Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Sucker's Rapture

Son of a Beach
Oh you kids. You silly kids are hopeless. For now. You fall for it every time and they count on it. It's fail safe. Too big to fail. It burdens my shoulder blades and the right side of my neck. I found this quote that sums up the latest in a sunflower seed shell.
"The speech was part of a three-day public relations campaign, including a two-day tour of the Gulf and Wednesday’s White House meeting with BP’s chairman and CEO, designed to cover up the preparations for a filthy deal with BP. That deal will likely include a temporary delay by BP in paying out billions in shareholder dividends and the setting up of an escrow fund that will limit the company’s liabilities to a small fraction of the real cost of the disaster for which it is responsible."
Yes. A sweetheart deal for the now extremely famous British Petroleum company, etched into our consciousness by the master engraver. BP. You bet your BP. It's always about money. A 20 billion dollar pacifier just got shoved ceremoniously into your mouths and it really is sweet, isn't it?
Never mind that the hole is spewing more than ever with cracks in the ocean floor, gas bubbles forming, and the well itself approaching ruin. The beaches and coastal areas are a mere speck compared to the deeper destruction occurring under the surface away from the shores. Modern technology has just been registered helpless but there's always money.
Never mind that BP escapes all responsibility for their criminal behavior and gets to return to business as usual paying out spare change that they conveniently just snatched from their shareholders. The BP big shots are celebrating as was predicted. Done deal.
Here's a little quiz. Who's going to pay the real trillion dollar cost of fixing this little blooper? Hmmm? The answer is upside down.
Anyhoo, it'll be all right. It has to be. Now back to that pain in my neck.