Sunday, August 07, 2016


An astrological chart largely influenced by Uranus depicts an individual who is nervous, agitated and destructive. To the norm, that is.  And some other things.

The neurons of a Uranian are like high tension wires, buzzing, crackling, popping and drilling madly. To the uninitiated, they even appear to misfire, but there's an ultimate logic in the sequence, as Uranus urges the consciousness into new space.

The planet simply flipped its axis. Who knows when?

Uranus lives by its own laws. I guess the other planets don't mind. They get along quite well, it looks like to me, these characters.

Saturn's matrix is useful when first built, but there comes a time for the structure to be taken down in order to advance.
Uranus does a smashing job.

I find it interesting that the keywords for Uranus ruled Aquarius are "I know".
Yet the path to knowledge is through the wildly, oddly unknown. The certainty and security of Saturn are removed in order to expand the mental frontier. Aries is bold and aflame, which is where Uranus is now. Hot and electric. They're getting ready to part ways and there's a lot to cover.

I actually don't think Uranus is as disruptive as its reputation insists.
It stays in orbit.