Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bipolar Jellyrollin'

La Danse De Jupiter
This Zoloftian society I'm an unwitting member of sure does like to swing. Being a child of the moon who loves a good party, herself, I know something about mood alteration, but this really takes the cake.

From my objective perch, Jupiter in Pisces thus far has been interesting. Shaking planets followed by the euphoric state of the American union. The days preceding the cosmic moment were filled with sorrow, despair, fear, and rage about said state of this misbegotten union, and then.... Kazooom!!! Spirits shot into a dimension even I'm not familiar with.
Change has returned, a day late, a dollar short.

Let the jelly roll and the future remain recognizable. Upside, downside, east side, west side. All around the town. Hopefully, spirits will crash on the grass. Or the croquet court.

Pisces is known for it's less than stable psychologies, often tampered with by the body in possession of the mind so fond of fanciful flights. Uranus in Pisces really excites the consciousness, but that's been going on for awhile. Now Jupiter has sent the jellyfishes on yet another rocketing hyperbolic ride, but what the heck. Reality can wait. Depression can be great fun.

Just because I care, let me let you in on a little secret. This is between you and me. It's not what it's all cracked (!) up to be. I know how orgiastic some of you are about the Supreme Court dissing, but it's the last thing in the world this child should have done, and it won't make any difference anyway. The president in training has a Saturn in Capricorn, hidden in the 12th house, unseen by most. You astrology followers have the luxury of insight. He has no business not showing respect for the establishment he so longs to climb the ladder of, Aquarian planets notwithstanding. He's got a lot to learn, as we all do. Change is relative. And it doesn't have to wait for students of the system. But it's good to see things shaken up a bit.

Fear of the Supreme Court is part of this fantasy too. Will the real father please stand up? Or will you howl in self created pain until they become nice Democrats who most assuredly aren't interested in big business advantage? You're stuck with yourselves, you know. Heavens. Sometimes I want to give up. People. Peephole. Peepill.

Election monsters' stomachs are growling for corporate food. Who's foolin' who as the jelly rolls? Where is rhyme and reason? Oh, forget it. Just put another nickel in. Jupiter just got here.

Anyway, here I am wondering just how far to go into this bipolar madness that promises to continue for the time being. I'm exercising more self control than in previous incarnations, but I could be missing something. Or everything. It's hard to tell.

Alls I know for certain is, "It's jelly jelly jelly cause jam don't shake like that."