Saturday, October 22, 2016

Professor Dipstick McShlitz

In Sagittarius one encounters the know it all. 

People of this persuasion have their heads up, therefore bringing them closer to higher knowledge. They express the urge to disseminate these truths. 

Those on the ground rely on the interpretations of the know it all.

Saturn in Sagittarius tests the borders of truth perhaps a little more than usual. Holes in the theories are perceived and the holiness of the holy is questioned. Saturn demands proof.

Those on the ground wonder what's going on since the formerly reliable know it alls don't seem to know. Saturn is restraining their efforts.

Soothsayers, pontiffs, pundits, and prophets abound and one wonders.

Still, I think once a Sagittarian always a Sagittarian, so the skill in divine interpretation continues, and is even solidified by Saturn.