Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Venus in Sugarland

Venus in Scorpio gets what she wants whether she wants it or not. There are no bounds to her desire nor to the ways in which this seductress operates.
Last Saturday night I sauntered into a health food store and there past the entrance was a golden curly-headed well made not too old, not too young man enthusiastically selling Vitamixes. My inner Jack LaLanne leapt out and I thought of my shimmering health and longevity while he offered to mix me a fruity concoction. In went grapes, cantaloupe, banana, pomegranate seeds, pineapple, oranges, and I think some apple while he talked about the Boulder know-it-alls he'd just encountered who were somewhat confused about nutrition in his educated opinion. The mega horse power machine did its job and the three old ladies in front of him (that would include me) were dazzled. We loved his juice.
But then something strange happened. In a sort of psychic trance that suddenly overcame him, he told me that another man was coming my way. One more. A great one. The One. My inner Jack immediately panicked at the thought of giving up my solitary pursuit of physical perfection. My venerated freedom. I don't need any more trouble. Besides, I thought I was becoming immune to fate at my advanced age. I chalked it up to Venus in Scorpio and the spook factor and decided to continue as is until further notice.
Venus in Scorpio can work in mysterious ways and now with Saturn in Libra, relationships are front and center for many people. I don't know about you, but the retrograde is bringing in friends from my past and fictitious ones in my future apparently. Venus in Scorpio goes for the gut, the deepest bonding possible, whereas Libra with controlling Saturn prefers a more airy detached form of relating without the emotional demands. By the time this ends I imagine relationships could be somewhat transformed in people's lives. New ones might develop, old ones might die, and current ones could change if necessary.
Scorpio likes to share pain and with Venus retrograde people might discover some relationships based on shared trauma losing their lure. Some love feeling helpful and included in other people's extreme experiences, but not altogether infrequently they discover that the help is ineffective and that the pain can become a drain. There can be difficultly when trying to extricate one's self from such entanglements but this transit might point the way as a few learn that the best form of help can on occasion be implemented by a departure from the relationship or a distancing. Saturn in Libra knows about balancing needs and this guidance can be of use. On the other hand, you might be newly involved in helping individuals through trauma bringing out the best in your character, as you'd like to see it.
Others might find themselves in relationships with envy and jealousy on the rise and here again, Saturn in Libra can be the arbiter of reasonable dealings when accusations, demands, and fits of poisonous vengeance rear up temporarily while people test the limits of their loved ones' loyalty. Forgiveness sometimes mysteriously disappears when Scorpio takes over, but conversely, in retrograde, it can be that old grudges are forgotten and renewal of long lost love comes about with pleasure and relief. Saturn in Libra can aid you in justifying your actions to your heart's content if excuses (explanations) must be made to lure the loved one back. Fair is fair despite Venus in Scorpio's attraction to suspense sometimes leading to quite far fetched suppositions. Evidence, baby. Solid evidence.
Then, of course, there is the proverbial soul mate with Venus in Scorpio, the threat of my mixmaster. Scorpio is fond of the me-and-you-against-the-world approach to relationship where a secret covenant is made between the lovers that excludes all others, unless of course Venus is interested in some games of jealously all geared to prove the strength of the original bond. Hopefully. I think many might question their bondage to groups that could be restricting involvement with broader circles and when Venus leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius in January, some expansion could be the result, especially with Jupiter and its large social connections getting a new start in Aries soon after.
Another Scorpio favorite is the female fight for dominance dating back to reproductive success so it's said. It's easy to see that now within these social clusters made especially noticeable with the burst of new ladies on the public stage. Venus. Yes. Who is the ????? of them all? Potency or something. Or who has the sharpest toes?
It's also interesting to point out the female bond that often underlies their relationships and even the women they supposedly hate often really represent something more complex. I won't say more on this fascinating subject at the moment but it deserves observation since the female political role is changing now in ways that are not fully understood. Pluto opposite US Venus and Neptune on the Moon are still in action.

With Uranus diligently rocking the boat and Mars tunneling deep into Scorpio, hell has broken loose again and the country is in turmoil with the Saturn return just around the bend. There are reasons for the mayhem. "It's the stupid, stupid." The mantra of the day. This hits below the belt. No one does well with insults denigrating the basics of their being.
The fans were all excited waiting to root for their team and discuss their favorite players but it hasn't quite worked out that way with this contest. Bigger things have dominated. It seems that society is tiring of the repetitive political rituals since their problems are getting unavoidable and they want something done by their leaders. Neither party has delivered. In fact, they've made it worse. Common citizens are weary watching the grandest theft in their lifetimes unfold before their eyes while they remain nonresponsive, not knowing what to do. Their votes seem to be the only thing they're holding and the scramble to possess them includes promises getting emptier and emptier while concocted threats mount. Emptying out, a good idea. It's all part of the destructive phase we've encountered and there's no stopping it. The Scorpionic demons demand annihilation. They want it.

But back to Venus. There's hope in the hopelessness. Here's a little story about Libra at its best.....
My husband had a 29 Libra Moon and he was the ultimate gentleman when he aimed to be. My brother, a Libra, had Venus in Scorpio squaring a Mars-Pluto conjunction and his appetites were sizable. My man was a sweet lover and he usually kept a half gallon of ice cream in the freezer. Once my brother came to visit and in the dark of the desert night he completely wiped out the cold sweet stuff. The kind gentleman, who intensely disliked my brother, silently went ahead and purchased another carton, then labeled it "ocean perch". That solved the problem since my brother, in spite of his hunger, has a wonderful sense of humor. The desired sugar was shared by all and our many combined Libra planets chuckled approvingly.
So while they eviscerate one another in their hunger out there, ordinary people can consider themselves safe if they choose, no matter who wins what battle. The contestants need the pain. Scorpio is unafraid to encounter the devils within since they dance together with the most sublime pleasures. The thing of real importance is the relationship of the individual to her own profound desires and quest for satisfaction, whether that includes specific relationships or not. If people do relate under this influence it can be more important than usual to reach this dimension of mutual experience. The retrograde takes the search away from forward motion so digging into internal mines for hidden riches is bound to bring reward. This could include a movement away from the outer circus to something more genuine and tailored to personal need. Some people are finding the public orgy troublesome at present and this provides the route to those inner treasure caves. Or at least some picking and choosing when following so many people who know not where they go? The best and the worst come out with Venus in Scorpio. And the sweetness can be thickly covered in gooey syrupy sensation. Don't get stuck! Venus in Scorpio wants it all.
Another man? C'mon Sugar. Let's do it.
Ice Cream Cavern: Will Cotton: oil on canvas


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