Thursday, August 31, 2006

Astrobabble with Winston Moonbat

Greetings! Greetings! Star lovers and galactic travelers! Things are exciting in the heavens these days and I'm here to give you my latest predictions. Fasten your cosmic seat belts!

As Mars squares Jupiter and quincunxes the Sun, Adolph Hitler will return to life and become the Secretary of the Interior of the United States of America. Then when Mars forms a biquintile to Saturn and a sesquiquadrate to Jupiter, Switzerland will attack Iran. From the 25th to the 28th of September, when Venus quincunxes Vesta, the earth's ice caps will become bipolar. On October 2nd, nothing will happen. When Mars moves on to trine Neptune, martial law will be instituted in Lapland, or possibly the USA. The Mortimer Snerd eclipse pattern will be bringing bumper yam crops to New Guinea. Venus will make a semisquare and a sextile to Uranus and Pluto. At that time, Israel will split into two pieces due to a shift in consciousness in the human race.

This Friday night at 7:23 PM there will be massive earth changes. When Venus conjuncts Jupiter, the first cloned rat will give birth to an infant rat. And as Saturn opposes Neptune, the current government of the United States will disintegrate and disappear.

There has been some speculation that when Mercury sesquiquadrates Pluto, an earth destroying nuclear warhead will be detonated. I don't see this happening for sure, but if it does, all you have to do is say the ancient chant "steppininnit" three times, do five cartwheels facing north, then hold your nose for 15 seconds, and you will be safe.

That's about all for now. I'll be back soon with an update. Until then, happy journeying through the universe!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Yesterday was a momentous occasion. History was made. The announcement came that the tiny celestial body, Pluto, will no longer be a planet in our solar system, but will now be classified as a dwarf planet. So what does this mean?
In myth, Pluto was the ruler of the underworld, where gods and men went from the surface of the earth permanently. Only Mercury could come and go at will. Others were occasionally allowed back up according to Pluto's will. To enter his domain, life on earth must be sacrificed, but in this world lie the Elysian Fields......paradise.
Pluto has always evoked tremendous fear, holding knowledge of the ugly truths of human behavior, not willingly faced. The ex-planet is now at the center of our Milky Way galaxy where a black hole lies in waiting to suck the waste matter left from stellar activity. Pluto is the cosmic plumber, removing what is no longer needed and in passing this hole, he eliminated himself. Gone back home underground. His job done.
He normally wears a mask when on earth to appear invisible. It seems that in his journey through Sagittarius, the mask was momentarily removed, and mankind saw the dark side revealed. With the return of Pluto to his domain and the diminishing of his overpowerful status, I think there will be a similar diminishing of fear. The War on Terror has been won.
The planet's discovery in 1930 heralded the rise of Hitler, plutonium and nuclear power, and the awareness of the destructive potential of man. The world has been terrified ever since. But now I think we are ready to move on with this knowledge and put the omnipotent fear of Pluto in perspective. This election cycle should reveal if this is so and terror no longer the manipulative tool it was.
These are some of the possibilities:
1. The taboos associated with Pluto surfaced these last years when we saw torture and other deviant behaviors under the magnifying glass. These things are always going on and there is nothing that can be done to stop them entirely. Perhaps they will return to their hidden place to some extent now that we have seen enough.
2. The devastation wrought by Katrina and the human sewage revealed could have awakened this country and made it more able to see the decay in its structures and access it for repair or removal when Pluto transits Capricorn.
3. Maybe we won't shake in fear so much every time a person says his sign is SCORPIO!
4. The wealthy plutocracy could be destined for restraint. Already the money in the Scorpio Moon elitest Republican Party is leaving. The distribution of power should slowly become more equitable.
5. Fear and mind control used for the purpose of gaining political power should eventually be curtailed.
6. A new awareness of the dying process as organizations like Hospice gain status and help us confront this inevitable end to every living creature's life. Less fear of dying would mean less fear of living.
7. Astrolgers will continue to read Pluto as normal, but with a lessening of superstition. Pluto is not the great destroyer some say. He can be extremely subtle. He is the most erratic of the planets, sometimes orbiting sideways, sometimes up and down, and sometimes coming closer than Neptune. He is not what he appears to be, and could be the biggest magician of them all. He certainly surprised us just now.
There is no way of predicting but the symbolism is hard to ignore. Jupiter has been in mutual reception with Pluto and will soon be leaving Scorpio. Then Jupiter will cross Sagittarius and meet his brother, maybe to cut a deal for equal power. We shall see, as Pluto takes his bow, his newly dwarfed status, and goes home, waiting like a gentleman to receive us in due time.
Illustration by Tricia Newell from The Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene

Hidden Treasure

Did you go down deep in the gound
Did you find riches all around
Did you find rubies and gold
a river
Of emeralds

The water flows in a silver stream
Diamond stairs that you can't believe
The ground is made with rubies and gold
Take your shovel and pick it up now
It's been such a long time gettin down here.

As the moon traverses Scorpio tonight, and the planet Pluto leaves this dimension for another, I know I will not let him go. I'll continue to let him guide me, for I believe he is the keeper of the nugget, protector of all life's riches. They say he isn't evil. They say he prefers to take care of everyone in the underworld. A big job, indeed.
A caravan of travelers in the Mauritanian Desert.

The Desert Vortex.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Dwarf in the House

Now that Neptune has been reinstated as the edge of our official planetary system, and Pluto has been relabeled a dwarf-planet, gone to who-knows-what dimension, I thought I'd take a peek into what this could mean on a personal level, indicated by the position occupied by Pluto in the individual birth chart.
The new dwarf in the chart shows where one is motivated by subconscious drives that can manifest as obsessions, compulsions, and the age old problem of never getting enough. Pluto also can be where the deepest pleasures are found and regeneration when we are exhausted. This spot holds a treasure that often requires pain and sacrifice to obtain, but it is worth all that is experienced. People have always feared Pluto because of his hidden nature. And the force often causes them to overdo or to withhold the expression entirely. Probably the power has been exaggerated because of this mysterious factor, and now that this entity is diminished, perchance some fear will be as well. Here are some of the possibilities as we look at each house in the chart.
The 1st House: Here we have the persona, the role we play, and the filter through which we enter every experience in life. The way we act. When Pluto is in the 1st, the individual wants to impact the environment with great power of presence, but often represses the urge and ends up isolated. Or one can be too dominating and threatening if the force is released. Now in time, maybe the lonely Plutonians will feel more comfortable expressing their true nature, and the too dominant ones will learn some self-mastery. To learn the pleasure of saying, "I'm here!"
The 2nd House: this house is concerned with self worth. Pluto here often indicates desire for great possession and wealth and sometimes extreme self centeredness. Perhaps these natives will learn to be satisfied with less money and find power in other talents they embody.
The 3rd House. This house is about the mind and communication. Pluto here can urge people to probe for answers but often they feel they can never know enough. The mystery must be solved. Sometimes the power can manifest as mental manipulation towards or from others, fear often the result. An intact Pluto could allow the person the satisfaction of knowing he's an accurate genius plus being the Greatest Detective On Earth.
The 4th House. In this house we have the home, family, and the past. Power struggles and deep problems in the family can cause emotional trouble in the adult life. Often a lot of sorrow. Sometimes too much privacy keeps him from experiencing satisfying relationships. Pluto contained can help him delve into his psychological puzzles and develop an outstanding maturity and understanding.... a soul quality that others need.
The 5th House. Ahhhh. Attention and significance. Never enough of the spotlight, but these people will either overdo the dramatics or withhold self expression as much as possible to squeak by unnoticed. They want to be seen as special, enthroned and adulated, but are often afraid to act in a way that gets them the admiration they crave. A diminished Pluto might give them the courage to be exquisite show-offs keeping the audience wanting more and more.
The 6th House. Here we have routines, including health, maintenance, and our daily work. Too much Pluto means overwork, overdoing diets and the like, or neglecting health altogether, and sometimes obsessive ritualistic behavior and over-analysis of everything. Health problems can result. With Pluto in his place, the body could hum and click in smooth operation, and all the work would get done on time.
The 7th House. Oh no. Oh yes. Marriage and partnerships. The classic ugly divorce aspect. Power struggles galore in relationships. Jealousy, possessiveness, money & sex battles, and all things related. With a fair Pluto, people could find a Match Made in Heaven or thereabouts.
The 8th House. This house is about merging completely with experience and facing psychological complexes that create painful situations. Trauma and crisis often occur more than usual in the person's life, and great losses are common. With Pluto in control, she could heal herself and become the Modern Day Shaman guiding others out of suffering and into permanent change.
The 9th House. This house rules the higher mind seeking wisdom and the relationship with cosmic power. Travel and the exploration of other cultures are 9th house concerns, along with intimate knowledge of racial differences. This person is interested in the family of man as a whole. Pluto can create dogmatic thinking, fear of god, prejudice, discomfort with expansion on all levels, and a mind blown trying to spin out into the stars. Pluto dwarfed could create the perfect Renaissance Man.
The 10th House. Achievement, recognition, and status. Also parental domination. So often the person has power struggles with authority, acts abusively with power, or struggles with her own excessive urge to achieve something valid. A call to society is indicated, but with Pluto, sometimes she holds back and does not step out and pursue her goals. Sometimes she pushes too far and too hard. A perfect Pluto makes a perfect boss, whether over others or the self.
The 11th House. This sector is about the place in the collective and what to do about the control of society as a whole. Relationships based on common interests, and concern for the well being of the group are the usual. Pluto can be a radical reformer and can find trouble in groups with this rebellious urge. Pluto at best could create an idealist with the power to affect social change, even if only among friends.
The 12th house. This place holds our spiritual longing, our urge for transcendence, and our wisdom and understanding of the duality of life. Angelic compassion is found along with the basest degradation. Pluto often seeks purification through the depths and heights of experience. Sometimes hidden family complexes are manifest in this long suffering soul. There can be addictions, mental illness, criminality, or deep suffering for no apparent reason. A dwarfed Pluto could release him from psychic bondage and bring deep spiritual fulfillment, allowing him to bring guidance to the downtrodden, provided he does not confuse himself with Jesus.
If you know your birth time here is a place you can get a free chart to locate your Pluto. Be advised that if placed at the very beginning or end of a house, it might not be accurate as variations occur according to the calculation system used:

#1 Free Astrology Chart Online: Astrolabe's Free Astro Chart, Horoscope Data Input Page

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dark and Light

These Chinese night fishermen remind me of the lightning bugs.
I had a wonderful time with you last night. It was something I'd never done before and as an Aries persona, I like that immensely. A brand new adventure.
This spot in the universe with you, my invisible gang, is bright to me. I feel like keeping the glow going forever. But I'll settle for slightly less.

You're so funny.
Photo by Wen Shao-ying

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dinner Is Served

Welcome everybody. There is wine, cocktails, Dr. Pepper, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, and assorted beverages at the end of the porch. Help yourself. This is a loose occasion. Feel free to come and go at will, not come, or come late and hang out for a bit. I'll be here and up all night. Enjoy.

BTW, this is the backyard, daylight view, where the lightning bugs will be.

I'm also putting the Victory!!! thread underneath so we can continue that magnificent discussion.

Aunt Jenny on a Neptune Transit

Is the moon in Pisces yet?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Overblogging, Underblogging, Nonblogging, Unblogging, Antiblogging, Work, Play....AND....Friendship

In all of history, since caveman days, man has gathered around a source of light. There seems to be something in the human chip that searches for a beacon while clustered around some central source of energy, maybe like the Sun as the center of our solar system. We seek some guiding light.

Television, of course, is the modern day fire and hearth. The problems I find with this source are its physical paralyzing of people and the silencing of conversation. An alienation and loneliness. It also dictates when to eat and engage in bodily excretory functions. When the commercials are on.

So when the Internet came into being and brought the beloved blogosphere with its participation and interaction, people went into ecstasy, and the joy shows no signs of diminishing. There is something irresistible about it and without a doubt, for many it is pure unmitigated fun, not to mention the learning and sharing of information. It is new, exciting, and completely nonboring to its devotees.

Now there has been a lot of accusation and guilt around the subject of time spent blogging. The sharp stabbing finger of blame has been sticking out consistently. I'm stumped. I can never understand why this is so important to others. They don't have to do it. The more people enjoy themselves, the better. Less trouble.

Everything has its normal plusses and minuses. Here are some of the things I like.

1.Lack of visual prejudice.

2.Worldwide communication with minimal fuel consumption

3.Freedom of movement. On the telephone or in person, one is locked into the interaction. On the internet, one can go get a popsicle, or take a drive in the car, then come back and respond. So time is completely fractured. When having to respond right away, sometimes people don't really listen as they are thinking of what they are going to say next. On the blogs, people can think for a minute.

4. Better concentration on ideas. Less sensory input to process. 

6. One can refrain from answering at all, come and go at will, and find direct mind to mind communication which increases neural activity and improves hand/eye/thought coordination. A plug into the universal teletype.

If the baby's diapers are sagging, if the plants are brown and dry, and if the kids are ordering pizza every night, you are probably blogging too much. If divorce is being threatened, you are probably not blogging too much. In the end it is entirely up to the individual to decide.

The blogosphere is the goldpiece that came with this political tragedy and it is a gift that will give for who can imagine how long? The wise one enjoys it to his heart's content as long as he chooses. New things are like this. It's as natural as rain.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If You're Free

Everyone is invited to dinner on the porch, Saturday evening at 7:45, to take advantage of the last summer days, the sunset, our friendship, and to listen to the crickets.

I'm baking blueberry bread, and juno said she would be preparing something extra special. I have some fine bottles of Portuguese wine that I've been meaning to uncork. And this is a fine time.

Can't wait to relax with everybody!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shimmy shimmy koko bop, shimmy shimmy bop!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Where Would the 21st Century Knitting Circle Be Without This Fella?

Alpacas are clean, neat, little sweet things-half the size of a llama. They kick but don't hurt you, won't run over you, and won't bite you.

Our cosmic postman, Neith, recently started The Modern Knitting Circle here in Cyberspace for the purpose of sharing knowledge and weaving together the strands of our lives. It is made up of spinners, weavers, egg painters, paint splatterers, and assorted artists and craftspeople.
Now some might say the members are aging hippies, eccentric dingbats, dream chasers, and altogether unrealistc types, but this isn't so. They are a part of a very normal segment of society. Here is an interview with Diana Smith, who raises alpacas in Colorado.

You and your sister Betty Macmillian were the only full-time alpaca ranchers at Clearview Alpacas until 2004. What was it like running a two-woman operation?

We get along great. Always have. My shortcomings, she covers, and her shortcomings, I cover.

How did you first learn cattle ranching?
Mom was home working the ranch while my father worked in town. My mom and I did all the fencing, all the herding, branding.

You once moved off the ranch. Why?

When I got married, I got stupid and moved away from Colorado.

What do you do with the fiber after it's sheared?

I spin it into yarn. Betty crochets, and I knit-ponchos, hats, placemats, rugs. We do it by hand, with knitting needles. We like the feel of the fiber.

How did you learn all these skills?

We taught ourselves. Growing up in the mountains, you can't be sure to make it to class, so I learned when I was a kid: you get a book, and you teach yourself.

And so these age old traditions get translated into the modern era and carried on into eternity.
Interview from the Denver Post:August 20, 2006.

Now a shoe.

For the earth person in you.

Friday, August 18, 2006

All bets Are On

I live near a town where gambling is legal. Most of my archetypical Sagittarius friends love going there. In fact, one of them got a job working for the casinos. I, too, like to gamble. Saggies love the flashing lights, the sounds and sights of the machines belching coins, the blackjack bluff, and the sensations of the jackpot being hit. Sagittarius is a high risk energy and the unrestrained, footloose and fancy free, high stakes life is what they enjoy. All bets are on as they can bring easy money. And we all know how Sags love to avoid the imprisonment of the office. It's the least represented sign by Presidents of the USA.

Pluto, the in-depth digger, is finishing a 13 year transit of Sagittarius and the gambles in our lives have been in the forefront, with the future unknown....the best part of the risk.

At first, this country seemed to be behind the eight ball, believing in a doomed destination after 9/11. Predictions mounted to a tidal wave of frenzy as the outcome remained uncertain. An out of control government was in charge and everyone seemed powerless. Perfect Sagittarius scenario. Anything can happen.

With less than 3 years left to go, all bets are being taken. The country has stepped into unknown territory and still no one is certain. Sometimes to move on to the next stage of evolution, we must enter this no man's land and ride the roulette wheel until it stops.

There is a reason for the progression of astrological signs and Capricorn brings needed order and restraint after the freedom of Sagittarius. By that time it is welcomed as the exhaustion of the wild ride sometimes sets in. We are at the end of this ride now, but it's our last chance to enjoy the gamble, both in the collective and our personal lives. We are no longer behind the eight ball, but it still remains to be seen where the rest of the balls will go. And as far as I can tell, the Ace is still wild.
There was an old lady from Terror
Who one day by mistake made an error.
They came to admonish
But her rage did astonish
And they never again will so dare her.

Thursday, August 17, 2006



Terror. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!Ho ho ho ho ha ha! Tee hee ha ha ha ha ha! LOL!

Terror. Boo hoo hoo! Sniff sniff. Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Boo hoo. Sniff.

Terror. Shake. Shiver. Quake. Shake, rattle, and roll.

$5 for your terror.

This is a stickup......hand over your terror.

Terror for two? This way please.

Terror? Aisle 11.

Terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terrorist, terror, terror, terror, terror, TERROR, terror, terror, terrible, terrify, terrigeneous, terror, terror, terror, terror, terrorasm, terroristical, terror, terror, terror, terror terror, terror, terror, terrific, terror, terror, terra firma, terrorist, terrorisma, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terrine.
Was that terror? What?

I can't hear you.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

T.V. or not T.V.

This is kind of a sad story. That's Jesper in there. After his beloved wife Delores died he was never the same. He got a new TV from Target, a satellite dish, and was hardly ever seen again. Occasionally, someone will phone him.

The Cuban and the Stiletto

my sneakers.
My favorite, favorite, favorite shoe heel of all time is the Cuban heel. I don't know if you all remember that one, but it was tops. Great feel and nice look. I wish I could find them now.
The stiletto was way, waaaay, wehaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outside of my range of expertise. I did OK with the 3 inch for a minute, but ended up on about an inch, inch and a half as the place. I travel flat right now. But I'm barefoot mostly these days.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A Word


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mr. Merton Picklebee's Five Rules Of Life

First of all, I'd like to say what a great pleasure it was meeting all of you fascinating people. I'm delighted that dear jm has found such enchanting folks to spend time with. She's always loved good conversation with the best.

Before I dash off to Switzerland, I'd like to share with you my recipe for a good life. Being so imaginative yourselves, I'm wondering if you might have some guidelines to follow as well. Keep me posted. Here they are. My five basic rules.

1.Be as kind as possible.
2.Watch your food intake.
3.Look everywhere at all times.
4.Have confidence in yourself and trust in life.
5.Wear comfortable shoes.

Well, I'll be off shortly, we're sailing on the 19th, and it certainly has been a joy seeing everyone again. When I return we can plan the details of our trip to the Himalayas. Terrific part of the world.

See you soon, and I do hope you have a highly entertaining end of summer. I'll send a postcard. I'm very fond of you all.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terror and the Airplane

Every cell of the human body screams hysterically when it is thrust into a tube and sent up into the air at 500 mph with a surfeit of tense, anxious, squirming homosapiens, under extreme pressure, and packed into square inches, only to reach the destination in the wrong time zone. The body is suitably terrorized.
But the reason I stopped flying in airplanes 25 years ago was because of the humiliation I received at the hand of the airline industry. I will not tolerate it. A bus station has more dignity. And I won't pass through X-raying surveillance to journey anywhere. I haven't boarded a plane since.
The entire world is in bondage to the airplane. It's already terrifying to the real body no matter how much people pretend otherwise. This is the perfect place to play the terrorist game. Captured above the earth with the innate subservience and obedience to authority of the human being, the hijackasses, not to mention the governments that hire or fabricate them, have a lot to work with. In their hurry to get wherever, the citizens of the world are flying right into their arms.
The thing that amazes me is that people actually pay for this.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Leave the future alone!

Let the durn thing do what it wants to do!

Geeeziss good lovin' god-a-mighty!

Epistocles Johnson

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Crossroads of Civilization

The Middle East is both the birthplace and the crossroads of the community of mankind. It has been the busiest commercial hub in the world, connecting East and West in trade routes providing global connection since ancient times. Spices, fabrics, perfumes, precious fruits, guns, narcotics, intoxicants, oil, and all things humans crave have passed through this land in an endless exchange of commodities. Deals are made and broken, partnerships come together and apart, allies found and betrayed in a mad whirl of growth, accumulation, loss, exchange, murder, theft, mayhem, and most of all, desire. As a traveler in this central spot, one can't help but feel the ancient stones set together with the modern in this vast mosaic.

A lot of wealth passes through the Middle East and with this comes great conflict. The control of money in the region has its roots in the beginning of our written history. It is the way it is and for now, we will have to accept it. The deadly battle for control of the earth's assets that has gone on throughout civilization. While painful to witness, we are out of control as the warfare continues and the blood is spilled. Everyone knows no man can stop this collective force. Perhaps we have to let it take its course while we envision some other way to distribute the world's wealth.

Sometimes I think the less one has, the safer one is. To a point, of course. And maybe, if the appetite for spiritual riches within each individual were satisfied, we could come to some resolution of the deep problems with this age old way of settling debts, establishing ownership, and managing conflict. It's a possibility.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Uranus to Earth! Uranus to Earth! Can You Read Me?

Greetings and salutations all you fine earthlings! I'm dipping down to wish you the most wacky, wild, unconventional, mind bending, consciousness expanding, life altering, Full Moon in Aquarius with all your friends that you can possibly have. And BTW, watch out for Neptune. We'll be bumping him shortly.
I have a Venus in Gemini in the third house conjunct Uranus. The top slot on my friendship list has ALWAYS been occupied by an Aquarius of the male persuasion. The girls have been Geminis. I love Aquarians. When I met my last one, he was standing on the street with his funky old car running making a great deal of noise. We started talking, and true to Aquarius, he didn't quite commit fully to the intimacy and kept his motor in motion. It ran for an hour at least(gas was cheap then). We then continued the conversation for 20 years, always enlightening, never predictable, and forever enjoyable. Most evenings went way past dawn. We came up with brand new theories about life and death, and saw a sliver of possibility in the future even recognizing the desperation and tragedy of the moment. We knew.
I've always felt that good Aquarians are advanced creatures, and most likely from another dimension altogether. They are the best friends in the world, and although some people are uncomfortable with their lack of sentimentality and fundamental emotional detachment, I like these traits and feel freedom to be myself with them. They are scientists in life's laboratory and have keys to knowledge even they aren't fully aware of sometimes. I have often said that they know we are all stuck here together, this is the group we have to work with, so we might as well get along and help one another through it.
The slot was empty. My dear friend left town 2 years ago to be with the sea lions in the Northwest. I miss him and had not replaced him with anyone in particular.
Oddly enough, I have replaced him with you.
Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! And may this conversation go on forever, in many forms.

The Man

I have a theory that there are two major forces in life. Thrusting and sucking. These two seem to be required to propel us through the passageway from birth to death. It starts with our breathing pattern, rules our digestion, and certainly dominates procreation.
There's a lot of talk about men's power over women these days, and I've wondered about all of this. In the dance of creation, man thrusts his seed in an arc that's visible. His glory revealed. Woman releases hers invisibly. Her magnificence hidden. But who's to say which one has the most thrust and strength? Who knows what potency it takes to get the egg out from it's holder. So I've reserved my decision.
There is an element of fear of annihilation in these actions between the sexes. Women fear thrust and death by penetration, men fear sucking and suffocation. So who dominates? You tell me.
I think the sexes are the same with minor variations.

Nurse Jill. At your service.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

TEETH!! They hurt when they come in, they hurt all our lives, and they hurt when they go out. But what force they use when masticating.

The current government is not at all concerned with the well being of the citizens of this country, and the medical profession is in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry to take advantage of this fact. You know what I say to that...........?........


I'll do my own healing. And I did. Armed with baking soda, table salt, hydrogen peroxide, and a dental device, I cured my own severe periodontal disease without the kindness of the medical profession. It took time, mind you, about 10 years, but the job is done. It cost me $250.

We can beat the system. Alternative therapies and integrative medicine are in the wings and I can't wait. Our bodies are everything and we have the power to care for them successfully. I am thrilled to support all practitioners of ancient and modern healing techniques outside of corporate decision making. Healing is not big business. Health is free.

Pathogens and politicians beware!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Problem of Desire

If you ever attend an AA meeting you can get a full dose of the nature of addiction. Cigarette smoke everywhere, the potent smell of coffee in the air, folding chairs scraping incessantly, and the overall presence of the human squirm. The confessions of wrongdoing and prayers of promise, all accompanied by the almighty urge for another drink. The powerful dependence on outside elements and the difficulty in overcoming it had been one of man's greatest challenges.

Desire is the motivation for all life's actions. It ensures our survival, and the strength of it shows just how much life wants us to continue. The same force also leads us to destructive behavior and can even hasten our deaths. Maybe this power was designed to help teach us self mastery, control over our impulses, and spiritual attainment, as the objects of our longing often disappoint. Desire appears to be a multifaceted phenomenon, with will power being part of the objective along with survival.

I don't think there is anyone who has not experienced the agony of addiction. It is clothed in an infinite number of garments. It's painful to see our current government officials steal and murder to satisfy their lust for money and possession, but they are in the clutches of this force, can't control themselves, and there is nothing we can do. We can only live best with what we have, control our own desires, and pity their crippling.

The astrological sign of Scorpio indicates our deepest desires, compulsions, subconscious motivations, and our longing to transmogrify the appetite for the material into spiritual fulfillment. Jupiter magnifies all that it touches, and now it is finishing a year long visit in Scorpio. This is a great opportunity to look at our desire nature, find the essence of what we want in life, use our desire to grasp that exactly, and let go of what we don't want. As a collective, I would hope that the lust for terror would be one of those items willingly relinquished.