Friday, July 13, 2007

The Moon and the Water Bearer

Next lunation:
New moon in Cancer
Full moon in Aquarius

Recently I found a new dentist. Being a Cancer, I walked into the office and knew I was in the right place.
I was scheduled for a cleaning but last week some some unexplainable something popped up somewhere in my mouth causing me great pain and fear. I did not feel well by the time I got there.
No one seemed alarmed. They said they'd take good care of me. So the X-rays and tooth cleaning began. Meanwhile, storm clouds formed and rain started to come down. After a few moments the office manager walked in and asked, "Are you cold? Do you want a blanket?" She went to the corner and got an orange-peach colored woven throw and covered me, tucking me in gently. She then touched my face, and stroked my hair, and asked, "Is that better?" Then she went on about her business. My fear evaporated. The cleaning proceeded.
I feel infinitely better right now and this illustrates perfectly to me the moons in Cancer and Aquarius. Nurturing strangers as you would your own. No difference. I'm particularly fond of this combination, the family feel with everyone. Gives credence to the idea of a "family of man". Safety out there.
All Moon-Uranus contacts express some of this intimacy with unfamiliars, although not necessarily physical. Aquarians with Cancer planets or prominent moons, especially seem to be the caretakers of us all. It makes so much sense. Cancer with Aquarius, the water bearer. He doesn't have to go far. So expect someome to take care of you with this upcoming lunation. And of course. No telling who that will be.


Blogger Neith said...

Very good point, jm . . . I have had the good fortune to meet many of those wonderful people over the years and have felt comforted every time. It's a valuable gift!

13/7/07 8:03 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I've known a lot of them, neith. In some ways it's happening now with you and the Uranus transit of your 4th together with your Moon in the 11th. On your blog.

13/7/07 1:46 PM  
Blogger jm said...

That's probably why your mother died with Uranus transiting your 4th. New Moon in Virgo. To get you out in the world more. Virgo MC. Ruler of the 4th in the 10th - nurturing the world.

13/7/07 1:54 PM  
Anonymous The Ninth Immortal said...

Many thanks for that fine post!

And there I was thinking Moon-Uranus contacts always meant an inclination to rejecting/breaking ties if they got too maternal.

It's nice to know that my Moon-Uranus square is as much associated with nurturing strangers, as rocking the boat from time-to-time with those I consider my own nurturers...

13/7/07 4:41 PM  
Blogger jm said...

And what a fine name, ninth immortal!

The breaking happens too, I think, for good reason.

I see so many angles with all aspects. I have a Moon-Uranus opposition and I've broken with my family pretty much, yet we're still close. Whenever I see them the intimacy is instantly re-established. It's really not personal, the apartness I maintain. Just has to be. And I'm there for them when they want me.

I do have many close friends and whoever I'm with in my life at the time are my family.

I find with Moon-Uranus that both instant separations and immediate bonds are formed. The unpredictability causes insecurity for others, but maybe a more advanced maternalism results. Not so infantile and dependent.

My Aquarian-Cancer friends are distant in obvious ways but always there for me in a deeper way. My last one was my best friend but I only saw him once every 4-6 months. I always sensed his comfort whether I was with him or not. No demands. My Moon Uranus liked that. The long emotional leash. I like it very much. He also was like this with everyone and I felt no need to have for myself.

The boat-rocking is part of the fun and excitement..:-) The unusual nature of Uranus. The understanding that separations are required for a better intimacy.

13/7/07 5:24 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

To get you out in the world more. Virgo MC. Ruler of the 4th in the 10th - nurturing the world.

I had thought of that but it seemed presumptuous. It does feel right, especially throwing in the NN in Gemini. Thanks, jm! Nice astro nugget! :-D

13/7/07 5:32 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I had thought of that but it seemed presumptuous

Ha ha! Not with a Saturn-Pluto in Leo..:-)
The world needs it.

13/7/07 5:44 PM  

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