Saturday, December 31, 2016

D. Tweeter Trump

Donald Tweeter Trump, Tweeter as he's commonly known, was born into a large hillbilly family in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They didn't have a TV.

He got his name because of his remarkable ability imitating bird calls. He could do them all. Nightingales, chickadees, wrens, robins, finches, you name it. He could even do a blue jay.

The family did fairly well, but as time went on they migrated north to New York, much like Jethro and the Beverly Hillbillies did on the opposite coast.
They settled first in the Borscht Belt and eventually moved to New York City.

Tweeter acquired millions and millions of friends on account of his gaiety and all around good disposition. Even prominent figures around the world are now tuning in and listening to his bird calls.

People back home in the hills often said that young Tweeter was headed for great things due to his impressive talent. They were right.

The family is mighty proud.

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Emotional States of America

Cancer, astrologically speaking, is the primordial mother, with her coos, kisses, and hugs. She protects and nourishes her young, which is everybody. She soothes all hurts as they come. She fills the intimate world with comfort, perpetually responsive to feelings. Feelings, of course, cross the full spectrum.

The United States is a Cancer by birth. Mother country is literal in this case.
She also has Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in the sign, and Jupiter especially exaggerates the Cancer traits.

These days it makes sense to take into account the dense influence of Pluto in Capricorn slowly moving in opposition to Cancer.

Cancer, at the bottom of the astrological wheel, depicts home, refuge, and the mother, while Capricorn, at the top, is the symbol of father and success in the outer world. The current transit completes the parental axis.

In Cancer, emotions are supreme, but in Capricorn one learns that personal feelings are secondary when stepping up the ladder on the way to vocational fulfillment. Childish dependencies are excluded. Pluto in Capricorn transiting opposite Cancer now reveals an enhanced phase of maturity and worldly achievement. Things can be done.

Strict Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, forms a potentially useful square aspect to the Cancer placements in America's wheel. The family is able to manage itself, theoretically. 
The firm influence of the sober architectural planet comes in handy when it's time to draw and actualize plans and choose jobs, yet the value of expressing emotions within reason is usually appreciated.

In the land, crying is common, whining ever-present, fear misplaced, screaming acceptable, laughter spontaneous, and it's largely non-political, if even interpersonal. Emotions are hard to conceptualize. Their source is vague. A current event can trigger an ancient memory since linear time gets obscured in the instinctive realm of feelings. They come from anywhere looking for a logical sequence and looking for form, not always finding these things.

But by a stroke of happenstance, the country has that aforementioned Mercury in Cancer, which can study and comprehend emotion, with, believe it or not, objectivity.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas in Capricorn

Capricorn is the astrological sign representing preservation, conservation, and tradition. The United States has toyed with straying from her Christian roots over the years, but the experience runs steady.

The rituals of the Christmas holiday carry a certain sway. Even the shops are closed, after all. The world gets quiet.

It's occurrence around the time of the winter solstice in cold serious Capricorn probably adds to the attraction, with all the fire and light, the multi colors in particular. Warmth spreads. Spirits are high as Sagittarius ends. Peace on earth, goodwill toward all is a well received concept.

Of course, there are always those who protest the yearly event in this land of free expression. But if it were not these rituals, there would be others, probably just as objectionable, to mark the longest nights of the year. The dissident spirit is as good as any.

Thoughts of holiness combined with commercial jubilation create a celebration that has appealed to many for quite awhile. Participation is singular, although the display of light is omnipresent. Such are the miracles of human crafted illumination.

Pluto in Capricorn is investigating American traditions as it returns to its native position. Some are eliminated, some are kept, generally.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Perfect Nest

Astrological chart of President-elect Donald Trump
You see that circle with the dot high atop this chart? That's the Sun at 22° Gemini. Right next to that is the north node of the Moon at 20. Exactly in between the two lands USA Mars at 21° Gemini. Now that's cozy. 

America pokes and stabs the soon to be president's Sun, stimulating his not too limited confidence as well as attacking it. It's a convenient receptacle for American aggression. The fact that his ego is strong and resilient actually fuels the combative Mars and provides a continuing outlet, while further arousing the radiant sun. These fiery entities thrive on high vitality, the end result being forceful dispersion of ideas everywhere in varying degrees of substantiality, which is fine with Gemini. Communication flows, energetic, bellicose, and possibly educational. 

The north node nestling on the other side says, "Welcome."

Birds of a feather tweet and twitter, with fledgling concepts and animated words flying regularly from the nest. 

As circumstance would have it, both have Uranus nearby, upping the ante, intellectually speaking.

Monday, December 12, 2016

War of the Words

Mars likes to thrust, pierce, and draw blood either literally or figuratively. The United States has Mars in Gemini at 21 degrees and words are her weapon of choice. One can see this daily as the broadcasters on the public stage attack one another fast and vigorously. Verbal sparring is highly regarded and gossip is limitless. 

Now you take the brilliant Sun in Gemini with its Mercurial winged feet aflame, sprightly and nimble. And one who's verbally confident, firing magnificent phrases with every breath.

Or if you'd like, consider Venus in Gemini, with her preference for pleasurable and beautiful words. Singing, poetry, and the like.

Or how about mad Uranus in Gemini, shocking neurons and sending minds careening into dithers and frenzies. That's beyond war. There aren't even words for it.

There's some Gemini for you.