Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Hexagram of Regeneration

"When the wind blows low on the mountain, it is thrown back and spoils the vegetation. This contains a challenge to improvement. It is the same with debasing attitudes and fashions; they corrupt society. To do away with corruption, the superior man must regenerate society. He must first remove stagnation by stirring up public opinion, as the wind stirs everything, and must then strengthen and tranquilize the character of the people, as the mountain gives tranquility and nourishment to all that grows in its vicinity."
I Ching

Aries likes to go quickly and directly to its target, while Capricorn goes slowly and methodically. The impatience of Aries butting against Capricorn can create paralysis at first, but the ultimate goal is to build new structure together. Aries brings the new, while Capricorn provides enduring foundation and framework time tested by experience. The stagnation that Pluto roots out comes before regeneration can take hold, and I think the idea of tranquility is a good one in the face of the arduous tasks ahead, assuming one is going to take advantage of the opportunities the times are offering.

When Pluto transited the USA Sun in Cancer, a mythological parent came to the rescue, nurturing and caring for the people in a remarkable fashion. To this day, many of the programs remain, although the impoverished frightened citizens are no longer in that dire condition. They've benefited greatly over the years and have remained dependent, expecting the government to be there for them, at least psychologically, while they embarked on years of overindulgence. The American people are overweight in many ways and their survival skills, honed so well during the Great Depression, have atrophied somewhat. The Cancer trait of leaning on a "kind" parent is no longer effective. The parent has gotten cold, calculating, and decidedly unkind, mostly concerned with going about its big business and waging war abroad. Pluto in Capricorn beckons us to stand upright and take responsibility for our destinies. The timing is right. Uranus transits of the Cancer planets facilitate separation.

The strict paring down of Capricorn combined with Uranus in independent Aries is saying that we're being prepared to go it alone more than we used to. There are payoffs for this autonomy, but they won't come into fruition until later. Part of the process is letting go of Cancerian bonds. It's too soon to tell exactly what safety mechanisms will be lost, but eventually new ones will come to replace them. More effective ones, earned through some trial and tribulation, like good forged metal.

Instead of attacking or waiting for the government, we can ideally sidestep it until it measures up to our standards. So the disintegration of the centralized ruling body might help in the long run. The less it has to do the less it will suffer in its inability and the more we citizens can learn and develop alternatives. Being on our own under Aries-Capricorn could prove to be invigorating. It should. The states and communities have more to gain by employing good governance and when the federal body is out of the way, the chance for improvement will take root. Some states are already finding solutions within the breakdown, but it's becoming more and more difficult due to current federal policies. The legislation being passed now is destructive, but destruction is what is called for during this phase. Massive legislation is untimely and doomed to failure.The states and cities need more control. Collapse is not assured, but if we put too much pressure on this weakening central body, the chances increase. Building from the bottom is the best remedy.

There are many areas that could reveal possibilities while people come to understand that there's nothing much they can do to change the system through traditional electoral means. It's a perfect time to move on. Community activism is due to rise and there will surely be dissent in some form, but here is the most important way to thrive in these unusual years.

Look to your own chart. Look at where Pluto is transiting, then look at what your Saturn is doing along with transiting Saturn. These will tell you how to proceed. By facing the problems in our own selves, the cumulative effect holds the promise of a better collective. You have to start at square one. Aries. So pay attention to that sector as well. That's where you get the juice. Let me give you a hypothetical example. It's a technical analysis but you can follow it with focused attention.

Say you have Pluto transiting your Capricorn 7th house. The ruling Saturn sits in Aries at the Midheaven. Pluto crossing the 7th by transit indicates major relationship upheavals and the opportunity for tremendous personal advancement, once the native gets past the do or die moment of possibly losing the bond.

Cancer rising with a Capricorn 7th is an individual who prefers to play the role of child with a responsible adult as partner. The Cancer might want to hide out in her imaginary world while the partner tends to business and keeps the enterprise above water. She wants to rest in the comfort of knowing things will be taken care of. But with Saturn in Aries in the 10th, she also has authoritarian drives and memories of a strong, possibly abusive parent. This is played out in the marriage as the two might jockey for position trying to establish dominance. Considering Saturn in Aries, it's in her destiny to learn how to be the boss, so I would guess she struggles to find the strength to stick up for herself and take charge against her Cancer inclinations. With transiting Pluto, the power struggles come to a head and she can expect much conflict in her relationship for awhile. This serves her Saturn in Aries which tries to teach her to be less afraid of quarrel and self centeredness. Successful self defense is a prime goal. Appropriate expression of anger and aggression must be learned. Reaching her goals depends on unleashing the blocked strength of Saturn in Aries. Capricorn 7th says that an innate control will protect her when things get hairy. She need not be afraid of her own strength any longer.

Compounding the problem is often overemotional Cancer rising. People like this can use their sensitivity as a weapon, always crying about others' callousness, yet knowing exactly how to push reactive emotional buttons. They retreat from direct confrontation in asserting themselves and making clear demands, but they frequently bully emotionally when they want to get their way. They can be manipulative, using guilt against the other to make him acquiesce. Crying, yelling, and all sorts of fits can occur, or sometimes, they retreat in silence to brood. Basically, not a mature way of handling interpersonal conflict. But now with the transits, this one has a fantastic opportunity to gain control of herself and relate well with her partner. Doing this helps her achieve her lifetime goals indicated by the tie-in to the 10th house Saturn. If she doesn't develop these partnership skills, her achievements will be thwarted and she could easily revert to her self-pitying mournful childish ways. If she works with Pluto she can unlock her potential with her partner, share the power, and go on to take down the walls impeding her steps up her own ladder of success. So she's definitely primed to seize this opportunity. The added benefit would be less sorrow over a cruel world that she can't do anything about. In fact, if she works on her own problems the world might look a little better. A little less daunting as she grows into her own authoritarian skill. The breakdown in outside government can be replaced with a construction of her own. Uranus on her MC probably will bring new opportunities and Aries can help her forge ahead in the world.

In this way, the Pluto 7th can use the trouble around her as motivation to bring solutions to the troubles in her own life. If we all did this, it would provide the infinitesimal steps to solving the overall societal problems we are so acutely becoming aware of as a whole. It can reroute us from demanding that political authority figures do it for us. They simply don't have the time or concentration since they are always fundraising. Of course, if you have Pluto in the 11th, you might have to go out and confront the social ills head on, but it still can be done from a perspective of inner achievement. Pluto in Capricorn takes you to the source of authority. I am my own boss. Combined with Aries, self sufficiency, dignity, and the ability to do the right thing can grow naturally.

So many people are complaining bitterly about the wrong that's being done. But you can't force others to do it the way you think is best. So the only alternative is to do the right thing as consistently as you can. Learn to look away from the scene of the crime and build elsewhere. The outside action will continue so you can tune in any time.The whole theme of Aries-Capricorn is the conflict between the individual and the state. It takes almost no effort to see the poor condition of the state at present so that puts the emphasison the individual. It's extremely helpful to recognize where the struggle is and to avoid blaming your fellow citizens for your misery as much as you disagree with their philosophies. Doing this steals valuable vitality which could be used to further your own well-being, which in turn effects the rest of us in a constructive manner. And will be especially handy when the regeneration comes.

Aries combined with Capricorn is like steel and stone, exceptionally strong, durable, and resistant to fear. It creates the proverbial supportive spine that so many people have been mentioning lately. With a disintegrating governmental structure, the creation of a workable personal one is a good alternative. The idea of Pluto in Capricorn is for everyone to find his or her inner executive administrator. The country's government can follow suit if it has any sense left after it hits the earth.