Monday, July 28, 2008


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Traveling Space, Crossing Waters

There are some interesting aspects to Obama's overseas journey, timed as it is. One of the primary factors is the closing of the three month Uranus station at 22 Pisces, collective seas being stimulated across the globe.
At the top of the USA chart in the 9th house of foreign lands sits Neptune at 22 degrees Virgo, now being opposed by Uranus. Obama's Virgo Mars is also at 22. The glamourous mythic image the US historically held in the world's eyes and it's recent downfall have entered the spotlight and the opportunity for resurrection is apparent although with reservations and a more realistic end result. Saturn is also in Virgo. Saturn retrograde will be just off the 22 Virgo degree at 21 on the day of the inauguration. Going back for repairs.
America has always been a mythological kingdom, a promised land of fantasy to people around the planet. In the beginning of last century when the movie industry was created, the country released stories in serial form that had viewers everywhere enthralled waiting for each episode to come out and give continuity to their lives. The ability to capture human imagination reached its height. For the rest of the century people re-created themselves in America's image until the thin pop-culture veneer deteriorated to what it is today. Still all eyes are upon the young nation, so lively and unpredictable.
In the meantime, the image of savior also reached a high point with the liberation of Europe from the Nazis in WWII. But then the hero became the villain as the century ended in misbegotten wars, continuous acquisition, and ultimate disillusionment. No one believed that a man like the last president could be elected in this once worshipped haven of democracy and high spirits, the previous dips so conveniently forgotten.
Now the repair seems possible, certainly desired by many. But I think the repair is greater than that of the American image. I have a theory. Keep in mind my healthy imagination if you care to follow this.
I think it might include a shift in thinking about the German people indicated by the speech being scheduled in Berlin at this juncture. Why was Germany chosen? I did some research and, of course, found some very interesting connections.

My theory revolves around the fact that in order to evolve as a species, humans have to come to an understanding of genocidal tendencies, including a resolution of the guilt and responsibility the German people feel about one of the most troubled moments in history -- the rise of Adolph Hitler and the 3rd Reich, and the elevation of genocide to massive proportions. The actor today, Obama, exposes a similar side of the American character, and everyone else's for that matter. How much the Germans are to be blamed can never be ascertained, but the mere mention of Germans brings to mind the image of Hitler in many human brains. At some point I believe that association might be transformed. At least it would be wise to recognize that the impulse to degrade others is universal. Blame is a difficult thing to pinpoint. Especially with Pluto so deep into Sagittarius. It's everyone's or no one's fault, depending on how you look at it. Everyone's alive and participating.
The German Empire came into being on January 1, 1871 at midnight in Berlin, with Saturn, Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in Capricorn. Pluto will be there soon with lessons of authoritarian power, guilt, abuse, dignity, responsibility, mastery, and all things Capricorn. The full moon just passing these planets brought the formal announcement of the speech. It certainly does seem to be connected to the upcoming transit of Pluto through Capricorn. Obama's Saturn conjoins Germany's Mercury articulating these concerns. Mars is at 0 Libra on the Libra ascendant giving meaning to the tearing down of the wall of separation between the divided sections of Germany and credence to ideas about the necessity of unity in the world today. It seems like we do have some common problems to solve.
But here's where it gets really interesting. The chart of the 3rd Reich has Neptune, Mars, and Jupiter in Virgo, cleansing the white race of impurities, where Saturn is transiting currently with Mars, and Uranus is stationing opposite. Opposite what exactly? Jupiter at 22 Virgo. The North Node in Pisces sits on top of the chart, the collective seas reigning supreme, all colors of the spectrum included. Pisces can represent the pinnacle of compassion or the depths of humiliation. Redemption is written into every act of depravity.
Virgo square Pluto in Sagittarius:
An irrational certainty that ideas represent the only right way of thinking enables the influencing of others that can equate with prejudice. Virgoan ethics reinforced by Sagittarius morality can give a more profound interest in concepts of right and wrong than in the struggles of imperfect human beings. Both sides can make judgements without sufficient knowledge. On the beneficial side, Virgoan disciplines can purify the mind of the Sagittarian counselor, creating a living example of philosophy put to work......From Astrology: The Divine Science: Marcia Moore & Mark Douglas
There's no telling how far the human race is advancing at any instant since people are inside looking out and have no historical, nor future perspectives. But as usual, time will reveal its secrets. Humans are always faced with their conflict between greed and desire for domination, and their idealistic urge for cooperation. I do believe, however, that if people are aware, they can influence the process even if only by keeping these thoughts in mind. Just looking beyond for a brief moment here and there could affect the outcome theoretically. Across space and waters into endless time.
Kees Veenenbos: One of Jupiter's Moons

Monday, July 21, 2008

War and Freedom

There has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefited.
Sun Tzu

The station of Uranus at 22 Pisces comes to a close.
The Iraq War was a strange one from the start. It began with the Sun at 29 degrees Pisces, the very end of the wheel of experience. Pisces was on the ascendant as well. The location in the birthplace of civilization added gravity to the situation and the invasion itself never had a clear mission nor an exit strategy. Confusion abounded and while Operation Iraqi Freedom started with great enthusiasm and fanfare, it's closing with a big question mark and feelings of disorientation. Why was the United States there and what was it doing? Those questions might never be answered but once thing is certain now. The people on all sides want it to end.
Pluto is at 29 degrees Sagittarius exactly square the Sun in the chart. The Full Moon in Capricorn had 29 degrees Gemini rising, also square that Sun. The long station of Uranus at 22 Pisces touches the war chart, Obama's Mars, and US Neptune square Mars. With all these forces aligned, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, just "not-officially" endorsed Obama's 16 month withdrawal plan. They meet in Baghdad today.
16 months you wonder. Why that figure? Does that mean 16 months from now or 16 from the inauguration?
The chart of the invasion on March 20, 2003 has Saturn at 22 Gemini exactly square transiting Uranus now, the planet of liberation. This repeats the Saturn-Uranus theme in the world in general. Added to that is transiting Saturn square USA Uranus. But here's where it gets especially interesting. 16 months from now, Uranus will be back at 22 Pisces where it is today. 16 months from the inauguration, Uranus will be at 29 Pisces, conjunct the war Sun. Take your pick.
So who exactly is being liberated and from what? Perchance the Iraqis will be freed from their age-old history of foreign occupation. Or the United States will be separated for a long time from her need to engage in mistaken wars. These are possibilities, mind you.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ifs, Ands, and Butts

This looks like a great place for a one-on-one chat. A tete-a-tete even. But I know myself at my recently advanced age. That hard seat. My adipose deficient posterior, otherwise known as my bony butt, would object most strenuously. I'd end up on the grass. But you can stay on the seat if you'd like. If you don't mind my feet up there. And I promise. No politics.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Capricorn Full Moon Event of Note

The prestigious, dare I say elitist, publication entitled The Wall Street Journal -- WSJ to those in the know -- just humiliated itself in a fashion I've never seen before. They misplayed the money game quite magnificently.
As you might have heard, they underreported presidential candidate Barack Obama's June fundraising total by 22 million. Ripples were felt. Mouths flapped vigorously. And these professionals are considered financial experts.
The long revered news source took a hit on credibility it might never recover from. Respect can be ephemeral, you know. Economics fickle.

Astonishing. And with Pluto, sometimes known as the magician, on its way to Capricorn, I simply can't imagine what's ahead.
Bread Box: Eric Forstmann

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Tear and a Handkerchief

For the bedraggled Netroots. They're meeting in Austin this week-end and you know what I think? They're in the doghouse.
The incoming administration has not shown favor toward the group and their myriad requests and I know .... they're bummed.
But cheer up! It's Austin. Great party town!

And sleep well if you plan to camp out along the way.
Upp .. I mean .... I forgot about the gas.
Sleep: Chris Van Dusen

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fear of Air

No matter what the opinion of the soon-to-be Democratic Presidential Nominee, most people I know want the night of the ceremony to go perfectly. More perfect.
The most often repeated fear is that of the weather. "I'm afraid of rain", they whimper.
Faith my dears. Pluto in Sagittarius will approve. Let's hope the whole crew is ready. And if it rains? 60,000 umbrellas (some don't mind getting wet) could be witness to this unusual moment in history. There's almost always an element of chance.
The sky falls all the time.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fear of Planets

"No one feels good about the astrological conditions on election day, nor the conditions on inauguration day. There is a shadow looming over the charts.
Barry C. Orr:
The Cosmically Stressed Election of 2008
This is an astrological prediction concerning the upcoming 2008 United States' presidential election, echoing a common theme among today's astrologers. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is the culprit most identified with the looming disaster.
But let's take a closer look, since we can safely assume that these human creatures' sizable fears are a projection of their own internal conflicts relative to authority. Many have discussed the dangerous government the people supposedly labor under, yet the idea that the planets will bring catastrophe is strikingly similar ... a view of a world controlled by predominately punishing powers. Perhaps Pluto in Sagittarius will clarify.

As children, people put puzzle pieces together with glee, then with one Zeus-like stroke, undo the formation with equal pleasure scattering the parts anywhere to create sublime disorder. As they grow older they graduate to jigsaw puzzles, taking time and great pains to organize the creations, reluctant to mess with them often leaving them on the construction table for ages, not to be disturbed. Rigidity mounts.
Saturn builds a logical structure, then Uranus comes along to turn it upside-down, inside-out, and into assorted weird variations, so that it can be re-arranged in Pisces, the chips falling where they will, the perfect disorganized organization. Such is the set-up for this election as the present order is broken up and rearranged.

Oppositions can be troublesome, or they can be fairly easy to balance, usually a combination of both. Sometimes conjunctions are the hardest since they involve two or more entities competing for the same space with no perspective or wiggle room. With oppositions, they can bounce back and forth and play with one another.
"Opposition can represent the fullness of a cycle.A time of choosing.
A reminder to make haste slowly, and determinedly proceed."

I think this says it well. Every month it happens in the moon cycles. The full moon provides the perfect mirror when opposing forces are actually merged in a way, yet still separate, in a brief moment of extreme clarity and equality. So it will be on election day when Saturn opposes Uranus exactly to the minute.
In politics, Saturn and Uranus represent the established order opposing some kind of departure from the norm. It does not necessarily mean Liberal or Conservative in the usual sense, just a change from the model currently in use. The precise opposition probably means that the candidate we get will embody both. That the election and next presidency will bring reform within the existing system. How hard this blend is to bring into reality remains to be seen, while the struggle to create the balance continues to the election.
What interests me is the scenario unfolding before my very eyes. Obama is being divvied up and placed back into the status quo by some, now mixed with those who view him as an agent of change. A wondrous split in collective desire. So who will finally represent both so beautifully pinpointed by the transiting planets? This sort of union, if you will.
Here is a little quiz: which one of the following is most worthy of your fear?
A. Saturn
B. Uranus
C. Obama
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
F. One or two of the above

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sagittarius and the Family of Man

A Mile High and Getting Higher
On Obama's nomination speech in Denver
Mayor John Hickenlooper said the city would accomodate Obama if that's where he wants to give his speech. "From the point of view of the city of Denver, if the Obama team were to request us to go in this direction, we would move heaven and earth because it's a historic moment."
I promise you the end of Pluto in Sagittarius will be enriching. The sign of Sagittarius reaches upward and outward, the human's first experience beyond the familiar, closed, interpersonal, when the seeker connects to the larger family, broader horizons, and finally to the god-figure. A rocket ship to the cosmos, inclusive, ever-expanding, and dimension altering.
I have a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius in the 9th house. I feel at home anywhere in the world. I easily adopt the customs and fit into the life of the people whose home I'm visiting, and even if my Aries disagrees individually, I have an overall feeling of belonging with the human race.
One morning in a tea shop high in the mountains of Chitral, Pakistan, my traveling companions and I met a small, wiry, energetic man who invited us to his village. We set out on what was to become one of the most unusual experiences of my life. He took us along the cold mountain stream, over rocks all day as we leapt to keep up with him. We had no idea where we were going but we trusted him completely. Dedicated followers.
At sundown we arrived at one of the strangest places I'd ever encountered, a tiny village in the state of Kafiristan. The Kafirs are not like anyone else in the world. They are thought to be descendants of Alexander the Great's army when he conquered the territory in ancient times. They are small, stunningly beautiful people, with shells and ornaments all through their hair and the most luminous smiles I'd ever seen. They were thrilled to greet us and immediately provided a hut for the night leaving us dazed by their gentleness and lightness. Soon we heard a sound outside the door and upon opening it, found no one -- just a large basket of fruit and nuts. Later that evening they joined us in the hut around the fire in the center of the room, all of us animatedly sharing so much information knowing how brief our encounter would be. I think that's when my Sagittarius planets reached the pinnacle of ecstasy, an experience that's colored my whole life.
My mother was Hungarian and came to the States when she was in her 20s. I grew up in a typical American town in both the black and white neighborhoods, easily accepting of human variation in my large tolerant multi-racial and multi-ethnic family. I don't thrive in tense, hateful environments, so when I found Denver, I knew I'd found a place I might enjoy. Denver has a Venus at 29 degrees Sagittarius square Neptune at 29 Pisces, and is perhaps the most accepting and friendly place I've been to in the US. It's no wonder this historic breakthrough is happening high in these rocky peaks.
When I moved here we had a typical bloated white establishment mayor and I paid no notice. He was inoffensive. But soon after, with about a 12% Hispanic population, an American of Mexican descent was elected, Federico Pena, with great enthusiasm. Then came another white guy. Then with about the same percentage of Blacks, an African American was elected, Wellington Webb. I thought, "These people seem to have no prejudice". I'd noticed a relaxed attitude in daily life anyway. But the real proof came when they elected Hickenlooper, a science geek, not even a politician! I can't imagine what's next.
So it's with great joy that I look forward to this revisiting of the diversity of the human race, the human trust despite very obvious differences, as Pluto transits Denver's Venus and Neptune, opening up the experience to the people of the city, the country, and the world, outside under the heavens. There's a lot to celebrate.
Reclining Buddha of Zinathukha Pagoda: Thierry Falise

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Center

L.centrum , GR.kentron - point
The point or place equally distant from the extremities.
A point from which effects, influences, etc., proceed.

"In astrology, the symbol of the Sun represents the circle of spirit with the addition of a dot at the center. This pivotal point makes the figure vital and dynamic. It shows that spirit has manifested itself through particular form. The Sun represents the individualized principle in nature. It is the nucleus of any entity and the determinant of its identity.
All existence involves an interplay between a central point containing an infinite number of dimensions, and an infinite number of points of no dimension."
That's a lot. So the way I see it, it doesn't matter where you are. I thought one was always trying to find the center. So then why are some people so afraid of it? Do they fear losing themselves there or do we find ourselves? Or neither, if the assumption that identity resides in the middle is false. Is there some magnetic force repelling the individual from the inner sanctum? What's the correct direction? What's right about left? Sometimes I find myself agreeing with the idea that there's folly in this, although I do find myself attracted to such a place so replete with dimension.
From the Divine Astrologer: Marcia Moore & Mark Douglas
Painting: Space, Rudolph Bauer, 1932

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Magic of it All

Today, AP is reporting on the long lasting health benefits of psilocybin. Terrence McKenna believed humanity owes its evolution, or at least the reason or inciting incident, to psilocybin.
"McKenna theorized that as the North African jungles receded, near the end of the most recent ice age, giving way to savannas and grasslands, a branch of our tree-dwelling primate ancestors left the forest canopy and began to live in the open areas outside of the forest. There they experimented with new varieties of foods as they adapted, physically and mentally, to their new environment.
Among the new food items found in this new environment were psilocybin-containing mushrooms growing in the dung of ungulate herds that occupied the savannas and grasslands at that time. McKenna, referencing the research of Roland L. Fisher, Ph.D. (College of Optometry and Departments of Psychiatry and Pharmacology, College of Medicine, The Ohio State University), claimed that enhancement of visual acuity was an effect of psilocybin at low doses, and supposed that this would have conferred an adaptive advantage. He also argued that the effects of slightly larger doses, including sexual arousal (not reported as a typical effect in scientific studies) — and in still larger doses, ecstatic hallucinations and glossolalia — gave selective evolutionary advantages to members of those tribes who partook of it. There were many changes caused by the introduction of this psychoactive mushroom to the primate diet. McKenna hypothesizes, for instance, that synesthesia (the blurring of boundaries between the senses) caused by psilocybin led to the development of spoken language: the ability to form pictures in another person's mind through the use of vocal sounds.
About 12,000 years ago, further climate changes removed psilocybin-containing mushrooms from the human diet. McKenna argued that this event resulted in a new set of profound changes in our species as we reverted to the previous brutal primate social structures that had been modified and/or repressed by frequent consumption of psilocybin."
So what will the new climate changes deliver to this hapless race? Less of the brutal primate? Maybe, maybe, fingers crossed. The dung of ungulate herds is still around. It's astonishing. Evolution proceeds. The crush of oppression versus the expansion of freedom on the omnipotent see-saw of human desire. Afraid? why not? Unafraid? Just as well. My mantra? No one's in charge. Ingest as you will.

Glossolalia: glossolalia consists of strings of meaningless syllables made up of sounds taken from those familiar to the speaker and put together more or less haphazardly .... Glossolalia is language-like because the speaker unconsciously wants it to be language-like. Yet in spite of superficial similarities, glossolalia fundamentally is not language.
In other words ....

So If I'm understanding this correctly, "ecstatic hallucinations and glossolalia give selective evolutionary advantages?" Sign me up.