Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hypocrisy...Chapter 5
Mars Goes Direct

In the last few years of blogging I've read many many comments against the war in Iraq. Now the people say overwhelmingly, they want out.
The United States is at a critical point in history as the people choose new leadership. The hypocrisy is this: how can an anti-war progressive cast a vote for a candidate who wishes to continue the war policy?
One candidate endorsed it's beginning and occasionally expresses an interest in ending it "sooner rather than later", with plans for increased belligerence elsewhere in the Middle East. Another promises more war definitively. Yet another vigorously opposed the war from the beginning and has never abandoned that stance. He has no plans that I know of, for initiating any more.
A vote for added war doesn't speak well for the professed belief that the USA should withdraw from the Middle East and end a violent foreign policy. Mars, the planet of aggressive combat, has just turned direct, a perfect time to give this some thought. Not to ignore the sober impartial input of Pluto newly into Capricorn.
It's not the person or the vote, really. It's the honesty and consistency with the self that equal the leaders' honesty.


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