Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swept Away

"There is a freaking tidal wave of ideological angst."
About three-fourths of the earth is made up of oceanic water which has largely defied human intervention. 95% of the ocean floor is unexplored, and this just-released article related to the matter caught my attention: Oceans charge up new theory of magnetism.
The new and radical theory claims that sea currents are implicated in the magnetism that moves life on earth. That could be so, especially when Jupiter meets Neptune.

Neptune is the entity of chaos and confusion, and there is no evidence from my vantage point that anybody anywhere knows what's happening presently. Aquarius governs circumstance beyond one's control and with the Neptunian dissolution of boundaries, it's a veritable flood, considering Jupiter's juxtaposed inflation.
Realizing our limited control is a way to join with the broader cosmology. Mortals are not in charge. They are part of a flux. Especially when Jupiter stops at Neptune.
Neptune is allied with the alcohol saturated orgiastic releases of Dionysus as people get caught up in the frenzy for an infinite number of reasons. Some want this. Others want that. It's chaos unleashed. Neptune plus Jupiter. Good, bad, and indifferent in perfect unity, if lacking in productivity.
The moon's nodes are now at the 0 degree of Aquarius and Leo and here's what I think in terms of the socio-political. For the past year and a half, the public has been watching grand theater with animated superstars saying most anything for attention and control of the audience. Wild promises and threats have entertained the crowd with little basis in reality. They're fed up with it as mundane woes seriously increase and disappointments mount. It seems as though the rul-ees at 0 Aquarius would like some last minute attention paid to themselves. The drama of the South Node in Leo can exhaust itself, after all. It's only fair that the whole shebang gets the stage at 0 Aquarius for a brief moment. It's the whole group that rules, anyway, if the truth be known.
So as sea water is considered to be a part of the magnetic force that guides life on this planet, the salty tides carry on through. Big ones. The future (Aquarius) is a mystery (Neptune) but so what?
It's the perfect time for a breather. Control belongs to no one, so everyone is off the hook. Divine disorder.