Sunday, January 27, 2008

South Carolina - A House United

Last night in the South Carolina presidential primary election, the exit polls revealed that the people of the United States voted overwhelmingly for change. Pluto just entered Capricorn today, a cardinal initiating sign, starting a whole new generational era.
South Carolina:
Sun: 3 Gemini
Moon: 13 Capricorn
Mercury: 24 Taurus
Jupiter: 0 Cancer
Venus: 18 Cancer
Uranus: 27 Cancer
Mars: 13 Leo
Neptune: 18 Libra
Saturn: 10 Pisces
Pluto: 17 Aquarius
North Node: 16 Sagittarius
South Carolina. The first state to secede from the Union and the starting place of the Civil War. As you see, her Jupiter opposed the incoming Pluto in Capricorn exactly yesterday, uncovering new horizons and starting the Cancer-Capricorn experiences the United Sates has in store as she matures, sobers up from the intoxicating excess of the Sagittarian years, and takes responsibility for her destiny. The Sun at 3 Gemini is the most interesting placement since it ties in with the start of the Civil War, the chart of the 13th amendment abolishing slavery, and the passage of the Civil Rights Act.
I figured the die was cast in Iowa with the state's Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, ushering in the cardinal years and the building engagement and influence of the common citizens, repeated in the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. It does look like the people of America are speaking up clearly and demanding action. A revolt against the establishment is gaining momentum consistently. Today Neptune was exactly conjunct SC's Venus at 21 Aquarius. The cultural diversity insisting on recognition and togetherness couldn't be more obvious, to me anyway, as Pluto transited the state's Jupiter. The racial divide of the previous week set the stage. The people genuinely do want to move forward with some semblance of harmony. SC's Neptune at 18 Libra is conjunct USA progressed Mars retrograde.
The Palmetto State's Sun at 3 Gemini joins Mars at 1 degree in the 13th Amendment chart, and also Mars at 1 in the Civil Rights chart. In addition it meets the Mars-Uranus in Gemini of the war's start. Mars is turning direct now at 24 Gemini about to cross Uranus at 26 in the 13th chart, and then on to Sun and Venus at 27 and 29 Gemini of the Civil Rights chart. You can include Uranus at 26 Gemini at the war's end.
While it certainly could be coincidence that unity and brotherhood took center stage in the birthplace of the Civil War, while Pluto entered Capricorn, being a metaphysician, I tend to think otherwise.


Anonymous Joe said...

Great analysis, jm! :o)

27/1/08 8:05 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Thanks joe. Something is definitely up, and again, I'm honored to be a part of it.

27/1/08 2:28 PM  

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