Sunday, July 26, 2015


If you set out at one point on a trip around the world, you eventually end up exactly where you started. Such is the nature of roundness. Forward motion is questionable, even though most people perceive time moving linearly. It goes round and round in some mysterious fashion that people strain to understand and race to keep up with. They also strain to identify the motion with improvement, although reality does not always bear this out. Something better is inevitable from time to time, though, with statistical factors in play.

The same can be said about the astrological wheel as a representation of a life. The greater wheel of the ages speaks of humanity's journey, and oddly, that circle goes in exactly the opposite direction from the personal one. So what is this thing called progress and evolution? Forward is not always good. You could be walking straight into a pond loaded with water moccasins, for example. In that case backward would be considered good. Forward and backward both work.

In Pisces the native comes to the end, to begin anew in Aries, the birthing point of personality, assuming there might be continual forward progression. This point is often accompanied by a feeling of futility where all previous struggles have come to naught and the person is ready to relinquish control, freeing him or herself from mundane contests, however briefly, in order catch a glimpse of other dimensions. Here's how this comes about.

In Aries, the native is born and starts the solo journey looking ahead, finding something to do, forming relationships, building families, creating a complicated network of connections, and arriving at Capricorn, or the 10th house, where he attempts to join in the construction of a great society. In Aquarius, it's discovered that the attempt hasn't worked out as well as expected. Social and political systems are far from ideal, so utopian concepts are developed and group cohesion becomes the goal. In Pisces one understands that nothing has worked, really. So the person gives up for a minute to experience a moment of refuge and resuscitation. This brief interlude is where one stops in the circle and pauses to see the expansive realms existing outside the confines of the body and structured worlds. At this moment the entrapment of mundane living can be wearisome, but it also frees the native for square one again and a new plan. The period of confinement offers the chance to undo. It's a time to recognize the limits of human influence and to contemplate the inclusive nature of existence. Everything happens all at once and all experiences are vital to the whole. Thus comes the prize in Pisces. Non-judgement.

These days there are many factors influencing this completion of the revolution and it looks to be a rather drawn out affair.

Neptune in Pisces
US Progressed Sun in Pisces
The 12th house of the Pluto return
Pluto in Pisces forthcoming
The end of the Age of Pisces

People believe that if it weren't for the enemy they create, they would be happy or something like that. Safe. Anything. But in Pisces, the identity of the enemy is blurred which leads to confusion. A lot of things are blurred in this area. The world of Neptune often escapes common logic. It escapes everything. And that's what led to my conclusion that progress is unimportant overall. It happens automatically.

Due to mathematical laws, a certain amount of experience is bothersome. At the full revolution, it can seem like everything is out of order. It probably is.

Still, one can look to the heavens and the beauty of astronomy. The celestial bodies revolve independently of one another while maintaining the integrity of the system. Movement is omni-directional. So I assume it's all progress. Or is it just motion?