Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fruitful Perceptions

Circumstantial Optimism

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces
Jupiter signifies the higher mind in astrology and goes beyond simple ideas to a full bodied view of one's life and the relationship of self to the universe. Uranus brings unusual twists and expansions often creating the opposite of what the individual once held to be true, venturing further and further from others' dicta. The third-ninth house polarity comes into play and while the third is content with following the daily ups and downs, gossiping about the personalities, and keeping the mental scope small, the ninth is more interested in cosmic affairs and exploratory states of mind. Maybe that's why the ninth is connected with confidence, relaxation, and freed up energy for elevated pursuits. The philosopher in his library studying ancient texts comes to mind, undisturbed by mundane concerns. While Sagittarius would be interested in finding out if god exists, Gemini might be wondering what it's wearing and who it's dating.
Everyone can mount the stairs to the quiet secluded chamber when the opportunity arises observing the world with amusement or sometimes sorrow if the mood strikes. The deeply philosophical can swing both ways.
It doesn't matter what politicians are elected to swear and place their rear ends on the hallowed seats of Congress, nor what little people are appointed to what commissions. It shouldn't effect your lives adversely if your views are realized and you are the protagonist of your own existence.

Multidimensional perception is not ordinary thought. Experience, wisdom, and spontaneous insights can influence the mentality of Jupiter, along with other mysterious phenomena. With Uranus, these insights can be rich with luxuriant awareness -- the light bulb that transcends the largely dimwitted conversation that fills the mundane hours in society. Sometimes one's thoughts can surpass the crowd's muttering to an alarming degree if one dares cross the threshold into the land of enhanced perception.
Through this door lies a solid optimism removed from daily news. I wrote earlier about my personal relationship with Jupiter and how it detaches itself from events to act upon the psyche from another platform of observation. A place where good and bad cease to be the dominant factors. A place where the individual can decide how much she wants to bend her mind into group belief, sometimes seeing an alternative as the appropriate choice. Especially with Uranus.
The collective is becoming increasingly cognizant of Pluto's pressure just beginning in Capricorn. The python's squeeze I call it. The constriction will increase until the people as a whole learn to absorb the tension and respond in a productive way, considering the will of Capricorn to put everything to use. The squeeze and release is ongoing, kind of like a digestive process, and the periods of discomfort will probably return again and again until the job is done for this 250 year go round. That's why the subtle optimism of Jupiter can be invaluable. For some the dips and soars are what they want and when the chips are down they adore feeling the pain. Others are terrified of the downs, but probably just as fearful of the ups if the truth be known. Then there are those who view the parade of events with philosophical pleasure, conjecturing, even predicting for the hell of it, but never burying their respect for life on account of other humans' ignoble behavior. Hate in that case becomes useless unless one enjoys the burn simply for the heightened sensation. Sometimes I wonder if most hate doesn't fall into that category. Fear as well. Who's fear is it anyway? Jupiter with all his bombast laughs uproariously then grabs another bolt.
With Jupiter-Uranus retro in Pisces it wouldn't be surprising if chaos rules the day. People might have no choice other than to believe in themselves and god, or something like that. Politicians are a flimsy selection. Journalists are suspect too. It's a golden and ripe opportunity, with autumn on the way, to reap the harvest of fresh perceptions and let go of false idols, fake prophets, stale ideas, and expectations for the future itself. With Pisces there's no time like now.
And money grows on trees, doesn't it?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bacchus on the 49th Yard Line

Chaos On Edge
On August 31st the end of combat operations in Iraq was declared. For the second time. Anyone can see that combat continues and the real end is a fantasy at present, if ever anything truly ends. Meanwhile, combat operations on US turf have begun -- the start of the 2010 election season. The kick-off this season has a particularly agonized and frenzied feel to it which reminds me of the orgies of Bacchus, often associated with the planet Neptune and its deluded intoxicated rituals geared to reach some kind of ecstatic state of being. I have difficulty seeing survival, death, war, peace, and the selection of leaders in charge of human society so closely linked with vicious sporting events portraying the less than dignified nature of man. But such as it is. I will be exercising self discipline this time around while I remove myself from the coursing currents of pain with no bets on the winners. The frenetic screaming and the emotional extremes, soon to be fueled further by the planets in Scorpio, are not for my system. It's a perfect time to pursue health and well-being, considering a new moon in Virgo. Nevertheless, it's reassuring to know that it's 52-48 at half time.
There was a spark of joy in the beginning of the last Presidential election, with Pluto at 29 Sagittarius, but not this time. Uranus is at 29 Pisces, and Jupiter has just arrived. Neptune is on the US moon adding to the confusion, longing for escape, return to savior worship, and the underlying hint of despair. Only 25% of the populace feels positive toward their legislators, yet these are the ones they will choose to lead them forth. Disappointing no doubt. Like a buffet full of inedibles when you're famished. The main leader, while recently extolling the virtues of his savvy friends, the bankers, is now vehemently against them and the middle class is his latest heart throb. Somehow it doesn't ring quite true and I believe the people are suspicious, even though he's successfully dropping his Gs all over the country's trails. A spurt of life came with the planets in Aries for a moment, but now that they're in Pisces again, a sinking sensation has returned. The frenzy is partly due to the denial of this reality as the crowds so desperately cling to the last of their illusion of great progress and fabulous reform. The planets will be going backwards throughout the season and genuine hope will probably be intermittent at best, but tinged by the Bacchanal. They go direct shortly after, which holds promise, if only to bring relief that it's all over. Joy is relative.
Adding to the excruciation is the new wave of Muslim hate in the country and why not? How many times can some say "Muslim terrorist" and flash images of threatening dark hued men before the public mind gets warped in that direction. How many bombed Middle Easterners can they see pictured on their screens nightly with accompanying gleeful announcements that we've killed the enemy? How much hate can a woodchuck chuck? You can blame the poor and uneducated if you like, but I see some connection to these specimens parading onstage in the lineup waiting to help us become a great country again, full of love and justice, even democracy, while frantically covering up the droppings of the last crew of criminals who led the charge. They act kind of like they're friends with them really. Blood brothers.
Further compounding the agony are the new medical insurance bills under the improved system and people are aware of the trap they're in. The walls close in as Pluto squeezes. Here again, the beloved legislators who devised the bondage are now begging for money, votes, and vital human juices. The screams are just beginning.
The carrot of tax relief is not exactly being dangled. It's being forced into the body politic seemingly through an orifice created just for this purpose. Jammed in rapidly with the deadline looming. The tax desperadoes are on a rampage, guaranteeing a worsening of the already deteriorating economic health of the people. The tax panic is exaggerating the chaos highlighting the inability to use clear logic and historical precedence. Nonetheless, a debate about governing philosophy (Jupiter-Capricorn) has been escalating and might bear some fruit before Pluto leaves its opposition to Jupiter. Even if people don't follow their persuasions or adhere to their principles, it might help if they know what they are.
And Pluto toys with US Venus in Cancer. Does anybody up there care? Desperate people are not always the kindest and most attentive.
I think society realizes that this election is virtually futile. The people's vote has become useless and the chaos circulates not only through the lower body, but through the upper echelons as well. Too rushed, too panicked, altogether too reckless for anyone who enjoys peace, harmony, and good governance. And it really doesn't matter who wins this game. In fact, at 29 Pisces, they could all be losers.
But as a whole, we can't lose, especially if we don't resist the truth of this baffling moment. If we let go of our delusions and accept experience as it comes our way. The failure of our two party system is clear and that in itself is a valuable revelation. The discombobulation of the current administration is also a picture to keep in mind. If they don't work out, they can go. Simple. We'll manage. We surely will.
It's easy to sense something deeper at work with the spiritual currents in play now. I can always refer to my broad perspective that has seen life's events work out perfectly, really, as the new moon in Virgo points out. Pisces teaches us to let go at times. The machine repairs itself and the painful incidents lead to pleasurable ones next. We're not in control of the speed pedal. Perhaps that's why the news is so artificially pumped up. Unfortunately for the perpetually thirsty, sometimes nothing happens for reasons of pacing.
There are unseen gears turning that guide the collective, although on the surface it can appear like stumbling, fumbling, and falling. None of the daily ups and downs, or even yearly, ruins the basic functioning and when events are good, they just are, and when they're not, there's not much we can do short of trying to understand them and listen very very carefully for instructions from the source. As well as allowing ourselves the freedom to revel in the moment with or without artificial intoxication. You can even scream for your favorite jackass.
There's not much reason to be terrified. It's too late. You took your chances when you came here. The flexibility of Pisces is terrifically useful as we bob about in the amnion. Everbody's lost, really, talking in squiggles. Disappointment isn't that serious. You know, as moms love to say, "It's not the end of the world." That hasn't been discovered yet.
Fill my cup, please.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Page Turning and Book Marking

The Spoils of War - Uranus Returns to Pisces
In perfect harmony Uranus at 29 Pisces coincides with the fake end of the 29 Pisces Iraq War mimicking the false start and continuing the confusion it's so famous for. "Did we win? Did we lose? Did we tie?" writes Mike Littwin in the Denver Post.

I've emphasized before the karmic conclusion associated with this point where saints and sinners collide to create the spark of new life in Aries. In due time. The confrontation with past mistakes, the consequences of all our actions, comes now when humanity realizes that we share the guilt. We often beg for forgiveness and, so far, we seem to get it, especially if people acknowledge what they've done, although that's not necessarily a guarantee. Redemption is unpredictable, especially with Uranus at the helm. I'm not one for group adhesion but I'm beginning to think this collective karma is influencing my own, and not to my advantage. To my slight surprise, the public reaction to this staged not so slick event has me encouraged. I'm pleased and relieved when my family members express honesty, particularly concerning grave matters. Or at least give it some time and reflection.

I witnessed with my usual horror how Operation Iraqi Freedom magically transmogrified into Operation New Dawn with a flick of the wand-tongue. An MGM cornball flick with customary cheap sentiment and stunt man heroics, naming our beloved "patriot" George W. Bush the mastermind of this "remarkable" event in history that has increased our safety, while we free ourselves to hunt and kill Muslim terrorists elsewhere. Never mind that there are no Al Qaida monsters in Afghanistan. Maybe the back lot at MGM can provide a few. Well MGM's lot is gone. Maybe Universal can spare some.

Meanwhile the screeching of the "let's be positive" magpies becomes deafening and tries to drown out the picture of ugly devastation and the chaos in the minds of the people caught in the maddening Uranian eddies, futility in tow. It's not the opportune moment to dreamily turn away from this who-knows-what by the Euphrates. The time for escape is drawing to a close, if that's even possible in this Disneyworld called the United States of America. Yet it's not the time for radical transformation. 29 Pisces is a time for finalizing the old, understanding it, feeling it, accepting it, and that's bound to happen no matter how much the crowd wishes things to be better. It's good when it's good. It's just a matter of accurate recognition.

So there he sits in his newly spiffed up office, hands perfectly folded, obediently following orders, pretending to be president, and advises the people to turn the page. Kind of like the saying goes ... "Nothing to see here. Let's move on." The guy is lost in space. Obama is ridiculous.

The plight of the American people, however, is not ridiculous. They seem to be catching on. The politicians are playing their own game disconnected from the desires and basic needs of the citizens, and lo and behold, the poor people are starting to feel left out. Forsaken. Tumbling on the 29 Pisces shore without an anchor, lifeline, or puffy jacket. Not even an inner tube.

We the hapless good guys were promised a new chapter. That all together we would change the world. What if the world doesn't want changing? What if the people have other pressing things to do? It seems to me one would be inclined to have a job before tackling the improvement of the universe. I could be wrong, though.
Meanwhile, rushing into the new dawn probably can't be done without looking at a bit of history or even some present. Especially with Uranus going ass backwards in Pisces. How on earth can the collective go on to better times without knowing what's wrong and how to fix it? Don't you want to know?

Say you develop a pain in your body. It doesn't go away and you sense that something is seriously amiss. You go to a physician and the first thing she does is diagnose the ailment. Then she prescribes treatment which often includes some destruction at first. When the cure comes, the body feels renewed, enjoying its trust in life again. The same can be applied to the body politic and deep in Pisces we become aware of our failures, our crippling, our weaknesses, our helplessness, and our exhaustion until we finally drop our burdens and trust another source of strength entirely beyond our control, or even conscious awareness. It's hardly the time to build gargantuan structures to the heavens or even solve our tax problems. Diagnosis itself seems likes it's on a distant horizon. The thing is not exactly progressing. But why should it at the end of Pisces? Pisces the Futureless. The Free.

Things fall apart in Pisces. They unravel. They disengage.

President Obama has some disturbances going on as most people do. Abandonment fears, for example, and a sizable megalomania that's led him to take charge of the worst killing machine on the planet. Meanwhile he plays dress up in the office, perfectly grease painted and prompted, telling us to blithely walk away, ignoring the replacements already en route. Like I said, he's lost in space. Perhaps his bosses are too.
It's not at all Obama's fault nor is it his responsibility to get this country out of trouble. It's probably best to just let him play. He's all right. His psychological fouls are not really that harmful if you see them as a reflection of the complexes that have created this country's present predicament. Our own abandonment issues with four planets in Cancer and the Pluto in Cancer generation now dying out. Our misguided belief that life is no more than a Hollywood script. Our matinee idol president is evidence of how far that's gone. And that's the good part. We don't have to follow him. We can't.
Another plus is how the number of dangling carrots provided by this administration could supply the body politic with enough vitamin A to actually give it good eye sight.
But honestly, the very good part of this disastrous scenario is that people seem to be finally realizing what these wars are about, and not just the drug addled fucking retards. The lack of jubilation is highly promising. The sexual rise and panic the manipulators incite is slow in coming. There is something wrong with the picture, digitalized as it is. The illusions of heroics are gradually being supplanted by the recognition that war is waged for material profit, and it hurts to be violently killed. Probably a little less than it does to kill.
The star making machine is already struggling with Afghanistan. War is not as good as was promised. The spoils seem meager.
We can turn the page but I would suggest bookmarking the chapter to refer to while Uranus disrupts the Piscean collective seas until next March when the Sun joins Uranus in Aries for the "New Dawn?" Meanwhile, the group runs about chasing flying objects that keep disappearing.