can get nostalgic for extraterrestrial homes. This could be a home fit for a zany Aquarius. One with a lot of money, of course.
Photos: Deidi von Schaewan

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Easy Stroll

Yesterday with the Moon and Mars both in Taurus, my world relaxed for one moment. There was a gorgeous, deep, captivating summer sunset and I went to the great park in the center of town, which has a small fire station on one end. Four firemen were seated outside in front of the engine in what looked like an impromptu arrangement of chairs, watching the people and dogs enjoying the evening. I was stopped in my tracks by the sensation of relaxation emanating from these gentlemen. I think they know how to do it in between emergencies. The alarm could ring at any moment. Relaxation is preparation, all part of the job.
This is why I love astrology. The transit of Mars was exactly on my 10 degree north node in Taurus. I've had many transits of this point but none like this. Could I actively be cultivating this experience of calm and pleasure? Is the knowledge encouraging this? I will continue and see what develops. An easy stroll in between challenges might encourage me to do the best job possible. I love doing my best.
Photo: Luca Invernezzi Tettoni

Monday, July 09, 2007

Hypocrisy. Chapter 2

Some people say they have it. Lots of people want to have it. Some people do. It doesn't come easy.
The word is used often, and there is no doubt that the human family needs plenty. But suffering with others probably does not occur as much as people say.
The deeds are often lacking.
I mentioned before how wars of acquisition and oppression of laborers worldwide have delivered the goods so many people relish, choosing to disregard how they got there. Speeches are given, books are written, protests are launched, and sympathy for the famished, diseased, war-torn, and otherwise suffering is expressed, but still the consumption goes on unabated. Sometimes compassion requires sacrifice, not always a natural human response.
Added to these factors is the hatred for the criminal elite who control the creation and distribution of these products. The forums on the Internet, miraculously popular, in which the people can openly express their ideas and feelings reveal some of the problems with compassion as I've seen it talked about so frequently.
Compassion to me is not scaring other people. I've observed instances where the impulses to hate with immense vehemence and predict with certainty the evil consequences of human behavior, have frightened others. Many times the people expressing the hatred seem not to consider the ill effect it will have. Extremely violent imagery is sometimes used, not thinking how this will penetrate other people's minds. Horror isn't a good start when electing government officials.
Another problem is the lust for revenge against these rulers expressed in the same vein with caring, forgiveness and spirituality. It doesn't jibe. These violent feelings need expression, but where and how exactly? People on the outside see the disconnect. It mimics the behavior of the rulers they rally against. The lynch mob is hardly the way to care for the downtrodden of the world. It's not easy. How to care for society and implement justice effectively, leaving good intention intact as a foundation, keeping dangerous emotional excess under control, and governing with compassion. When we all can do this, maybe our leaders will too.

One of the most important things from my perspective, is the fact that many oppressed people around the world are tuning into our conversations, hoping to find inspiration and a belief that some day they'll have the freedom we have. People admire and follow the United States and will for many many years to come. The compassionate thing to do would be to have the most graceful, articulate, intelligent conversations we can as the people of the world come together on this new magnificent medium to try and solve our universal problems.
If we don't like the leadership, we must be better.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Dance

I've been hearing some of the chat about the Saturn-Neptune opposition and disillusionment, how bad things are and how they're saying it will change. Some say it will get better, some say even worse catastrophes are uproad.
I feel disillusionment, but no more than I always do. I've lived well over half a century and every moment of my life has been a mixture of sensations. The blend changes, but it is a chemical sequence, no doubt. The laboratory of my life.
Life is a series of moods as I've experienced it. And I've stopped expecting the future to deliver relief or disaster. I expect a continuation. One moment of pleasure comes with another discomfort somewhere on the playing field. The world can appear grim but people are not seeing the whole picture, just the loudest, the most obvious. The bullying bombastic negatives shouting on the stage. The gentle spirits slipping about quietly.
So the astrological transits are not omnipotent I say. They are navigational guidelines. They give pointers. What can be worked on at present. There are too many factors in each moment for any one thing to dominate. It's a dance production that seems to know what it's doing, even if I don't.

Is this country in deep trouble? Is the world hopeless? Am I in despair? Is it wrong? Is it right?

Beats me. Who should I ask?
Photo: David stuart

Saturn in Leo

I vow to take my position as a performing artist in society with dignity, honor, and respect.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


As Pluto heads back to the Galactic Center for the last time, turns around, and goes into Capricorn, the lessons learned are now up for consideration and will be for awhile as the human family uses the new knowledge for the next phase. Sagittarius governs philosophies and how much people practice what they preach. All signs indicate a political awakening in the United States, and if ever there was a time for honesty, this is it.
The above model of capitalism places an elite ruling faction above the oppressed workers, with what I often perceive as virtue expressed as inherent in the common man. I don't think this is so. I think the system comes from man's basic greedy, competetive nature, although sharing and cooperation are also in the chip, hopefully to be used when the time comes. As resources dwindle, this might be necessary.
The complicated economic worldwide web is a product of man's entire history as he settled into agricultural life and the accumulation of commodities. The world depends on this system for survival and it is an expression of the human condition as it stands now. All of us are contributing members.
So the solution is not the destruction of the corporate hierarchy. There is no real separation. If power were taken from the elite and handed to the people, the same hierarchy would be built. Exactly the same. The system is there for reasons and the improvements will take evolution and clear thinking, experimentation, honesty, and genuine desire for equality. Plus, most of all, human beings grappling with their greed.
The bitter complaints against the corporate structure are everywhere. There is no doubt that corruption is rampant, but here is where the hypocrisy is evident. In this country many people detest the situation but consume all the products of these entities with gluttony. Even when faced with choosing a small business with higher prices, most will buy at the cheapest rate. So why do you think these corporations evolved? Could it be to satisfy the demand for cheap commodities? Who is feeding the beast?
But the most blatant hypocritical act to me is the investment in mutual funds. Well intentioned Americans still prefer making a fast and easy buck, no matter how it's obtained. On one hand, they preach about the destruction of corporations, while the other hand is grasping evey dime they make from the corruption and greed. Progressives included. Even when there are options, such as choosing more ethical companies to invest in, most people won't make the effort. There is no way on this green Earth that the problems will be solved until this awareness comes fully into focus and the responsibilty is taken up by every single individual participating. Every dollar spent. Too much effort?
We shall see.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh That Big Ol' Round Shiny Fat Daddy Sun in Cancer.

Rock me baby. In the Key of G.

Baby .............
What's the matter now?
Are you hungry??
It's only been an hour.
Why aren't you satisfied???????
What's it gonna take, to stop all that cryin
Oh yeah ........ ? ....... ? ............. ?
All that cryin.
I'm gonna stick with you
I'm with you through and through
I'm gonna love you then, just like I love you now
Yes, I do.

Rock me on out in the key of G........


Finally. You did it.

Happy Independence Day.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The World is My Oyster

Or it will be when the Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter conjunction in my 10th house in Capricorn opposes my Sun. 13 years. Just enough time to get ready. The culmination of my life's work. The climb starts now.
In 1972 I lived in New Orleans, one of the worst experiences of my life. Racial tension, heat, and the stench of discarded oyster shells. But within this putrid environment, I started playing the piano and writing songs seriously, not just Hallmark card poetic musings. I started saying what I really wanted to say. I left New Orleans as soon as possible and embarked on a lifetime voyage of creative expression.
Pluto was conjuct my Mars at the time, in this most harrowing period of my life, and I often wonder just how much hell is required to create artistic heaven. Probably any amount. It's all cumulative. One thing I aspire to as an artist is to suggest the pain of living, and not overtly capitalize on it, even though the public prefers this. I'm pretty sure the public will not dictate to me how to express myself. It will be interesting to see when that mighty conjunction tops my Sun in the 4th.
Very very shortly, Pluto will square my Mars, unleashing all my strength to prepare for this journey to the top of the world. How much hell will be required this time?
We shall see. The last aspect was all in Libra. Approval. Pleasing. Shrinking and subduing, if need be, and then, of course, exploding. But this time, the discipline and self control of Capricorn will be involved. Will it make a difference? I'll bet the ranch on it.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Rising is Rising

The final push comes and a human is out in the world alone. This moment is the starting point of an entire life and defines the approach to every action henceforth, all springing from the Rising Sign. Every motion goes through this door and colors a person's presentation to the world. This is what the world sees.
Until this time, the inner wheel has no earthly light shining on it. At birth, the life becomes conscious and the wheel is manifest. The make-up, costumes, lines, movements, every aspect of the part played on the world's stage is creating the persona of the Ascendant. The houses of the wheel describe the unfolding events.
The other planets in the chart are integral to a human's expression, but they will all be filtered through the door out: the sign just on the horizon at birth.

People always want to know what will happen. What should I do? Where should I go? Who should I be with? When will I get there? How? Why?
The answers to these questions are found most of all in the Ascendant, the ruling planet, and the movement of the planets through the houses. These are the actual events and the clues are not that complicated.

If you want to know about a relationship, read your own chart. Look at your Ascendant and your 7th house. The rulers. Venus. These will tell you what you need in a relationship and that's all you need to know to understand what's happening. The other's chart is secondary. You will make the person in your own image. Or try to. All you need to see in a failing relationship is how they don't fit your own desires. Simple as that. Nothing you do will change that fundamental.
The search for a home is also somewhat secondary. Some believe, as I do, that home is actually your Rising Sign. So where you live will match the comfort with yourself as you incarnate into this Ascendant.
Because this is not the internal self, but the outer projection, one has the best chance of sculpting this persona to one's own specifications. It is the most malleable. Just as an actor can bend his role with nuance and add his own interpretations, so can every individual remake himself all his life as he wishes.

The older one gets and the more experience collected, the more familiar the individual becomes with this point. The Sun is already felt and known. My view is that in most cases, a person is moving from the Sun characteristics and learning others, unless the karmic repeater, Saturn, is involved. All the placements make up the whole person, but the tangible evidence and actual sequence of events are in the manifest wheel at birth, guided by the Rising Sign. Why not get with it?
In my studies I have found very few people who are truly in touch with this part of themselves, and thus the difficulties in feeling comfortable with their lives. How many do you know who are trying to be like others? The lessons are learned through a lifetime of experience as the projection is reflected back by other people ... the reason for relationship and an intrinsic part of self knowledge. If you know your Ascendant, you know how to read these other people. They are all parts of you, players in your own drama.

I refer to this initial place in the birth chart as the Ace. The 1st house. The beginning of every action in your life. If you start out right with yourself, your chances for success are good. "Right", of course, is for you to ascertain. In a bind? Look to the ASC. Need to make a decision? Look to the ASC. It won't fail. It got you out of the birth canal. A pretty tight place.
As a Sun in Cancer, every time I get into trouble, I get frightened and want to hide. But my Aries Rising will have none of it. When I take up the challenge, wrestle with it with my Aries horns, refuse to be defeated, stand my ground, and own up to my winning incarnation, my life works right. The older I get, the more this becomes the modus operandi. And the experimentation never ends. The perfection of my role on the stage is ongoing.
One interesting question is, "What if my Sun and ASC are the same?" My theory is this. These people are examples to others of the quintessential expression of the sign. You really can't miss it. But there is a certain lack of challenge in these people's lives as if they have nowhere to go. Nothing to work on so obviously. They already are what they are becoming. Some can't quite figure out what to do. Perhaps a further cultivation is the ticket along with an acceptance of a kind of stasis.
So as complicated as the human mind likes to make things, there is always the part of the self that wants things to be well and the sensations of confidence and rightness to be vigorously active. As any actor knows, the production needs good direction. Just look at your Rising Sign. It will tell what to do, how to do it, where to go, and when. Simple.
Illustration: Luca Invernezzi Tettoni

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Cool Respite

The summer heat has fully arrived. Soon the fireworks, burning of animal parts, and backyard beery revelries will begin. Heat upon heat. So I'm taking the opportunity to bask in the green, and drink in the cool and moist, since my previous partying years have transmogrified into relative peace and quiet, and the body heat of alcohol is more of a rare condition. Not that this is permanent. Saturn in the 5th loves celebration, with some guidelines, hopefully.
In the desert, the dry direct heat is intense, but thank the universe for photosynthesis. I can't remember a time in my life that I haven't been near evergreens. And the leaves of the Mountain Ash in my yard are almost coming through the front door. I'm cool.
Photo: Starr Ockenga: European Larch