Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Another Sagittarian interest.
It starts with an attraction to variety in Gemini, and becomes a study of differences within the world population -- language, food, music, clothing style, cultural customs, religion, on and on and on. An anthropological banquet.

In the clamor for multiculturalism, various facts can be overlooked.

The flavors of a culture are often consistent. Groups contain mimicry.

Some people enjoy the sensations in a foreign society, others have a natural aversion to them, stemming from largely unknown sources. Some people don't notice. Some pretend.

Some like deep fried eels, some can't stand them. Some people like Jesus, others don't.

Disliking certain groups is normal. The subsequent engagements with the disliked tell the story. They are as varied as the people themselves.

Of course, this makes for complicated travel decisions occasionally.

"Darling, let's go to China this year."

"No Dear, I don't like their food.

"How about Italy, then."

"They make too much noise."

"And what about Turkey, Dearest?"

"Turkey sounds good."

"Or perhaps Montana."