Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Pitfalls of Prophecy

Eclipse at 29 Cancer
July 22nd they warned! Or heralded.
As you can see, nothing happened. Oh, some will insist that it's too subtle to perceive, and that's probably true, but most are looking for tangible signs. People have been acting as prophets since time immemorial, and whether they are shrieking on the street corner or pontificating on a book tour, I feel secure knowing that most everyone takes them in stride. These everyones always have an ear cocked just in case, but so far we've managed fairly well without benefit of prophetic services. Mostly people are seeking drama in a rather routine mundane existence. Not a whole lot happens, yet everything does.
Eclipses are one of many small events that make up human activity as it relates to the solar system. When things actually do happen they quickly drift into the semi-remembered land of the past. Even the ones that make history drift into the long continuum over time. Those hoping for cataclysmic events and sudden shifts are generally due for a letdown.
What drives these proclamations? Ego, of course. And that's what this eclipse is all about. The Sun (ego) in Cancer is kind of like a permanent eclipse and this moment exaggerated the condition. The result has been an agitated attempt to bolster the frightened entity, often leading to childish tantrums and screams for attention. The public nursery school at full tilt. Even the dogs were whining and shouting in the park yesterday, something they never do. Fierce protection of territory can also occur under Cancer's influence, and the difficult truth of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction - that world peace, harmony, and happiness are not here just now - is disheartening to some.
The personal reigns supreme with Cancer and we're just getting started. This particular eclipse is a lead-in to the next year and a half of the south node in Cancer offering a chance to stop and talk with the squirmy child and teach it reason, logic, and self control a-la the north node in Capricorn.
It's also looks like a diminishing of overblown idol worship with the south leaving Leo and the darkening of the solar so perfectly timed.
On the other hand, some with less than outstanding egos had a chance to stick out a little more while the shiny ones got shadowed. It all evens out. The ordinarily overlooked can't take too much of the spotlight, but their contribution in rare moments is probably remembered in that expansive land of the past. Who can tell in this unpredictable world? They might even step out from the shadows a little bit more as time goes on and the Leo south node leaves the superdupers in the gold dust. It will be a fascinating Mars retrograde in Leo coming up, I guarantee that.
So the prophets cry. Even when catastrophes do occur, or merely unfortunate, upsetting, or slightly miserable events, they give way to the broader, deeper movement of humanity, which no one can perceive. Light and dark live side by side, kindly symbolized by the sun and moon. Granted they don't like to share the sky, they both have their slots, but overall, they get along. This eclipse was another fateful meeting of the two enhanced by the Cancer energy and south node in Leo just about to cross over. An eclipse of the sun is a temporary moon type darkness, usually with the attendant insecurity. A sort of cosmic dimmer. It makes me squint whether I'm looking at it or not.
As I mentioned earlier, the next years are scheduled to break habitual dependent behaviors in some and this event has been a harbinger of these potential movements. Leaving so-called secure caves for exposure to the outside can be daunting, but sometimes the urge to get out gets the best of you. You might see the cardinal signs leading the way. The fixed will probably require bulldozers.
There's real work to be done in society and the rewards of achievement and recognition beckon. Along with that journey out is the development of a viable ego that includes benefits for society as well as yourself.
So who has her hands clasping the light? Who's better than whom? Who makes these decisions? Some insist that the forces of evil in the universe must be eradicated. Conquered. Snuffed out. That's a tall order. Light doesn't kill the dark, really. Life is comparison and contrast. And who says that light isn't "evil"?
Deep in the ocean beneath the surface light there are hot spots known as thermal vents where unusual biological forms exist. There are giant worms who thrive way way down in the depths, and to them, light would be evil. They even have blood in their strange bodies very similar to ours. Together these forms live in a dark world that astonishes the imagination. In the ocean, and on the earth's surface, and probably in the heavens, you can witness horrors committed by the inhabitants, but it's all part of the chain that perpetuates the ecosystems. The octopus isn't such a nice guy.
Many nefarious acts are committed under cover of dark. But so are they done in the light. Evil was at home in paradise from the getgo.The forces of evil have a magical way of twisting and winding through everyone, and even though some seem to hold more, the quickest route to eradication, if you choose that road, is inside yourself. Lingering on others' "darkness" can even cause you to miss your own, the most important piece of the evil pie. You aren't going to be successful conquering it out there. I'll stake my silver on that claim.
The United States is in somewhat permanent eclipse with her Cancer stellium and her fear is spelled out in her astronomical military expenditure. We were born or live here for reasons connected to this destiny. The north node in Leo indicates a solid gold ego somewhere down the line but the process is a long one as the relationship is developed between these two great luminaries and people learn to love themselves with solar pride, while understanding that the other human levels of expression will have their time as well, including calamities, war, disease, and all manifestations of earthly existence. You live beside what you perceive as wrong while doing what's within your capabilities to make a better world if you want one. Neither side has any intention of going away and neither side wins. They share the universe and they teach. Your own fear of evil frequently is just a signal that you need more confidence. The night must be laughing to see little humans try to self-righteously use the dark as a weapon, mislabeling so consistently. The storm clouds too. And the worms in the vents. And, of course, the fantasy novelists. The fearfulness of the moon is a perfect complement to the confidence of the sun. Dark and Light are a match made in heaven.
It's another eclipse. One of so many. The Sun and Moon chuckle, sharing the joke.