Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tapping Into Life

The Rhythm of the Ages
Anna Harper, 88, has been tap dancing for 81 years.
I've been intending to learn how to tap dance for a long long time but being the slow poke I am I haven't gotten around to it yet. I see what I've been missing and it's with a great sigh of relief that I realize I need not rush nor regret my pace. My dream can still come true. Kicking the floor at 90. Dancing till the finale.


Anonymous dble aries said...

jm, of course, it is never to late!

Loved the Clypso music again, and the man in the red shirt in Jean & Dinah, looks like he has rhythm. A man I would like to meet. By opening up Cuba more, I hope we get more Clypso music, and all other of their cultural music.

My mother, made me take tap dancing lesson, for 2 years. 7/8 years old. I performed in a big recital in downtown, Toronto, Can. I was mortified. It was a good thing, that my mother got over that "trend" in her life. I would be better dancer now. I was too shy.

When Uranus goes into Aries, I bet many new things can start,/ happen. We will take to the stage with ease and confidence. We will have more dynamic ideas.
I love how you make me dream up new lifestyles.

21/4/09 9:34 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I am so in love with this song that my life is altered. The rhythm is hard to believe. I heard it in a wonderful movie I just saw about Indians in Trinidad called The Mystic Masseur, based on the novel by V.S. Naipaul. It was full of warmth, humor, and humanity, and it even had a good ending, similar to what I've decided about my own life and time. It's rare that I love a movie, but this one did it and the song accompanied gorgeous footage from the Caribbean. Caribbean music is my favorite. The patois of the islands lends itself to the lilt and rhythm of the sounds. The curve and elasticity. The first half of the last century was good for music worldwide. If the gods were kind, I'd see that again before I dance out of here.

I agree that Uranus in Aries will stimulate and motivate. I'm going to start my acting and tap lessons and my Friday night bowling league.

21/4/09 2:12 PM  
Anonymous dble aries said...

jm, I had to find the trailer.


This looks intriguing and wonderful I had not heard of it, but will now make a point to see it. I love foreign films, or about foreigners. They have so much more depth, than most American films. Only now, have I had time for any entertainment/extra education in my life. Funny, my older life will be better than my younger. The grapes are sweet and not sour! Anticipating another Venus conjunction--lucky.

Little Tich, LOL, He is a real entertainer! I did not comment earlier because I think it reminded me too much of my "famous" recital.
Are you sure, you want to bowl?

21/4/09 4:18 PM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL! The "famous recital."

Yes, I'll probably join a league. I love bowling but it's hard on my hands so I'm not 100% sure. After this temporary side trip into political pain I am looking forward more than ever to shared pleasures with people. They're already beginning.

I almost became a filmmaker and I love foreign films. The Mystic Masseur is a treat beyond description. It's long with beautiful cinematography, but the real treasures are the tender Indian characters speaking English the Trinidad way. It's endearing and I'm going to watch it again. The Caribbean patois is full of humor, lilt, and charm, and all of it is musical. The Indians came over to work the plantations after slavery ended.

One of the main actors, Om Puri, is so good I am always stunned. He is another one who isn't slick or handsome, but is very very talented. And he's recognized and appreciated. Something about him transcends hype.

The Merchant-Ivory group includes Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, who is my favorite writer of fiction. She's Polish, married to an Indian. Her love-hate affair with India is fascinating and the way she writes about the place is unique. She is the most sensuous writer I know, especially her short stories. She's a Taurus, btw. Interesting how she's used the English language, not her native one. The Indian version of English is fascinating in itself.

Their movies aren't generally this good, but they have no violence and I require that. It's hard to find. Still they are wildly successful, which gives me hope. The lust for violence is so strong. This one was gentle but truthful in its depiction of human relationship and our search for fulfillment.

One of the greatest foreign films is Children of Paradise by Marcel Carne. You should see that one. It's on DVD. I like many of them but I recently saw one that affected me profoundly called Entre Nous, based on a true relationship between two married women. Spiritual and emotional love, but destructive too. Isabelle Huppert starred and I like her.

21/4/09 5:12 PM  

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