Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Money Talks, Sings, Swings, Jumps, Dances, Skips, Crashes,
and Flies

Well as anyone knows who's looking, the Pluto blast into the world financial system is taking place currently. The markets have gone nuts, entirely predictable. Pluto swings into Capricorn on Saturday and this entity is known for dramatic entrances and exits. And in-betweens. Where it's going? It's a secret.
It's easy for me, as an outsider who's never been in debt, not to assume that the end of the world as we know it has come.
One thing I keep in mind is Jupiter in Capricorn trine Saturn now, soon to be joined by Venus, adding stability. Trines do that. Speculation invariably ends up here from time to time especially with the south node in Leo, not the best for gambling operations, especially with a full moon there.
Mercury, ruler of commerce, is just about to go retrograde adding to the ruckus, and Mars, the pesky upstart, will be going direct the day after Pluto gets into Capricorn. Plus the Sun just entered Aquarius to remind us that we're globally entwined.
The interesting thing is the return of Mars in Cancer and the test of courage to let go and move into the future in the face of insecurity. I do think that people can expect years of financial transmogrification, new ways of investing (personally and publically), reworking of the banking system, and so on. Some lose, some gain. Contraction is the Capricorn word. Bear Market. Equilibrium is the intent.
And rescue from the politicians? Don't believe it. Keep batteries in your your horseshit meters as the campaign rolls on. As Goblue72 points out:
While I am not surprised, I find the whole focus on what the candidates are going to do about the coming (or current) recession to be so annoying. Most of the intelligent candidates know what I have stated - that what the govt. can do to fix things at this point is pretty much nothing and that it will all play out in its time.
As the next days unfold, it should be a clue as to what Pluto in Capricorn will bring the hapless human race. I can predict:
CHANGE!!!$$$$ The "C" word.
And, of course, frugality. Panic if you want to, relax if you'd like. The change will go slowly.
PS. It's not an asteroid.


Blogger neith said...

And, of course, frugality. Panic if you want to, relax if you'd like. The change will go slowly.
PS. It's not an asteroid.

LOL! This is very good, jm. Have you seen DR's latest? He has a great post on Pluto & the Market too. Love that guy . . . Here's the link:

22/1/08 2:50 PM  
Blogger neith said...

geeez . . . blogger/Mercury retch is still doing messing with html links . . . click on the blue underlined date.

22/1/08 2:51 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neith! OK! Can't have too much information.

22/1/08 10:00 PM  
Blogger jm said...

That's great neith. Lynn, DR, and I said the same thing. I think we're getting it! So simple.

I do love that ingress chart. It also bodes well for the Uranus in Taurus trine, especially when Jupiter returns to Cap.

22/1/08 11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I learned my lesson during the dot com crash. I no longer try to "time the market". I take small to moderate gains periodically and come out ahead. During dot com I lost a lot.

23/1/08 8:02 AM  
Blogger jm said...

There's almost a whole universe of information about the relationship to money.

When Pluto came to my Jupiter, I lost the most money I ever had. The opposite is supposed to happen they say, which is why I never predict. In my case, the loss of material wealth was the way to the gain I was seeking. By the time the transit was over I'd lost all my savings.

Now at zero I feel freer than I ever have in some ways but then I never related to money like others. It's abstract to me and I also know it's always there when I need it. I can do well without it.

The USA has SN in the 2nd and has life lessons about loss and gain. There are periodic big slides down and I think they'll continue until it gets into the consciousness and clinging becomes less forceful.

So the US has to learn to grasp and release in rhythm and overcome her fear of poverty. Karmically speaking, the people could have known extreme poverty and are now afraid that all will be snatched back suddenly.

To really be free people have to know the experience of loss and acceptance. Considering all the Aquarian transits ahead there could be some of this teaching. Plus the ongoing Plutonian lessons of what wealth really means.

Money is barter. It's supposed to come and go. Perhaps the wealthy are in for the biggest lessons.

23/1/08 2:40 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I also think some of this overall paranoia about dictatorship, worldwide crash and all of that are an extension of personal financial worry. And the idea of president as savior or evil.

Security is elusive. History has shown that people survive anything and every time the shoe drops, freedom follows with all kinds of other benefits. Most of our agony is anticipation of upset which comes anyway, usually not as bad as people feared.

The longer I live the more philosophical I get about things not doing what I want them to do. It truly matters not.

23/1/08 2:46 PM  
Blogger neith said...

The longer I live the more philosophical I get about things not doing what I want them to do. It truly matters not.

This is the place I'm finding myself too. When I think of the upcoming election there is no anxiety or expectations attached. In fact, if the people choose another bush repug, then to me it signals we just need those particular lessons repeated. No matter whose elected, it will be a very, very tough job.

I agree too about humanity's capacity to survive dang near anything! :-D

23/1/08 3:29 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neith, this is wonderful. I think we've learned together in the last years since we found one another on the "political site". I do remember how frightened everyone seemed. And most still are. I put too much hope in Kerry winning but I think that was the turning point in my philosophy. I agree with your Sag SN completely. But you've always been like this. Since I've known you.

In fact, if the people choose another bush repug, then to me it signals we just need those particular lessons repeated.

Absolutely agree. In fact, it's fascinating to see where destiny is headed. Where the collective really wants to go when the choices are so clear.

In the end the choices are all about the same since the president is a figurehead and it's much ado about nothing. The thing that amuses me now is the panic about issues. It's all nonsense. The collective creates the policy as needed. Power, man. When will people learn?

Perhaps the lesson of this election will be just that. Detachment and amusement. I was initially upset about the excessive lying and degradation but if the public likes that, then they deserve exactly who they get.

The big plus for me if the establishment wins this one is that I'll be free to tune out completely.

23/1/08 3:59 PM  
Blogger jm said...

People survive recessions, depressions, disasters, wars, all of it. Just look at the present world population.

The biggest mistake is blaming the rulers. The bankers, the wealthy, anyone and everyone. Everyone is responsible. Everyone has greed that exceeds the grasp. And the solution is self-recognition and control.

I don't know exactly why the world economy is based on usery but I'm working on that understanding. All I know is that when you get something on credit it's not yours and you run the risk of losing it. People's material holdings are owned by someone else. Bondage and all that comes with it. Insecurity masked as security. But it is each one's greed that has led to the problem, both the lender and the borrower.

The credit system has led to the excessive growth and one day this probably will change as the human evolves. I think it's starting now as the understanding of limitation is beginning. Unless outer space is developed. The whole question of what wealth really is has never been answered. And, of course, the problem of desire.

I don't know why I made up my mind early on to never buy anything I didn't have the cash in hand for. And I always save. Probably my great need for freedom which far exceeds my desire for possessions. But I lose and gain as much as everyone else in some way. I don't understand why humans fail to get that dynamic. Loss and gain.

Obedience is at the root. Following an order without question. Not seeing the alternatives. Living the prescription. Someone else has it and you have to have it. Hopefully Uranus will open up the pathways for a few. It's absolutely amazing how little one can live on. I've never envied the wealthy. I've pitied them a lot. So defensive. Tense and frightened. Not all.

Pluto in Capricorn has something to teach everyone. This country is coming home again and she'll be all right. Some people will hardly notice anything. Helping some of the others get through could be a by-product instead of waiting for the government to bail them out. I wouldn't expect another New Deal. That was Pluto in Cancer. Trying to redistribute the wealth never works either. It goes right back to inequity since that is our nature at present. Like I said. I think the people will be coming to the rescue this time, with their usual ingenuity.

The primary thing to understand is that "they" are not in control. Not at all. We? It? No one knows. We survive.

24/1/08 2:43 AM  

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