Sunday, November 27, 2016

One on One

 Jupiter and Saturn in Libra

Saturn in an astrological chart represents inhibitions, fears, and restrictions designed to assist the native in developing expertise in an area of life. One works hard to use these obstacles and comes to understand the value of time and patience.

Saturn in the sign of Libra means to establish solid, sustainable balance. Relationships are a major component of the equation.

If you study Libran types, you probably are familiar with their great skill in face to face exchanges. They are masters of the one on one.
Conversations, full of interesting and accurate observations, frequently go on for a long time, while they listen to what you say and respond with their own opinions. They enjoy debate and are surprisingly comfortable with disagreement, whether they like you or not. The love of ideas is paramount.  They see differing sides and possibilities in situations. The detachment and objectivity of the air element is theirs.

In Aries, self interest thrives, if even Aries is aware of the other. Across the wheel in Libra, the other is equally important.

Libras can actually be quite bellicose while claiming that they really didn't incite the battle. It's probably part of the complete balancing mechanism which sees and uses hostilities as a way to achieve harmony and peace.... the goal.

The United States has Saturn at 14 degrees Libra. It's my theory that the two party political system is highly favored because of this trait in her personality. She recognizes a way to real cooperation, one on one.

In a two party system, and with Saturn in Libra, the pendulum swings back and forth rhythmically regardless of the individuals elevated. Fears within each faction are natural when losses occur, especially the fear that creating and maintaining balance is too difficult a task. With Saturn, time and experience are essential.

Jupiter is transiting Libra this year and the urge to settle differences is increased, as well as the urge to escalate them. One might think the art of logic would be revitalized, justice and equality aside.