Sunday, November 20, 2016


There are truths, whole truths, half truths, nothing but the truths, and honest lies. To name a few.

In Gemini, lies are fun. These pranksters enjoy the spoof. Frolic is the intent, and truths are okay too. They all go together.

As the wheel progresses, and after brutal Scorpio, people might seek some atonement, so they inject morality into the talk and speak of the nobility of truth. This happens in Sagittarius.
Then the ongoing lies are set in a framework of truth, yet they still travel together as discovered in Gemini.

Honesty is appealing to people even if the words don't exactly match the sensation. They seem to have an instinct for it. It can be a relief.

But occasionally people wonder, "Are you for real?""Really?" "That's true," they breathe out with satisfaction.

It's hard to say at times. It's difficult to know what to believe.

Saturn, halfway through Sagittarius now, invites logic into these matters of mind. Most of it is short-term, seen through a lens. Generally partially true, probably.