Monday, January 14, 2008

Mars, Pluto, and Evolution

For years I've heard you talk about revolution, crossing bridges, authoritarian power, changing the government, and freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. Pluto square Uranus is almost here, and the Saturn-Uranus opposition is here. I am an Aries rising with a tight Mars-Uranus square. I can't begin to list the things I've separated from in exchange for liberation and autonomy.
The biggest mistake I see universally is waiting for "them" to do it and for "it" to happen. I love astrology but it's the height of folly to wait for the planets to decide. Oh how they chuckle. And the gods and goddesses continue their play.
Mars is thrust and complete involvement in an action. Everything you've got. Mars. One. Unity. It's a moment of forced evolution now that Mars is working with Pluto to push him into Capricorn, where the long revolution can proceed. They like energy and will. Lots of it. And decision.
And I like them.


Anonymous Joe said...

Hopefully some of the evolution is evident in the dwindling glitz and glam of award shows like the Golden Globes. Without the writers, who are strike, the show was reportedly a disaster. Good. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of overwrought, ostentatious, self-indulgent back-patting.

14/1/08 5:22 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Just remembered that Mars is rx in Gemini. No forward momentum in the arena of communication. :o)

14/1/08 5:23 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Yes! Mars retro. Let's see when it goes direct on the 30th.

That is fascinating, joe, about the glamour. It's also related to the SN in Leo. All the cheap theatrics are falling flat now.

You won't believe Nevada's chart!! Sun, NN, Moon, Mercury, and Saturn in Scorpio opposite Pluto in Taurus. Money??? Venus-Jupiter in Sagittarius for the belief in luck. Unbelievable. Mars in Gemini (heheh) and URANUS AT 29 GEMINI! This is stunning.

14/1/08 2:25 PM  
Blogger jm said...

This is the way I look at it from my anarchical stance. I've never followed anyone. But I will do so temporarily if it's the way to get to my destination.

There is massive energy in the universe all available for people's use. It's almost like a cosmic political game that lures people into staying down and without life force following every little detail of what others do, missing the grandeur of life, feeling trapped and oppressed. Without choice. Sound familiar?

These children trying to lead countries are mere humans and not the best specimens. They do symbolize something greater though. And the forces of evolution are particularly strong now. The whole human race is in it together and the break-up and conflict is supposed to add enough friction to get us to leap ahead. We will anyway. We can be forced or we can get up and ride.

I would dearly love to see my country progress right now and the chance is here. If it doesn't happen to my satisfaction my personal evolution will proceed anyway. I didn't get Uranus-Aries talent for no reason. I'd love the company, though.

14/1/08 4:45 PM  
Blogger Don said...

jm, i suggest this mars pluto dynamic is about the negation of the excessive and inappropriate use of will and power.
the judgement that is being heaped upon the Clinton's is a projection of what we do not acknowledge within ourselves - and then the hope that is being heaped upon Obama is the flip side of that projection.....

15/1/08 6:45 AM  
Blogger jm said...

You're absolutely right don.

15/1/08 2:37 PM  

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