Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Capricorn has great admiration for high quality. It likes commodities that are well made and enduring. People of this judicious sign are drawn to expert craftsmanship, carefully selected raw materials, and end products that efficiently serve a purpose.

These types love to own products that reflect status and authority. The color black, accents of gold, silver, sleek lines and simplicity attract their eye. Naturally brands with impeccable reputations are appealing.

While such people are prudent when it comes to finances, sometimes dramatically thrifty, if they see and want the best, they'll pay for it.

Of course cheap, badly made, short-lived detritus is tempting, but one can always find these things. Markets are broad. And abroad.

Elegance of form accompanies functional perfection with Capricorn's influence.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Revolutionary Tendencies

Well, it's excellent timing from my calculations.

Uranus, the astrological planet symbolizing revolution, just turned direct in Aries and comes to a square aspect with U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, positioned at 27°, by June of 2017. A strong challenge to the present government is approaching an extended climax.

On an interesting bend in reality, an unusual creature appeared in politics and took the lead. He upended the established order to become president of the United States. Job complete. Well done, against the odds.

America chose to take this tangential route, logically most likely. 
Having a Sun, Uranus, and the north node closely conjunct in the 10th house of public life, the new executive is an apt emissary for the unordinary planet. 
Mars rising is the other part.

Uranus influences the collective, but sole sovereignty remains intact with Aries. Fitting into the prescribed social construct is actually optional. As for the relationship between the self and the rest of humanity, one can get to it.

What does a united one world mean? It could be any universe. It could be The Universe. Who wants it? Let it keep its own self together, Aries might think. 

Or considering government ..... should it control this universe and that universe? 
By all means, says Pluto in Capricorn.

Uranus is a futuristic phenomenon. It breaks apart defining lines so earthlings can move into further dimensions and explore. Aries pushes out hard, adding to the barrier bust, pursuing freedom from constraints.

So America, with great nerve and in defiance of convention, has placed an executive anomaly into the presidency to shake up, dare I say disrupt, the normal proceedings in Washington, D.C. 
Pluto in Capricorn is getting a poke. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

President Muckraker

Although the incoming president of the U.S. has a Leo ascendant at 29°, marking his persona, almost all of the first house is in Virgo. When blended compositely with his strategic adviser's chart, they have five planets in Virgo.

In a cosmic match-up, the North Node of the Moon is just finishing its year and a half transit of Virgo.

The less than pristine nature of American broadcast and print journalism is very much on display at the moment. Virgo is famously opposed to filth.

Cleanup on aisle 1776!!

Saturday, January 07, 2017


"The study of vibrations and electrical force fields has revealed the permeability of a world previously assumed to be solidly material."

So says the Divine Astrologer regarding Aquarius, and its planet Uranus. 
That threw a curve into people's thinking.

It does get mixed up. Even if the invisible can't be seen people know it's there. Uranus draws attention to alternate worlds, and these days scientists are on it. They're measuring, counting, extracting, deconstructing, analyzing, identifying, and even naming names. They figured it out, while admitting they're not yet exactly sure of the number.

If you place several objects in front of babies, they'll organize them into sequences understood only by them. They're not schooled yet to put things in order the way people think they should.

The artist does a similar thing, although some follow a more traditional juxtaposition than others.

People are taught that this harmonizes with that, and that belongs with this, and deviations from the rules cause distress. I think it's reversed for artists. Maybe that's why they're so fond of mind altering concoctions that so deliciously blow the confines of their brains.

This is the world of Uranus, the entity responsible for invention and genius.

It can start out as a mistake that leads to intrigue and an urge to follow the strange path opened up. It can lead to anything. But it usually comes back to something.

As to the distress, one can easily hear it in discordant music. It's interesting. When departing from traditional melodies, harmonies, rhythms, etc., emotions get confused. I think that sends the observer further into the intellect.

Uranians can be distant, not especially warm, fuzzy, sentimental, and sweetly affectionate. The colder world of intellect is often preferable. A newcomer can turn on a heater.

But out of this invisible realm comes the unusual, the unanticipated, the whimsical, the wild, the inappropriate, the unique, and the brilliant.

And so invention is born. Whether this advances humankind or not could be a matter of opinion. I'll let the scientists figure it out.