Thursday, November 05, 2009

It's Official

It's Arts Week in Denver and the town is buzzing with creative events. Just in time with Saturn newly in Libra squaring the Capricorn business establishment. The city has Venus at 29 Sagittarius square Neptune at 29 Pisces so the place almost overflows with galleries, studios, theaters, and beautifully kept parks. The arts districts started with First Friday artwalks, then added third Fridays, then second, and now they're just artfully employed all the time. Personal studios grow like mushrooms.
Recently I was walking in one of my favorite neighborhoods when I got stopped in my tracks. I had wandered into some gorgeous music wafting from an Indian restaurant, quiet on a Sunday night. After I listened for awhile, I crossed the street and encountered more delectable sounds spilling from Chipotle. I rounded the corner and from inside Starbuck's, Frank Sinatra was singing One For My Baby, a song I love. Then came an old gospel tune, Peace in the Valley. I absorbed it all and started to think, "Is it just Venus in Libra or is it a coming trend?"
The next night I went downtown and the same thing happened. More exquisite music, including classical sounds in front of MacDonald's.
But last weekend topped it all. In the heart of the city on the pedestrian mall, workers were peacefully hand wrapping the trees in little gold and silver lights, while people sauntered by and pedicabs quietly wheeled through. It was wild to look up and see simian type creatures in the trees at night, even though they say now that we really haven't descended from the great apes. They looked comfortable.

Libra oversees this graceful part of experience and it would be wonderful if the arts took a swing upward and beauty in general increased in the marketplace. Libra-Capricorn creates the potential for that arrangement, and my town does have her moon in elegant Capricorn. I will contribute my share. Saturn is on my Mars in Libra after all square my own Capricorn Midheaven.