Monday, October 26, 2009

Anxiety Medicine: Take When Needed

Crisis in the 29th Degree
Virgo is the sign of worry and at the critical 29th degree, you have plenty. Alongside that is the Scorpio season adding emphasis to all things Plutonian. Some people are anxious about the future. Virgo affects the nervous system.
I have a theory about the 29th degree of Pisces, the start of the invasion of Iraq. It seems that when planets transit this mutable point (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), an unpleasant reminder of the USA's disastrous war effort comes back, and certainly yesterday was no exception with the major bombing in Baghdad. Saturn square the war's Sun says something about ego. Operation Iraqi Freedom is long over. I think this lump is hanging around, kind of in suspension. This persistent stain at 29 Virgo. "Why won't it go somewhere?" one might ask. "Who did what wrong? Why can't I get it out? Who's in charge? What's happening?"
Disease and Symbolism
Disease is necessary to the maintenance of living systems. All the cures mankind creates only reroute illness in its assumption of new forms. Sickness strengthens weakness so the organism can survive. It also leads the conscious mind to an understanding of the psyche and the emotional patterns and harmful behaviors beneath the surface contributing to life's hardships.
Some say that widespread illnesses started with the domestication of animals and the clustering of humans in large groups. Metaphysically, communicable diseases represent group belonging dilemmas, protection, freedom of thought ... things like that. Why do we take on someone else's illness? Why do we give it to others? What are we trying to share? How much should we share and where must we draw the line?
The diseases of the era teach humanity what needs correction in the collective body alongside the clearing process and maintenance of the species' vitality. The latest, the swine flu, was declared especially important on this 29th degree. Could the animals be trying to communicate something? I noticed where people are reluctant to even mention the creature connected with this one, preferring the letters and numbers. Not like the avian flu which rolled off many tongues with joy. Granted. Pigs aren't pretty.

"Before we can begin to glimpse the deeper spiritual reality behind swine flu, we need to take a moment to try and understand what the pig symbolizes. I think most people are familiar with the negative aspects of the pig symbolism: gluttony and greed, for example. Not as many are familiar with the strengths of pig symbolism, like forward movement, digging deep, and uprooting useless things."
Dr. Antonia M:The Spiritual Reality Behind Swine Flu
Dr. M. makes a lot of sense. It's no mistake that the piggy banks revealed the full range of their gluttony at this time, too, all in the prep for Pluto opposite USA Venus and Jupiter. The people are getting hints and starting to exercise frugality, but those at the top are going to be late coming to the game. Don't worry about that one. She makes a good point about the pig uprooting useless things. An excellent example of Pluto to Venus.
I also got to thinking about our relationship with animals and the horrific practices we're engaged in now in an attempt to feed this voracious human population. Perhaps it's the animals trying to balance things out, and ideally, we could develop a fair relationship with the so-called lower citizens of our kingdom. It seems hominids still have to learn how to eat.
~"Beneath the skin of this surface layer there is the issue of human beings' destructive habit of overconsumption. We over consume just about everything. Now, where meat is concerned, our overconsumption creates imbalances on many fronts: our health and the ecology, for example. The meat industry's negative impact on the environment (not to mention our bodies with the pesticides and hormones) is significantly greater than all our anti-green habits.
~It’s no coincidence that swine flu is manifesting now along side global economic turbulence. The pig, or I should say a healthy pig, is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. A pig with the flu is trying to tell us something about our economic health.
The pig is a social animal. So it’s not just a message for world leaders. We as a community have to be responsible for our own economic balance, for balance in our lifestyles."

The question remains, "Is any of this impacting the collective subconscious in a measurable way? Or is the knowledge already there just now surfacing through the swine flu?" I think everyone gets the connection each time they hear the word, and it's going to be mentioned quite frequently up ahead, you can be sure.
"To an extent, Pig medicine path is also about boundaries. I think the presence of swine flu is a reminder that we have allowed our space to be invaded—mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, politically, financially. That’s what viruses do. They invade your space."
I agree, but it's not necessarily the invasion, I don't think, although protection is important to maintain. It's also what happens once they're in. Invasion seems to come with the territory.
This fits the boundary making of Saturn, especially when the planets leave Pisces. Contrary to these times, unity and global whatever might not be the prescription then.
This is definitely food for thought and in terms of the 29th degree of fear, it can serve to relax the mind about the reasons for disasters and at the same time give clues about how to accept their inevitability, resting in the knowledge that you've survived everything so far.

The moment also puts the Hellth Care debacle into perspective. It's not going to solve much in the big picture and the big one is much more interesting, I find. It's stimulating to ponder the possibilities beyond appearances, and far beyond the personalities on the main stage. In some ways, the slaughter in Iraq reminds me of our animal killing, along with our other wars for commodities, and I'm convinced that all these phenomena are tied together occurring simultaneously as they did at 29 Virgo. The wisdom of the pig is as great, but no greater than ours. It's time to share, it looks like. And take our medicine.