Sunday, August 06, 2006

TEETH!! They hurt when they come in, they hurt all our lives, and they hurt when they go out. But what force they use when masticating.

The current government is not at all concerned with the well being of the citizens of this country, and the medical profession is in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry to take advantage of this fact. You know what I say to that...........?........


I'll do my own healing. And I did. Armed with baking soda, table salt, hydrogen peroxide, and a dental device, I cured my own severe periodontal disease without the kindness of the medical profession. It took time, mind you, about 10 years, but the job is done. It cost me $250.

We can beat the system. Alternative therapies and integrative medicine are in the wings and I can't wait. Our bodies are everything and we have the power to care for them successfully. I am thrilled to support all practitioners of ancient and modern healing techniques outside of corporate decision making. Healing is not big business. Health is free.

Pathogens and politicians beware!


Blogger Neith said...

Congrats jm, on giving us all lots & lots of the "good stuff" to spark our minds!! I would like to say, for the record, how much joy & enthusiasm having such an amazing group of friends as brought into my life. It's that whole exchange between njupiter/Saturn/Pluto 9th house matters for me. A good discussion of wide-ranging topics such as this current one on health issues feeds my soul . . . Thank you all.

I am infinitely interested in what to do with pathogenic elements, as are bacteria, phagocytes, and all other defensive organisms. The political drama is only a magnification of this battle that exists wherever there is life.

This is a great example!! I will be pondering this while canning more beans & making apricot jam . . .

Joe - a brief note on growing blueberries . . . after 10+ years, we may have gotten it right . . . after constantly amending the soil to maintain the low ph, mulching heavily with sawdust (they really liked that!!), making sure there were trace minerals present . . . well, you get the picture!! We can eat an amazing amount of fresh blueberries plus freezing more for the Winter. Wonderful tasty gems just loaded with antioxidants!!

5/8/06 8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Repeating the thanks that Neith lays here....thank you jm.

jm, these corridors of mystery you describe, i have found myself wandering for several decades. Trying hard all that while not to get blinded by the "facts".

The patterns repeat and repeat on multiple levels, the microcosm is found in the macro and vice-vera- as symbolized by the inmage of hel and yin/yang.

To illustrate beyond the comments of re-mapping of ancient past by means of bacteria in our DNA (previous blog), check out this example: Our neurological system remaps in several places in the body -not just the brain. (this not exclusive to neurological) The hand re-maps on face and upper arm. If we lose a part our brain doesn't know it as it still retains all the information.

A friend lost parts of his hand, sometimes in the early days his missing pinkie was driving him nuts with achy sensations. i suggested he rub his "pinkie" on his cheek or upper arm. Ahhhh relief. Now it's just a matter of reaching across the void to the "other".

i keep catching glilmpses of this remapping everywhere, my antenna are raised high....i invite all teachers, who am i connected to? i ask what lesson does this illness bring?

5/8/06 9:01 AM  
Anonymous tseka said...

hmm, that was tseka...

5/8/06 9:02 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I can't sleep. I'm so excited. So awake. And now a truce in the ME is coming, so they say.

Neith, you are the one who started this. So talk about nourishment for the soul, you're carrying the bowl. You introduced me to myself again, and helped me unlock a long hard creative block. So I thank you, and feel rich in anticipating what more there is to come.

Tseka, I've also heard the map is repeated in the stomach area and they say this is part of our gut instinct and why we can safely go with our feelings.

i ask what lesson does this illness bring.

This is one of the major major crusades in my life. I've been doing this for years. I don't perceive the illness as the enemy. It's mine. Comes from within, and I always want to know it. To develop a relationship with it. To resolve the conflict. Create harmony with it. And let it go, and even return if the lesson needs to be addressed again.

I am deep into metaphysical causation for all sickness and never ever tire of talking about it.
Our illnesses are some of the greatest guides in our life, and I am reluctant to let allopaths interfere unless absolutely necessary. They steal our power, and thus our real healing. But I think advances are coming.

Most people try to end the discomfort too quickly and with the fake magic of poisonous pharmaceuticals that take too big a toll for the cure in my book. But it takes cultural change and training from early on in life to have the courage to face the self and the patience to see things through naturally.

Alternative healers need recognition, validation, and elevation.

5/8/06 10:42 AM  
Anonymous Juno Jones said...

The probiotics discussion is pretty intriguing...I was reading the other day (wish I could find it now) about another bacterium without which we gain weight, get sick, etc etc and turns out it was a species I had never heard or, certainly not in the 'usual' families that most of the supplements contain. I began to wonder how on earth can we re-establish all the flora when we don't even know what's there... You guys have been talking about fermented stuff...never been a huge kim chee fan (strangely enough), but sauerkraut is alright (any recipes:)?), any other good suggestions? and what's your take on kombucha, I grow that, but haven't drank it in years...
Why do I have kombucha?...Poison Oak. I am horribly allergic to poison oak, and it's cousin ivy. Out of sheer desparation while living in our last house (sierra foothills: P.O. Central)I applyed some to my skin...the itch faded, the rash dried overnight and it was gone in two days. This after struggling with other outbreaks using 'conventional' methods to little avail. It's nice being able to confidently go hiking , etc again...Also reccomend washing up in good oil-busting detergent right after potential exposure too, In extreme cases, I use something called sythrapol, a detergent used to remove grease and resins before dyeing fabric, probably not the best for the skin, but good in an emergency (fell in it? Worked in it?). You can get this at any big craft store...otherwise a good dish soap will do.....

I'm with you jm, herbs and attention have cured a few things in my experience...then again, I used to help train doctors (another story for another time) and I know how potenially stupid they really are....

5/8/06 10:44 AM  
Anonymous Juno Jones said...

PS and kombucha is seriously weird stuff, I have a sample packet sent to me from about three years ago. A totally sealed packet. It hasn't died yet, it just keeps growing. I'm impressed. J

5/8/06 10:50 AM  
Blogger jm said...

juno. you WILL tell us about trying to train those creatures called doctors, won't you? When you have a free moment, of course. I've always thought that exactly. That a lot of doctors were not very intelligent.

I'd like to track the history of medicine and see the fluctuations, and where we are now.

My biggest crusade is that our bodies belong to us and they are our responsibility. We know them like no one else does. We give physicians and governments....all authorities....too much control.
Sometimes I think people's loneliness, alienation, and lack of self knowledge leads them to xrays, and all the other intrusive things to have some other human peer iside them. some kind of desired intimacy they aren't getting elsewhere. There is a sexual aspect to the doctor/patient relationship that's never discussed. And the whole act of piercing and penetrating natural and unnatural orifices fascinates me. Creating new holes to enter. Psychic healers do exist who do none of this, but it's what the people desire that determines treatment.
Lots of medicine in history believes that evil enters and exits through holes and we have to let it out.

And neith, my view of the microcosm/macrocosm applies to all human warfare, just like geological violence. While not diminishimg the moral and ethical horror of this human behavior, I also always see the metaphysical and the battle between forces. The pressure releases that we can't avoid, and the natural course that these events take as they start, escalate, wind down, and end. I can't stop it. I don't do it. I speak out against it. But it is part of life as it seeks eqilibrium on all levels. And the karmic factor in those who participate.

The violent approach to perceived evil exits everywhere. In the hospital operating theater as well as on the battlefield. The blood sacrifice that all cultures in history have had, and I've been studying.

5/8/06 11:29 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Heh, I just finished making sauerkraut and here Juno is talking about it. :o) I get creative when I make this stuff. Today I used dill seeds and dill leaves, along with small whole white onions and onion tops, bits of celery, and parsley. It's like opening a present at Christmas when I bring up a jar from the root cellar and crack it open for a taste. Sometimes the stuff is so powerful it foams right out of the jar when the seal is broken.

And Juno, you mentioned kombucha. :o) It's becoming more widely available, so you need not do the brewing process with the culture anymore unless you choose to. It's so powerful I alway advise people to take it easy and consume plain water as a "chaser."

jm wrote: There is a sexual aspect to the doctor/patient relationship that's never discussed. Never thought about that one before... but you and Tseka traded notes about remapping. If I understand you correctly, you're talking about something called Reflexology, which my SO has studied. Each part of the sole of the foot corresponds to an organ of the body in general. Manipulation of a corresponding area of the foot can produce healing effects.

Some holistic healers say the same about the teeth, which they consider to be individual organs of the body, and to remove teeth is akin to excising an organ. Fascinating eh?

5/8/06 1:24 PM  
Anonymous Juno Jones said...

From another site I flit to from time to time...
"Eckhart Tolle wrote The Power of Now. He says that Now is all we have. Past/Future do not exist. To live fully in the Now he suggests 3 modalities:

1) Acceptance - I accept what is happening and stop resisting or denying. I can be non-compliant and non-cooperative and help others wake up.

2) Enjoyment - I enjoy finally understanding what is going on. I enjoy knowing that all of you exist and we can share our musings and support one another.

3) Enthusiasm - I am taking time in my life now to enjoy live music and other such spontaneous and creative activities. I write poems and read them aloud to groups of people."
Keep it up Guys, love our conversations :)!!! J

5/8/06 5:21 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

Looks like you all are on a roll!!! It's just so much fun to watch how the energy spirals up & out here!! So many wonderful pieces of information being offered too . . . Juno, that bit about living fully in the now works so well. We need to be there & it's a constant battle to do so. All the vortices calling out to suck our attention somewhere it benefits no one to go!

My biggest crusade is that our bodies belong to us and they are our responsibility. We know them like no one else does. We give physicians and governments....all authorities....too much control. EXACTLY!!!! I too have a severe disinclination to having my body poked & prodded at by someone who spends about 5-10 minutes w/you, then is supposed to have all the answers?! NOT!! Through trial & error I've discovered not to take too much Vit C (results in diarrhea . .). I took extra Vit E for hot flashes, and quit after it caused a break through menstrual cycle after about 8 months without one. We need to have more faith in ourselves & our ability to gauge our state of health. Docs are good for setting bones, stitching up wounds & that sort of stuff. Health is something else again.

5/8/06 7:45 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

Joe, do you can your sauerkraut in a hot bath canner? Or do you just leave to ferment away . . . I have been making it in the jar w/caraway & dill seed. Let it set for 4-5 days, then process in the canner. The end result is just lightly sour & still has some crunch to it. We tried putting a little garlic in one jar . . . ended up headed for the septic tank . . . yukky . . :-)

Some holistic healers say the same about the teeth, which they consider to be individual organs of the body, and to remove teeth is akin to excising an organ. Fascinating eh?

Yes! Any idea what the correlation is? Most everyone has their wisdom teeth pulled as a matter of course sometime in their teens/twenties now.

i keep catching glimpses of this remapping everywhere, my antenna are raised high....i invite all teachers, who am i connected to? i ask what lesson does this illness bring?

Absolutely fascinating concept & new to this person . . . more!!

5/8/06 7:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

juno! Thanks for the Power of Now tips. I think we're getting it here and I love it. All around people are agonizing over the Neocons, hooking their lives on what they will or won't do. I parted ways with this, followed neith to this unexplored corner of the universe, and the reality here is exceeding my expectations, which are always high to begin with.

What's more important? Some psychotice government officials we can't control or our own NOW and creative output, our developing relationships with our new friends, our incresing self knowledge by the nanosecond, our learning of group cooperation, our growing self love and respect for others, and our renewed love of life.

Live and let live, I say. The best thing I did was turn my back on the collective fear of the future and come home to reality. The NOW.

5/8/06 8:56 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Docs are good for setting bones, stitching up wounds & that sort of stuff. Health is something else again.

I agree. Docs are good mechanics. I also think their battle against death at all costs in unhealthy.

The word derivation of health is "whole". Doctors attack sickness, not looking at the whole. The idea of healing is to restore the complete system to smooth functioning in a state of equilibrium. I think disease is lack of balance that is trying to teach us where our lives need adjustment. By violently attacking the disease we miss the whole point. Of course, when an emergency arises, we can't afford the time and allopaths are there to do that job, but after stabilization, we can return to the whole picture and use the sickness as a guide. I don't understand why people reject this view so adamantly. Do they want to continue to suffer?

Because I believe that psychological patterns create disease, I think that sickness in the body is the end result of a long trip through the psyche. So the cure is a trip back through the psyche to discover the derivation. It's a lot of effort, but to me, the journey is one of discovery. I find this appealing. Much more than a hypodermic filled with poison, a scalpel, or some rubber gloved stranger putting probes into my orifices. I'll try anything first.

5/8/06 9:12 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Neith, I don't use heat canning for sauerkraut. As long as you use sea salt or kosher salt, which prevents pathogens from gaining a foothold in the fermenting mixture, you're OK without heat. I use a bit of raw whey (for the lacto-bacilli) as a kick starter, but that isn't required. How odd that the garlic didn't work for you! I sometimes insert whole cloves in the mixture after it's been pounded and stuffed into the canning jars, just as if I was stuffing cloves into a roast like Grandma used to do. I just seal the jar shut with the lids, let it sit for 3 days at room temp, then take them all downstairs to ferment further.

6/8/06 6:32 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Well, well: great minds do think alike! We were speaking of allopathic medicine, and so is Jessica Prentice here:

6/8/06 9:59 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

Thanks Joe - after I had asked, I made the connection between "live" culture and not canning it . . .

Wish our basement were cooler but w/our oil furnace down there it's just too warm & too uneven in temps. A Korean lady told me about making kimchee the country way. They have big crocks in holes dug into the ground in the family courtyard. She said they do as you did, use different vegetables & seasonings for different batches. I do know Korean garlic is just about the hottest, most intense garlic going!

6/8/06 11:45 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

This is a snip from Jessica Prentice's Wort Moon article. Fabulous site, Joe! She is right on the same path as we've been going on . . . :-) BTW, Susun Weed's book "Menopausal Years" helped me understand so much of what I was going through. I'm wondering if following her guidance, adapted to my own body, helped me avoid some the worst of the allopathic route mistakes.

On the Wort Moon, I send up a prayer that we all feel the threads of connection that hold us up in this web of life on earth. I keep in my heart those who are in the midst of grieving deep losses, and invite them to rest there, and be nourished. It is that same rest and nourishment that I will one day seek out myself, in loss and grief, as surely as night flows from day, as new moon flows from full moon. Because there is no escape from grief. It is absolutely and unavoidably a part of life. As is joy.

Love and loss; life and death; peace and angst, grief and joy -- all of it, ALL of it, is holy. Let's hold it, and bless it, and thank it, and keep on moving.

6/8/06 12:17 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It's no surprise that health is being dicussed. Mars is in Virgo, the sign of the body and it's maintenance. Those of us connected are responding, but some are looking at daily death, which I think after a point, becomes destructive in itself. I like to follow the celestial path, since I've found it to be reliable.

I don't know Jessica Prentice, but I can't wait to dive in. Thanks joe. Such an important topic.

Wonderful thoughts, neith, to start the day with. Grief is so effective but only along with the opposite, as all emotions are. More on that later. Pluto just left my 8th house which was a long period of loss and grief. I can literally feel the pull of joy now that is equal and opposite. Without that the grief is senseless and vice versa.

The menopause issue is huge. I have a Venus/Moon/Uranus configuration and I never identified with my female biological role. I think that's why menopause was a nonevent for me. But I think menopause is a passage and cause for celebration and I would love to see the mold of the allopathic view of sicknesss and misfortune thrown out. More on that too coming soon. I'm glad you escaped the profitable hype, neith.

6/8/06 3:12 PM  

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