Monday, December 26, 2016

The Emotional States of America

Cancer, astrologically speaking, is the primordial mother, with her coos, kisses, and hugs. She protects and nourishes her young, which is everybody. She soothes all hurts as they come. She fills the intimate world with comfort, perpetually responsive to feelings. Feelings, of course, cross the full spectrum.

The United States is a Cancer by birth. Mother country is literal in this case.
She also has Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in the sign, and Jupiter especially exaggerates the Cancer traits.

These days it makes sense to take into account the dense influence of Pluto in Capricorn slowly moving in opposition to Cancer.

Cancer, at the bottom of the astrological wheel, depicts home, refuge, and the mother, while Capricorn, at the top, is the symbol of father and success in the outer world. The current transit completes the parental axis.

In Cancer, emotions are supreme, but in Capricorn one learns that personal feelings are secondary when stepping up the ladder on the way to vocational fulfillment. Childish dependencies are excluded. Pluto in Capricorn transiting opposite Cancer now reveals an enhanced phase of maturity and worldly achievement. Things can be done.

Strict Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, forms a potentially useful square aspect to the Cancer placements in America's wheel. The family is able to manage itself, theoretically. 
The firm influence of the sober architectural planet comes in handy when it's time to draw and actualize plans and choose jobs, yet the value of expressing emotions within reason is usually appreciated.

In the land, crying is common, whining ever-present, fear misplaced, screaming acceptable, laughter spontaneous, and it's largely non-political, if even interpersonal. Emotions are hard to conceptualize. Their source is vague. A current event can trigger an ancient memory since linear time gets obscured in the instinctive realm of feelings. They come from anywhere looking for a logical sequence and looking for form, not always finding these things.

But by a stroke of happenstance, the country has that aforementioned Mercury in Cancer, which can study and comprehend emotion, with, believe it or not, objectivity.