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Traveling Space, Crossing Waters

There are some interesting aspects to Obama's overseas journey, timed as it is. One of the primary factors is the closing of the three month Uranus station at 22 Pisces, collective seas being stimulated across the globe.
At the top of the USA chart in the 9th house of foreign lands sits Neptune at 22 degrees Virgo, now being opposed by Uranus. Obama's Virgo Mars is also at 22. The glamourous mythic image the US historically held in the world's eyes and it's recent downfall have entered the spotlight and the opportunity for resurrection is apparent although with reservations and a more realistic end result. Saturn is also in Virgo. Saturn retrograde will be just off the 22 Virgo degree at 21 on the day of the inauguration. Going back for repairs.
America has always been a mythological kingdom, a promised land of fantasy to people around the planet. In the beginning of last century when the movie industry was created, the country released stories in serial form that had viewers everywhere enthralled waiting for each episode to come out and give continuity to their lives. The ability to capture human imagination reached its height. For the rest of the century people re-created themselves in America's image until the thin pop-culture veneer deteriorated to what it is today. Still all eyes are upon the young nation, so lively and unpredictable.
In the meantime, the image of savior also reached a high point with the liberation of Europe from the Nazis in WWII. But then the hero became the villain as the century ended in misbegotten wars, continuous acquisition, and ultimate disillusionment. No one believed that a man like the last president could be elected in this once worshipped haven of democracy and high spirits, the previous dips so conveniently forgotten.
Now the repair seems possible, certainly desired by many. But I think the repair is greater than that of the American image. I have a theory. Keep in mind my healthy imagination if you care to follow this.
I think it might include a shift in thinking about the German people indicated by the speech being scheduled in Berlin at this juncture. Why was Germany chosen? I did some research and, of course, found some very interesting connections.

My theory revolves around the fact that in order to evolve as a species, humans have to come to an understanding of genocidal tendencies, including a resolution of the guilt and responsibility the German people feel about one of the most troubled moments in history -- the rise of Adolph Hitler and the 3rd Reich, and the elevation of genocide to massive proportions. The actor today, Obama, exposes a similar side of the American character, and everyone else's for that matter. How much the Germans are to be blamed can never be ascertained, but the mere mention of Germans brings to mind the image of Hitler in many human brains. At some point I believe that association might be transformed. At least it would be wise to recognize that the impulse to degrade others is universal. Blame is a difficult thing to pinpoint. Especially with Pluto so deep into Sagittarius. It's everyone's or no one's fault, depending on how you look at it. Everyone's alive and participating.
The German Empire came into being on January 1, 1871 at midnight in Berlin, with Saturn, Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in Capricorn. Pluto will be there soon with lessons of authoritarian power, guilt, abuse, dignity, responsibility, mastery, and all things Capricorn. The full moon just passing these planets brought the formal announcement of the speech. It certainly does seem to be connected to the upcoming transit of Pluto through Capricorn. Obama's Saturn conjoins Germany's Mercury articulating these concerns. Mars is at 0 Libra on the Libra ascendant giving meaning to the tearing down of the wall of separation between the divided sections of Germany and credence to ideas about the necessity of unity in the world today. It seems like we do have some common problems to solve.
But here's where it gets really interesting. The chart of the 3rd Reich has Neptune, Mars, and Jupiter in Virgo, cleansing the white race of impurities, where Saturn is transiting currently with Mars, and Uranus is stationing opposite. Opposite what exactly? Jupiter at 22 Virgo. The North Node in Pisces sits on top of the chart, the collective seas reigning supreme, all colors of the spectrum included. Pisces can represent the pinnacle of compassion or the depths of humiliation. Redemption is written into every act of depravity.
Virgo square Pluto in Sagittarius:
An irrational certainty that ideas represent the only right way of thinking enables the influencing of others that can equate with prejudice. Virgoan ethics reinforced by Sagittarius morality can give a more profound interest in concepts of right and wrong than in the struggles of imperfect human beings. Both sides can make judgements without sufficient knowledge. On the beneficial side, Virgoan disciplines can purify the mind of the Sagittarian counselor, creating a living example of philosophy put to work......From Astrology: The Divine Science: Marcia Moore & Mark Douglas
There's no telling how far the human race is advancing at any instant since people are inside looking out and have no historical, nor future perspectives. But as usual, time will reveal its secrets. Humans are always faced with their conflict between greed and desire for domination, and their idealistic urge for cooperation. I do believe, however, that if people are aware, they can influence the process even if only by keeping these thoughts in mind. Just looking beyond for a brief moment here and there could affect the outcome theoretically. Across space and waters into endless time.
Kees Veenenbos: One of Jupiter's Moons


Blogger Dharmaruci said...

That's an interesting post. America of course also has its own shame and guilt with the way it has treated black people, its systematic slavery was over a far longer period than the 3rd Reich was ever around for.

But Obama is not allowed to acknowledge this, not if he wants to become President. Rev Wright, in his own way, did it for him, but Obama had to disown him. It's so interesting how Airy Fiery Obama will deal with shadow stuff like this, does he have to go to a foreign country to do it?

Slavery in the US chart is 2nd House Pluto, ownership of people. The legacy is still there, not properly acknowledged. Obama's Saturn conjoins (and Mars trines) this Pluto: this means he wants accountability for America's dark history. But it's 12th House, it's maybe a bit unconscious in him.

And his American ancestors were not victims but perpetrators! So how does that make him feel?

So it's all an interesting brew, and maybe Germany is some kind of resonance for what he can't do at home. And I don't know how much that is because it is not politically possible, and how much because he doesn't quite get it in the way that Wright, for all his faults, gets it all too clearly.

With Obama, I think so much is a case of 'time will tell'.

23/7/08 4:39 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Slavery in the US chart is 2nd House Pluto, ownership of people. The legacy is still there, not properly acknowledged. Obama's Saturn conjoins (and Mars trines) this Pluto: this means he wants accountability for America's dark history. But it's 12th House, it's maybe a bit unconscious in him.

Dr, this is fabulous. I agree with you. I have much to say on this subject. The 12th house is associated with slavery too, and his Saturn is one of the most karmic I've seen.

I mentioned in the article that Obama's appearance in Germany is representative of the dark side of American character as well as the world's. Remember that the Jews were slaves too. People don't realize the pain of Germans today, but they naturally have always had skill with the deeper and darker aspects of human character, the Austrians even more-so.

And his American ancestors were not victims but perpetrators! So how does that make him feel?

Very interesting. A key to some resolution. Also the genocide going on in Africa now figures in.

Wright released the ship from the moorings but he's gone and I think you're right. He did what Obama could not do. He also was characterized as a buffoon which got it through acceptably, but the unconscious ripples are at work. Remember that Wright has the North Node at 22 Virgo. It's so amazing, all of this.

So it's all an interesting brew, and maybe Germany is some kind of resonance for what he can't do at home.

Of course he is on the political tightrope but in reality it is happening at home. His nomination proves it. The night of the acceptance is the anniversary of MLK's speech so it really is quite obvious. The people here are getting it. If you were here you could sense it with your subconscious skills. Obama as shadow and light is a great subject.

In the end it won't be how Obama does it, but how we all do it. He will follow the collective's directions. He's in the servant role now. And the whole planet is in on this since he will be the first black leader of the Western world. All tied to his heavy karmic Saturn placement which is beautifully tied into the Jupiter at 0 Aquarius following immediately. I could write a book on his 12th.:-)

I probably should get started. There is a lot that might be hard to take about the deeper stuff going on so I'm trying to time it accurately. Your comment could be the cue. I'll be waiting to see what you have to say.

Also the Neptune in Scorpio square to Jupiter will offset the airy-fiery, Neptune so prominently placed and involving the collective ties into the 12th. He has tremendous collective responsibility. I believe it's kind of our responsibility to get with it.

Such a fascinating turn of events. I sense motion in the human race for the first time. Interesting brew is right!

23/7/08 9:22 PM  
Blogger Dharmaruci said...

Actually I pinched the idea of 2nd House Pluto being ownership of people from Jessica Murray's Soul-Sick Nation. I think you'd find the book worth looking at.

24/7/08 2:04 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Ha! Dipped into the astro treasure chest.

I heard about that book. That's the American sickness all right. Possession in every way ... except the I Ching way: in great measure. South Node in the 2nd too.

24/7/08 6:47 AM  
Blogger jm said...

It's a beautiful day in Berlin, they report.

The Sun is just in Leo on his Mercury. And who did you say is in charge?

Sun also opposite Jupiter in Aquarius. Venus is on his Leo Sun. Saturn is exactly on his Pluto at 6 Virgo. The North Node is exactly on his ascendant.

And, of course, His Mars and US Neptune are being opposed by Uranus in Pisces. A lot of Virgo healing, the usual Leo love, and Moon in Aries for a new start and a look toward the future. Plus an outrageous party in this town known for its high living - to celebrate the start of the Leo season.

Interesting that he came directly from Israel. There's a lot of leadership energy in the moment and if you look at it, where is the inspiring leadership in the world today? Maybe it's everywhere just looking for the right time. The spark. The Aquarian planets plus the mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune point toward a sense of togetherness and the speech will reflect that, being right up Obama's street.

Let Berlin rejoice!

24/7/08 8:29 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

To your first comment, DR, I would add the shameful treatment of the original inhabitants of North America, which is still going on today.

Speaking of Israel, as you did, jm, maybe Israel will be required to acknowledge its own complicity and guilt in the way it is treating the Arab residents of that land, namely the Palestinians.

It seems the two countries are equally guilty of mistreating those who were there before them. Problem is, in Israel's case, you can't point this out without instantly being labeled "anti-Semitic," which is a sick joke because the Palestinians are a Semitic people as well.

24/7/08 11:41 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, I think the plight of the Palestinians is being talked about more and maybe some of the realities will have to be faced. You can speak out about it anyway. Don't let anyone intimidate you. It's the ancient impulse toward domination and degradation that we have to work with. The closest we can come, I think, to a resolution is to stop doing such things ourselves, however subtle.

Dr and I seemed to be on to something. The first thing Obama said in Berlin today was:

I know that I don't look like the Americans who've previously spoken in this great city. The journey that led me here is improbable. My mother was born in the heartland of America, but my father grew up herding goats in Kenya. His father - my grandfather - was a cook, a domestic servant to the British.

He's never been so explicit.

24/7/08 12:47 PM  
Blogger jm said...

And on the subject, from Obama's speech:

We must support the Lebanese who have marched and bled for democracy, and the Israelis and Palestinians who seek a secure and lasting peace. And despite past differences, this is the moment when the world should support the millions of Iraqis who seek to rebuild their lives, even as we pass responsibility to the Iraqi government and finally bring this war to a close.

There are a lot of subtleties in his speeches when you study them, outside of the obvious statements that need to be made for various reasons. This comment is interesting:

I was very encouraged to hear Obama mention Lebanon, Israel and Palestine all in one breath as needing American support to get their governments to work for peace. Of course it's easy for any politician to say that about Israel and Palestine. Especially in Berlin, with so many Jews (of every political stripe) watching. But elevating Lebanon's anarchy to the same primacy in that region's intractable politics is a political risk, and a central insight into what's necessary to solve that perennial and central crisis.
Lebanon is a fake country. Its federal government is partly a puppet of Syria's, except where federal activity doesn't really affect Lebanon's national interests. Under Syrian supervision, Hezbollah has carved out a separate country along Israel's border in Southern Lebanon. Protected by Syria, armed, funded and trained by Iran, and holding all of Southern Lebanon (including the outer parts actually more under Lebanese government than Hezbollah's), that Hezbollah state is in active, constant war with Israel. While Syria sends its own more active support to Hamas in running the Gaza Strip of Palestine, the other pincer warring against Israel every day.

I hope Obama turns around and supports Lebanon's government in establishing control in its southern border area with Israel, and restoring the rule of law there. Such an endeavor could find Lebanon, Israel and the US partners in peace, for everyone's mutual benefit, including Lebanon's. Of course, for that to work Israelis will have to kick out their own neocon government that's provoked war especially in Lebanon. But Obama's leadership, especially on the purse strings, can help reorient the security politics there.

I have to say that Obama certainly inflamed my hopes on that issue. Within a few years, we'll see whether he really leads, or whether he just knows the same formula that Kennedy and Reagan followed to look good, but do little good in the Mideast.

The World

24/7/08 1:37 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Thanks for sharing that last, jm. I wasn't aware of the Syria/Lebanon part, which reminds me that if I speak up about it, I better know what I'm talking about.

24/7/08 2:25 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

yah, joe, me too. there was an article a while back that I shared with jm, that Israeli politics has a lady rising star similar to Obama -- out of nowhere, against all odds, and making real headway -- which puts O's good-friend talk to Israel and AIPAC in a different light ... the constant shifting of powers and preferences could land these two oddities next to each other and it would be A Good Thing if alliances between the two countries were already in good shape.

24/7/08 8:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It was news to me too, joe. It's so complex a situation. I'm daunted when I try to understand it, but something tells me we're going to have the opportunity to learn more.

It would be wonderful for Israel to get new leadership. Just like us. You're so right, yesh about putting the talk into a different light.

Obama wants peace. Of course. You have to overlook this part. He isn't president yet, just a little one term Senator. It will go in increments. Israel has been a longtime ally. It's a complicated web woven before him and he can't mess with it in any way at the moment. Be patient. I think things will change.

He left a great impression on the people and that's exactly the right start. The repercussions will be coming in.

24/7/08 9:37 PM  

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