Sunday, July 23, 2006

Juno's Request

As the Leo/Aquarius lunation approaches and we become concerned with matters of love, ego, and creativity, I must bring your attention to the wise words of of a famous pundit around these parts.....juno jones. Juno is one of the advanced seekers who has knowledge to share with us all.
I propose a meditation in keeping with the energies of this moon that everyone on this planet 'get a life' as is crudely put sometimes.... planting a desire that everyone finds a means of expression that allows them to become involved in their own lives, being themselves.
People who are doing that really have no time for the bull that passes as politics, celebrity worship, and religion these days.
And the Internet gives us a global audience without selling our souls.
Let him go[the Resident], we are all too busy dreaming the creation.
While others are free to enter and travel the dark crevices of others, avoiding the brilliant light of the self, I am going to join this wise woman in celebration of the New Moon in Leo and 'dreaming the self'. Actually I believe I will do more than dream. I will live it.
Thank you juno.


Blogger Diane L said...

Excellent Idea!!! Yay, Juno!!!!

23/7/06 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, no thank you, all. You guys inspire me, give me encouragement and someone to bounce off of. Leos are only as good as the people around them. True Leo trailblazing occurs when there are many ideas floating about that a Leo can distill into a 'plan', thus the illusion of leadership, of course woe to the Leo who has no objective sources to communicate with and winds up being manipulated into being the 'decider'.... I'm there guys, let's do we want to set up a time or what? Talk to youse later... Juno

23/7/06 6:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I shared 25 years with sun/Venus/Neptune/ASC in Leo and he taught me everything in the book about self expression.

Everybody rallied around him, not so much because of leadership skills, but I think because of his everburning light, incredible warmth, and love of the audience that made him give everything to performance, bringing them more life than they usually feel. He was exciting, joyous, and outrageous. And the funniest creature ever made.

His whole family with 7 siblings did the same thing when he was just a toddler and forever onward.

It's the moth effect. people cannot resist the energy of the expressing Leo.

People also love their love of themselves.
So often these days, it's said that ego is a bad thing.
Not so. It's a glorious thing that keeps the heart pumping and life flowing. Confidence in one's self is a great great feeling.

People need this and Leos are here to provide it. Especially Leo rising. It's simple. All they have to do is let it out.

I've known so many Leos in my life and very often they have to be close to a toilet being prone to diarrhea!
Israel is showing us the worst of Leo, but this is the exception and shouldn't overpower all the good characteristics that others are exhibiting all around us.

Yes. Yay Juno!

23/7/06 10:01 PM  
Blogger Diane L said...

Gee, jm - he must have been at least 20 yrs older than you . . . :-) Well, if he had Neptune in Leo - there you go!!

The New Moon is at 9:31PM PDT. So that's easy for me, Juno & possibly jm (if you're in AZ now). Joe is somewhere back in the Central Time zone I believe. Truth be told, I not a big believer in the necessity of precise synchronization...time & distance tend to less relevant than most folks would like . . . :-)

23/7/06 10:27 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neith, I'm not one for all that precise stuff either. I don't pay any attention to new moon charts, equinox charts, and all that. The basics are way more than enough. In fact, preferable. I see hapless astrologers suffering and laboring in terror over all the minute details trying to figure out what's happening and proving their powers of prediction, but it rarely works. And they end up missing what's really happening. It's written everywhere, in the big and the small. Depends on how much you want to force the brain into tight channels.

He was exactly 20 years older.

23/7/06 10:35 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I'm in the sunshiny state of Colorado. Mountain Time. Western gal. Got everything but a horse.

23/7/06 11:41 PM  
Blogger Diane L said...

Say, jm, I find myself in agreement about detailing one's self to death with too many charts. I do check Solar Returns just to see what the dominate element is, i.e., fixed, mutable, etc. That gives a clue as to the theme of the upcoming year plus any angle w/a planet on it is influential. Progressions are interesting up to a point too. The longer I live, the more I go in for the broad picture . . . life is too short to stare through a magnifying glass . . . :-)

BTW, one of my beloved nieces lives in the greater Boulder area. She works in the computer generated side of Graphic Arts, and the last I heard from her she had been moved up the ladder. Another Aries sun/Pisces moon/Aqur ASC - the same age as Joe. They have that Jupiter in Capricorn that has management material written all over it! She & her sister, also Aries, are so much better than their aunt at being an on-site team leader, it's not funny . . . :-) Just give me the data and stick me in a corner somewhere . . .

24/7/06 11:19 AM  
Blogger Diane L said...

A little thought: your beloved Leo was part of a magnificent generation of Leo's with Neptune there. The leading edge of the boomers w/Saturn in Leo + Pluto are a whole different breed of cat . . .

24/7/06 11:22 AM  

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