Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hypocrisy...Chapter 5
Mars Goes Direct

In the last few years of blogging I've read many many comments against the war in Iraq. Now the people say overwhelmingly, they want out.
The United States is at a critical point in history as the people choose new leadership. The hypocrisy is this: how can an anti-war progressive cast a vote for a candidate who wishes to continue the war policy?
One candidate endorsed it's beginning and occasionally expresses an interest in ending it "sooner rather than later", with plans for increased belligerence elsewhere in the Middle East. Another promises more war definitively. Yet another vigorously opposed the war from the beginning and has never abandoned that stance. He has no plans that I know of, for initiating any more.
A vote for added war doesn't speak well for the professed belief that the USA should withdraw from the Middle East and end a violent foreign policy. Mars, the planet of aggressive combat, has just turned direct, a perfect time to give this some thought. Not to ignore the sober impartial input of Pluto newly into Capricorn.
It's not the person or the vote, really. It's the honesty and consistency with the self that equal the leaders' honesty.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hope and Illusion

All hope is illusion. It's based on other-worldly aspirations. Imagined dimensions. Hope is currently being discussed at length here and there, and I've observed that some are expressing a bit of fear and doubt. Completely natural. It provides the perfect ballast to keep the others from floating away and disappearing.
I'm an Aries rising with no earth and my ruling planet, Mars is conjunct Neptune, with bales of Jupiter everywhere. My whole life has been laced with illusion. I'm an artist. It's the primary ingredient on my palette and as nourishing as real food. Do my dreams come true? Of course not. They're not supposed to. Does it keep me from spinning the tall tale again and again? Hasn't yet. The dream, itself, is the end result. "The bubble vill(she was Hungarian) burst", my mother used to say. I really don't know if it has or it hasn't.
I don't know to how explain it but experts in living dreams don't even think of them becoming reality. The fact of the matter is .... every waking moment has some illusory hope in it contributing the elements of grace, beauty, extra-sensory perception, longing, and a certain divine yardstick that exists in the human mind.
The longing for a better life is universal and no matter how much people fear disappointment, hope continues. Promises are made. How much one builds upon it is personal preference. If it helps to cling to despair then that's what one should do even if the crowd is leaping up to the mountaintop. If hope is the next stepping stone, then that's just as workable.
To be completely honest with you, in my not so limited experience, and with a tendency toward inflated optimism, I've found that some things work out pretty much as expected, since realism always accompanies illusion. Some things work out worse than hoped. And sometimes experience exceeds expectations. It can't be predicted and that's exactly what keeps people hoping. Being well versed in this exercise, I never expect reality to be what I dream it to be. It already contains part of the idea anyway. That's exactly enough.
Hope really has nothing to do with reality. It's just a thing. A feeling. Take it or leave it. Not a terribly big deal. And disappointment really isn't so disappointing if I look at it logically. It gives me the opportunity to hope again. A pleasure I often enjoy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

South Carolina - A House United

Last night in the South Carolina presidential primary election, the exit polls revealed that the people of the United States voted overwhelmingly for change. Pluto just entered Capricorn today, a cardinal initiating sign, starting a whole new generational era.
South Carolina:
Sun: 3 Gemini
Moon: 13 Capricorn
Mercury: 24 Taurus
Jupiter: 0 Cancer
Venus: 18 Cancer
Uranus: 27 Cancer
Mars: 13 Leo
Neptune: 18 Libra
Saturn: 10 Pisces
Pluto: 17 Aquarius
North Node: 16 Sagittarius
South Carolina. The first state to secede from the Union and the starting place of the Civil War. As you see, her Jupiter opposed the incoming Pluto in Capricorn exactly yesterday, uncovering new horizons and starting the Cancer-Capricorn experiences the United Sates has in store as she matures, sobers up from the intoxicating excess of the Sagittarian years, and takes responsibility for her destiny. The Sun at 3 Gemini is the most interesting placement since it ties in with the start of the Civil War, the chart of the 13th amendment abolishing slavery, and the passage of the Civil Rights Act.
I figured the die was cast in Iowa with the state's Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, ushering in the cardinal years and the building engagement and influence of the common citizens, repeated in the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. It does look like the people of America are speaking up clearly and demanding action. A revolt against the establishment is gaining momentum consistently. Today Neptune was exactly conjunct SC's Venus at 21 Aquarius. The cultural diversity insisting on recognition and togetherness couldn't be more obvious, to me anyway, as Pluto transited the state's Jupiter. The racial divide of the previous week set the stage. The people genuinely do want to move forward with some semblance of harmony. SC's Neptune at 18 Libra is conjunct USA progressed Mars retrograde.
The Palmetto State's Sun at 3 Gemini joins Mars at 1 degree in the 13th Amendment chart, and also Mars at 1 in the Civil Rights chart. In addition it meets the Mars-Uranus in Gemini of the war's start. Mars is turning direct now at 24 Gemini about to cross Uranus at 26 in the 13th chart, and then on to Sun and Venus at 27 and 29 Gemini of the Civil Rights chart. You can include Uranus at 26 Gemini at the war's end.
While it certainly could be coincidence that unity and brotherhood took center stage in the birthplace of the Civil War, while Pluto entered Capricorn, being a metaphysician, I tend to think otherwise.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.
Abraham Lincoln

If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.
I'll say. Another quote from Abe Lincoln.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Personal Breakthrough

As I look around and see the general anxiety of society, the fear rising jaggedly like the graph of an agitated heart, I'm put at ease when I notice even the tiniest increment of progress.
I love to party. Last evening I had one scheduled, so I put on something nice and set out to enjoy myself, even though I had a headache. I arrived from the crisp night air, and when I walked through the door I was struck by the tension in the atmosphere. The people, friends and associates I like, were agitated and unfocused. I didn't feel inclined to eat anything from the buffet and the music was hideous.
My old self would have had a couple of drinks and pushed through the obstacles, pretending to feel joy, then would nervously recover from the unpleasant sensations the next day. Last night, however, I turned around and walked out the door with no regrets.
I'm beginning to think that the painful punishing atmosphere of my society now is teaching me free choice and maybe even good sense. If I really do value my well-being I can walk away. And from now on I will. I'm fully responsible for my health and happiness.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Money Talks, Sings, Swings, Jumps, Dances, Skips, Crashes,
and Flies

Well as anyone knows who's looking, the Pluto blast into the world financial system is taking place currently. The markets have gone nuts, entirely predictable. Pluto swings into Capricorn on Saturday and this entity is known for dramatic entrances and exits. And in-betweens. Where it's going? It's a secret.
It's easy for me, as an outsider who's never been in debt, not to assume that the end of the world as we know it has come.
One thing I keep in mind is Jupiter in Capricorn trine Saturn now, soon to be joined by Venus, adding stability. Trines do that. Speculation invariably ends up here from time to time especially with the south node in Leo, not the best for gambling operations, especially with a full moon there.
Mercury, ruler of commerce, is just about to go retrograde adding to the ruckus, and Mars, the pesky upstart, will be going direct the day after Pluto gets into Capricorn. Plus the Sun just entered Aquarius to remind us that we're globally entwined.
The interesting thing is the return of Mars in Cancer and the test of courage to let go and move into the future in the face of insecurity. I do think that people can expect years of financial transmogrification, new ways of investing (personally and publically), reworking of the banking system, and so on. Some lose, some gain. Contraction is the Capricorn word. Bear Market. Equilibrium is the intent.
And rescue from the politicians? Don't believe it. Keep batteries in your your horseshit meters as the campaign rolls on. As Goblue72 points out:
While I am not surprised, I find the whole focus on what the candidates are going to do about the coming (or current) recession to be so annoying. Most of the intelligent candidates know what I have stated - that what the govt. can do to fix things at this point is pretty much nothing and that it will all play out in its time.
As the next days unfold, it should be a clue as to what Pluto in Capricorn will bring the hapless human race. I can predict:
CHANGE!!!$$$$ The "C" word.
And, of course, frugality. Panic if you want to, relax if you'd like. The change will go slowly.
PS. It's not an asteroid.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kings and Dreams

Martin Luther King Day: January 21, 2008
North Node of the Moon: 27 degrees Aquarius
This year the day commemorating one of America's most respected contributions to humanity, the Reverend Martin Luther King, takes on a special significance. Everyone can sense it. Not even one month ago the possibility of a person of color becoming president of the United States was a dream. On January 3rd, 2008, it became a reality.
The transiting north node is exactly conjunct the USA Moon in Aquarius today, governing an innate understanding of the commonality of man and the purpose of freedom. "I have a dream", King is known for proclaiming, along with "Free at last". It seems like some recognition of that dream is here and possibly an historic step in the realization of its goal. I think the ongoing mutual reception between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius is bringing the idea to the forefront. That along with the recent Saturn-Neptune opposition, making dreams manifest.
Dr. King was a Capricorn with a Moon-Venus conjunction in Pisces, the perfect combination of vision and reality and the right one to get the concept of freedom in action. He also had Uranus in Aries adding fuel to his revolutionary implementation of liberation. Soon Neptune will conjunct the USA Aquarian Moon further adding to the manifestation along with Pluto in Capricorn. Interesting that Uranus will soon return to his Uranus in Aries at 3 degrees.
Added to this is King's Mars at 21 Gemini, opposite his Saturn at 25 Sagittarius, close to transiting retrograde Mars and conjunct the USA natal Mars. Then add transiting Uranus in Pisces on top of Reverend King's Pisces conjunction. Quite a meeting.

I feel honored in a way I never could have expected by being part of this moment in history. I never dreamed I would see this day. And I have one of the most active imaginations imaginable.

Lungs of the Earth

After six months in India, in 1967, I traveled north to Nepal to get a taste of life in the Himalayas. Seven months later I came down.
It was my first experience in a Buddhist culture and I wandered around in a daze the moment I stepped into Katmandu. The dimension flipped, pagodas everywhere, just like when I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, to get my first impression of the Islamic world. The feeling of awakening and heightened sensation. Same thing from Pakistan to India, where people were almost magically changed.
Oddly, one of the most vivid memories I carried with me from Katmandu was the central square where vegetables were sold daily, the largest I've ever seen. The cauliflower was brilliant, bleached in the noon day sun. The heads were stacked around the religious monuments in perfect arrangements, and since one half of the days in that town are official religious holidays, music from the temples was constant. Hindu bells and chants, Bhuddist prayers, and drums. Always drums. The cauliflower heads were 15-20 inches in diameter. They were healthy and reassuring. Always enjoyable. I cooked them up frequently with potatoes.
Every night I played my guitar and sang folk songs with a young drummer who said little, but did refer to cauliflower once as "the lungs of the earth". Then he drummed some more.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Person, One Vote

It used to be "One man, one vote". Women have made gains in this country. The work to end disenfranchisement of minorities has not, however. Vote tampering is the issue of most importance facing the United States today. You can't have a democracy without voter guarantee, and your favorite people and policies won't succeed without it.
One year after the Civil Rights Act became law, the Voting Rights Act was signed on August 6, 1965. Venus was conjunct Uranus at 13 Virgo, Pluto was at 14 Virgo and Saturn was at 15 Pisces. John Kerry flew to Vegas yesterday to confront the attempted voter suppression. Uranus is at 15 Pisces, where Saturn was in '65. Transiting Saturn now is in early Virgo. There seems to be a connection to the Saturn-Uranus opposition ahead and repair of the system to some degree. We will see.
I think the best thing I can do is understand my country and how my government works. And work with it. Part of the Pisces-Virgo axis could be pointing out that the people are in no way victims of the government but are, in fact, active participants. And partly responsible for the fix.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Uranus, Aries, and Revolution

"Starting in 2009, tourists with deep pockets will be able to enjoy something fewer than 500 people have been lucky enough to experience --- spaceflight. For $200,000, if all goes well, they can orbit for two and a half hours in Virgin Galactic's Space Ship Two. Above is the concept drawing of Spaceport, America, to be built near Las Cruces, New Mexico".
I don't know how lucky that is, since spaceflight is supposed to be rather upsetting to the stomach, but some people don't mind. It's interesting how commercial spaceflight and supposed alien landings will and did take place in the same spot. The immediate years ahead do look like they could be innovative and interesting.
80 years ago, Uranus began its transit of Aries. There were major events at the time including the Great Depression in America. The results of the depression led to revolution in farming techniques, banking methods, business practices, social organization, governmental spending, and many other areas. A new country emerged.
In two years, Uranus travels Aries once again. Last time it squared Pluto in Cancer and the world experienced insecurity and dependence on the system. This time the transit squares Pluto in Capricorn, a different relationship. More adult. In the 1930s the government bailed the people out of trouble. This time I think it's the reverse. The people are rescuing the government.
A presidential election is occurring in the US exactly under a revolutionary Saturn-Uranus opposition with the north node in Aquarius. The choice is not so much who people like, but who can manage the government through the Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries years just ahead, starting halfway through the next administration. Just the government. Believe it or not, that doesn't mean the whole country. It's a division of labor.
I anticipate a charge when Uranus ignites in Aries in 2010 with Jupiter alongside. It's the start of a new 84 year cycle of survival. Just like in the 30s, but this time the people are stronger and more experienced. All they have to do is recognize their position. The more the government officials take care of their jobs, without a whole lot of hullaballoo, the more we can do ours. Spaceports require some concentration to construct.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mars, Pluto, and Evolution

For years I've heard you talk about revolution, crossing bridges, authoritarian power, changing the government, and freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. Pluto square Uranus is almost here, and the Saturn-Uranus opposition is here. I am an Aries rising with a tight Mars-Uranus square. I can't begin to list the things I've separated from in exchange for liberation and autonomy.
The biggest mistake I see universally is waiting for "them" to do it and for "it" to happen. I love astrology but it's the height of folly to wait for the planets to decide. Oh how they chuckle. And the gods and goddesses continue their play.
Mars is thrust and complete involvement in an action. Everything you've got. Mars. One. Unity. It's a moment of forced evolution now that Mars is working with Pluto to push him into Capricorn, where the long revolution can proceed. They like energy and will. Lots of it. And decision.
And I like them.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

History in the Cornfields

The cornstalks are talking. The race is on.

The heartland of the United States is the crossroads between south and north, east and west. There is bigotry and there's tolerance. There's eastern establishment and western independence and pioneering instincts. A good cross-section of American society.
On January 3, 2008, history was made in Iowa. Quite unexpectedly. Years from now the books will remember the occasion as the first time a person of color was chosen by the people to lead the nation forward. No one really believed it could happen. This came after stealing land from people of color, stealing people of color from their homeland and enslaving them, then giving the people of color the right to equality after one of the most non-violent struggles in history. But a struggle it was. The Civil Rights Act was signed on June 19, 1964, prohibiting segregation in all public places. Many historians have come to conclude that the event was of major importance to America’s whole political and social development.
Sun: 27 Gemini
Venus: 29 Gemini
Mars: 1 Gemini
Uranus-Pluto in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces
Moon in Libra
Libra: equality: Gemini: brotherhood: Saturn-Uranus: political and social progress
The day of the Iowa caucus had Pluto at 29 Sagittarius opposite the Sun-Venus of the Civil Rights Act. Mars was at 29 Gemini conjunct the Sun-Venus. As Mars crossed 28, the political race baiting began. By the time it reached 27, it was in full swing.
Is the civil rights movement coming to fruition? What I see happening at 29 Sagittarius opposite the Gemini of the Civil Rights Act, is the revelation of where racial prejudice really lies? It's not where you think it is. It includes a look at everyone everywhere.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Holy Spirit

Joy unbounded.
The Powers of the Soul. Christine Garcia Rodero
To conquer the sorrow of politics. Jm

New Hampshire and Dependence

The state of New Hampshire: June 21, 1788
Sun: 0 Cancer
Jupiter: 6 Cancer
Mercury: 22 Cancer
Uranus: 28 Cancer
Mars: 29 Leo
Neptune: 18 Libra
Moon: 4 Aquarius
Pluto: 17 Aquarius
Saturn: 10 Pisces
North Node: 16 Sagittarius
With four planets in Cancer and a transiting moon in Capricorn, New Hampshire chose to stick with the establishment. And so it is. The loss is good for the emerging leader. He can deal with defeat right off the bat and build his character, strength, and stamina. The moon today crossed his Saturn in Capricorn. The opposition representing the status quo remains as a rock of "granite" that can be managed through experimentation.
Nothing is inevitable now, a perfect place to be. That in itself is release from oppression.
Extreme melodrama accompanied this voting excursion, but New Hampshire's Mars at 29 Leo certainly likes that. Trine transiting Pluto at 29 Sagittarius. The transiting south node in Leo just on that spot contributed to the snapping hysterics, sparkling tears, end of the road for one, meteoric rise for the other, jubilant trains going directly to Shangri-la, and so on. Probably just as well. Those moments have a function.
It's wild. The United States has almost the same Cancer pile-up as New Hampshire. Separating from the familiar and all that jazz. Mars does indicate friction and possible clean severance when the time is conducive. When Mars turns direct in awhile and comes back to cross the US Cancer planets, I wonder whatever will transpire? Anything goes, these days.

Addendum: Something very depressing in the air today. The status quo is stale, hard, and decidedly tasteless. New Hampshire has Mercury in Cancer square Neptune trine Saturn in Pisces -- a mental mechanism prone to emotionalism and fantasy. I've decided to refrain from taking their behavior seriously. The melodrama was not to my liking. The reverberations fall flat. I want my money back.

Monday, January 07, 2008


The N. H. vote will test the limits of hope.
Denver Post

Democrats will be taking a perilous "leap of faith" if they choose the little-known Barack Obama for president.
Hillary Rodham Clinton

It's a leap of hope,
repilies Mr. Obama.

They're right, no matter what you call it. And all leaps into the unknown have their dangers. Like crossing a synapse the planet leaves faith-based Sagittarius for Capricorn in a blaze of emotion. Clinton tells the truth. It is a leap. Obama would love to be president but can only hope. And the people are exceptionally aroused. That's why I'm not generally afraid. It's too exciting.
So hope has suddenly leapt to the forefront at 29 degrees Sagittarius. What an exit. What a world.
As Pluto approached the final degree of Sagittarius and Mars turned retrograde in Cancer, the sign that attaches to the past, the establishment and their media ordered the people of America to elect the candidate they chose to ensure the continuation of the status quo. They said it was inevitable and demanded a return to the past. But in the 29th dimension the people said "No!" in a resounding statement of intent, in complete defiance of authority. They chose to go into the unknown. They chose to take the perilous leap. To this invisible land of jeopardy.

And why should they be afraid? They took the leap of faith when they came here.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


"Atmospheric scientists in the 1930s when their kind proudly donned white lab coats and rigorously designed helmets."
Their kind? No wonder odd-minded Uranus is associated with these researching goofballs. Environmental change? You're the experts.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The more I experience this the more carried away I get. All the cosmological change going on right now. Pluto approaching Capricorn, nodes changing, Jupiter changed, Mars retrograde, progressed USA Mars going retrograde.
It dawned on me why people seem to be gathered together in study making the magnitude expand so noticeably. I thought .... We're traveling into the Age of Aquarius right now, too. Pluto's going to be there next.
The digital world the homo sapien is entering I believe is re-mapping the human brain, moving away from the emotion and flow of analogue, to a drier, more mental dimension. Staccatoesque in ways. It's so very fascinating. How many people get to experience the changing of a Great Age?
I don't think you'll find many.