Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Promise and the Gun

The American Dream
It's worth taking time to study this proposed health care reform before being trapped. I don't know where it's headed, but there are serious implications regarding your body and your money. It's important to pay attention to some details, if not for yourself, at least for your children and their children.
"So, it looks like no specific penalties are outlined in the bill, but the 2.5% is designed as a tax and so would fall under IRS rules for non-compliance.
The Republicans are crowing about this but the Democrats seem to have made a "Stupak class" blunder by not shielding people from serious penalties as was done in the Senate.
Letter from Joint Committee on Taxation describing IRS code Sec. 7201 & 7203
I just talked to committee staff and got a confirmation that the letter above is indeed from the committee.
There are, no doubt, many hidden surprises in this bill as well as the odious abortion provisions. The real surprise will come when the rates are announced for those not currently covered."

Michael Collins: from The Agonist
Pluto in Capricorn is really moving in. People would not be buying insurance under this law and would be pressed to avoid filing tax returns for fear of discovery. The penalty is unaffordable for many. Disaster is a possibility but some of you are familiar with Pluto. Can you count how much you would pay for chasing these people over and above your outrageous premiums?
Does the government pursue the plutocratic tax evaders? Is it suddenly going to transform into an ethical being? Taxation would be fine if good care were involved, but left to the insurance companies I have some doubts. I have yet to see how this is going to take care of the health of the American people. Karmic debts need to be paid, however, as well as insurance premiums.

This is taxation without representation once again. Or more accurately, taxation by our representatives. And for nothing. If the money could be collected it might help, but the cost of doing that would erase the gains. The only health reform that's viable is major reduction of costs, and that isn't being addressed, not with profit as the prime motivator. The forced bondage will cause people to avoid treatment altogether, thus negating the gains made by subsidizing some of the uninsured. And how hard will acquiring these subsidies be? I hate to guess. It's a Gordian knot. There's a better way to care for people.
So do the people allow the iron fist to close in further or can they start nipping now? Fate will tell, I suppose.

"Women be Wise," the title of the old blues song goes. I'd add men. I would hazard a wild guess that 250 years account for something. But I'm often wrong.