Wednesday, July 15, 2009

America on the Cardinal Cross

The cardinal signs are the primary relationship points in the astrological wheel and successful development of all four ensures the healthy functioning of a society.
In Aries the relationship with the self is established separate from having to conform to interpersonal or societal norms. In Cancer, the family is formed and tribal belonging with protection and security provided by the intimate bonding with others compose the next stage. In Libra, emotional separation comes and the individual sees the other from a mental perspective, balancing, weighing, judging, and using the opportunity as a mirrored reflection of self, thus gaining more knowledge and understanding, along with learning how to give and take. In Capricorn, the emotional familiar attachment is no longer needed as much while the native forms a relationship with society as a whole. A good foundation of security creates the ability to relate to the group later on. The individual is able to trust others, knows her*his character, talents, and skills and is able to use the earlier lessons of cooperation to become a productive member of society. On the large scale, a country then becomes a mature player on the world stage.
As you can see, the United States has some work to do at the Cancer point with four planets there just about to be heavily transited, and I do mean heavily. The Libra Saturn and Capricorn Pluto points will also be involved. And Aries will soon be factored in. Cardinal energy is dynamic action meant to initiate change. A lot is ahead.

Right now, there is a fascinating configuration of celestial influences coming into focus. The new moon at 0 Cancer became the full moon eclipse in Capricorn. But it's an unusual moment since there will be a second new moon at 29 Cancer and another eclipse. Adding further to the configuration are the nodes of the moon entering Cancer and Capricorn. Just when the nodes change, Pluto goes direct headed for serious business with the US Cancer stellium. And finally, the direct motion occurs exactly when the next Saturn-Uranus opposition comes. It's time for an experience with the child-parent, home-world puzzle so woven into the country's destiny. Successful developments on the childish, dependent, often fearful and insecure Cancer end could bring about a more mature relationship with the world and a better functioning society as we come to the first return of Pluto to its natal position. It's theoretical at this stage, of course.
The blogs are a new part of the arrangement and they could figure in significantly since they perfectly combine the cave-like intimacy and family connectedness to the public arena. So people are home and in the world at once. The tribal units are out in the open being monitored and hopefully, if only eventually, keeping people on their best behavior. Lessons of dignity, politeness, respect, and so on could be learned with Pluto in Capricorn, especially with Saturn in Libra in the beginning.
On the other hand, the urge for independence will cause some to leave the security of the blogs and the attachment to administrators as mother figures protecting the brood from the cold cruel world. Emotions could get out of hand at first and quarrels could escalate. Some blog masters will realize it's time to let go of their own blogs and dependence on their familial clusters. Clinging to security blankets in general is up for consideration including the idea that the government is going to magically transform into a kind, caring, frugal, respectable, people-loving entity.
Who and what are the politicians protecting? Who is ultimately responsible for your interests? How can we turn the natural Cancerian impulse to nurture and band together into one that nourishes the well-being of society? How can private successes become public? Who really is in charge? When is it time to take things into your own hands and how can that be accomplished?

I often talk about complicity and shared responsibility. Many feel that they are victims of the elite, the corporations, the government, and authorities in general. Metaphysically, there is no such thing. All relationships are contracts between the parties and so-called victims have reasons to be there. From that perspective, the "evildoers" are just as much victims of the people, themselves, or circumstance. Trying to accurately pinpoint blame often is fruitless, time-consuming, and exhausting. There's one simple reason for acting from this position. If you play the victim you can't do anything about it. If you share responsibility, you have control. Your chances of a fix have improved exponentially. Growing up as a Cancer country, the lesson of responsibility will come one time or another. This looks like a perfect time.
Another important part of maturing is facing mistakes. The Cancer child reacts defensively to criticism, but the good adult knows how to criticize and receive judgement gracefully, along with using the information for correction. The United States, herself, is due for some discipline, which might include some humiliation. The leadership is childlike and superficial and not taken seriously at present. Ancient threads still weave their way around the planet. Correction is the key to Saturnian development on the path to expertise with genuine pride in achievement.
Ideally, we the populace, become the parents of ourselves, managing our finances, voting intelligently, paying attention to local issues where direct votes can influence policy a great deal, drying the tears, ending some of the tantrums, and standing up to do the job, watching the moves of the politicians in relentless Plutonian investigative fashion. The terrorizing from the parents now has gone on long enough. I realize they have their hands on mega world demolishing weapons, but hey! They're as afraid of them as we are. And they know they can't get away with as much as they used to. If things progress well, a new brand of leadership could emerge, reflecting the people's growth, and you will recognize it. The all day sucker transforms into the wild cherry tootsie roll pop and the kids shriek with delight. Hidden pleasures from Pluto. If they're good.
Pluto in Capricorn plays no favorites. It's interested in an efficient smooth-operating system. The understanding of collective survival and control from a deeper broader source diminishes a lot of the fear and frees up energy for achievement both personal, and societal. Pluto does signify revenge sometimes, but the best revenge is success and health, with more emphasis on reward than punishment. Power is in constant flux and redistributes itself according to system requirements. Breakdowns only lead the wise ones to the avenues of repair, or in some cases, destruction and rebuilding. The backbone of Capricorn can be used to build anew from the primal Cancerian need for safety.
As usual, there are good and bad aspects to the challenges ahead, but most important is the realization that it's not going to be done for us. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people means just that. We are it. The nation has serious problems and some might feel there isn't much that can be done, but soon, renewed vigor will come.
There's always a solution. The greater the effort, the bigger and more enduring the transformation can be, with careful planning, sensible division of labor, sincerity, consistency, method, and patience. People can let Pluto come and do what it does, remaining wobbly and too yielding under the Cancer influence, waiting for the adults (?) to take care of it, or they can utilize the nourishing talent of the sign to build solid security from within, remaining firm, erect, and with the help of Aries, a little bit fearless. When is it time to take things into our own hands and how can that be achieved? Are you ready for power? We do have a little time yet to think about it.

The cosmos is not one to deny creatures their autonomy. It means less work for those illusive entities. More time to frolic among the stars.