Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Noteworthy Study

I'm pleased to announce that distinguished salt expert, Dr. Boron, together with colleague and biologist, Dr. Fern Fytoid, have been commissioned by the influential organization Scientists and Cellists for Immediate Radical Transformation to study the salt levels of public figures as a possible path to understanding why people behave very similarly to animals at a salt lick. Perhaps it is a mineral imbalance, he surmises, or something in their shoe polish.
Dr. Boron has had considerable success studying the licking behaviors of the South Dakota porcupine. He and Dr. Fytoid are going to combine the results and see if they can relate the natural world to the body politic, in terms of licking.

There have also been some parallels drawn to domesticated dogs and water bowls, but as yet, no one has been formally chosen to study these phenomena.


Blogger Tseka said...

heheh, hope they find some rich veins to mine.

12/4/09 7:14 AM  
Blogger neith said...

ROFLMAO!!!! Thanks for a good laugh, jm!!

12/4/09 7:55 AM  
Anonymous dble aries said...

It must be the "shoe polich"?
You have made my day again, we need the humor and laughing. Great relief from the grumblings of Mars/Saturn. And relief over all the "hoopla" over the dog!

12/4/09 8:50 AM  
Blogger chiron said...

Talk about 'licking behaviors'.

Does anyone remember Billy Carter? Jimmy’s forlorn bro who always made headlines for his inept antics. Makes you wonder doesn’t it that for ages the American press made hay displaying the peccadilloes of presidential relatives. We knew about Margaret’s piano fiasco’s, Billy’s urinating, Sam Huston Johnson’s love affair with the bottle, Ron Reagan’s penchant for the plie, Neil Bush’s stock trades and Prescott’s naziphilia. Where are the Obama’s? Aren’t they interesting? Apparently they are. We find that brother George is living in abject squalor in Nairobi; grandmama is living in similar squalor in rural Kenya; we have cousin Raila Odinga trying to overthrow the secular, US-backed government and institute Sharia law in Kenya; and one auntie flagrantly violating US immigration law. But now, like your favorite dill spears, Obama family life has pickled to the nth degree with brother Samson attempting to rape a 13 year old in Britain.

Oh well. You know what they say….’the apple never falls far from the tree’. And the pooch seems to be getting all the press. Poor dog. He would be better off in the pound.

12/4/09 1:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

HA HA HA!!! I never know if I should or shouldn't. I need a bullet proof vest and a body guard with this Pluto-Mars transit.

Great picture neith!

I completely missed the dog crap but at least it's not WWIII.

Nice rundown chiron. We sure know how to pick 'em. Cousin Raila definitely is a problem. But hey! You can't control your relatives. Just the world. And your dog. His greasy sleaze used to bother me but it doesn't any more. Makes perfect sense.

I don't know how you fine folks can stand to follow them, newswise. The hapless (forlorn) public needs us. Keep those boots slick and salty!!

12/4/09 2:01 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Poor dog. He would be better off in the pound.

We're all in the pound. Can't wait till the promised transformation gets here and we get taken for a walk.

12/4/09 2:09 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Away from the computer some interesting things are happening.

Yesterday I got snagged into a political discussion about the growing unease concerning Obama. They're sensing something they can't fully articulate. They don't know what he's up to and it's becoming impossible for them to relax and trust him. I'm sure they know he's lying, and although they all do, they "hoped" this one would be different. There was too much force in the beginning anyway and now people are trying to wiggle out of the contract, or at least step back and get perspective. Over and over I hear how they gave him money and worked for him, and now they aren't feeling the connection. They are confused and worried. They sense his allegiance to the system, but they just can't tell. Maybe the extra 83 billion for his war is part of it. They used to get all upset when Bush did that, and now no one is allowed to. Lot's of disconnect. Lot's of locked up energy.

Bush was black and white, so to speak, but this one is far more deceptive, and they are uncomfortable. His success depends on cheering crowds and speeches, but after that, they don't know how to gauge it. He's still campaigning, but people are concerned about their actual lives and are becoming more immune to the rhetoric, which is now getting repetitive, cliched, and more remote. the "empty suit" idea is beginning to look real, since the great speeches aren't lasting in effect. A temporary injection. I think this is the last of the rock stars, but it has to be extreme to make the point.

The interesting part was the addition of Republicans in our conversation. It was the first I'd seen this - a reasonable honest discussion of what's really going on here, not policy, but the question of leadership in concrete terms. There was little talk of like or dislike, love or hate, to my great satisfaction.

One Republican stopped and asked what side we were aligned with. She couldn't tell. That's the sign of something very interesting. Genuine progress. The brute 2 party game mucks up motion, and now on the verge of possibility, the people are scared of the unknown and have reverted to the same old games. People out in the world, though, are interested in learning. And even interested in truth and alternative views. I sent one to!

The political situation is our creation as a whole collective. It seems logical that the current leadership will continue to weaken so we can find the necessary strength to see us through the cardinal years. The people are antsy and perturbed, now, probably soon to be quite noticeably aroused. The desperate attempt at maintaining the narcosis is going on, but I still expect an awakening from the stupor.

There has to be big awakening to change the course of leadership selection in this country. It might take quite a bit of time. They know deep down they don't have good leadership now. But they seem to want it.

It was a very good conversation.

12/4/09 3:03 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Let me add that although I share your disgust with it all, I don't know if character assassination works very well. His relatives might be interesting, but not significant. I get caught up in it , too, but now that people are coming to their senses, maybe this low level attack actually turns them off. Real deeds or lack of them work pretty well. There will be plenty more.

I do, however, think some of your extreme opinion is the only way to cut through at times, and you expose universal truths.

But the personal stuff could be excessive when people are becoming more and more ready to face facts. Hating the man is not necessary for many of them to defy his wrongdoings. I'm sure he has an equal number of good relatives. I would be more concerned with his grandmother's side and her social climbing.

12/4/09 3:26 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I really do think this man's sordid character comes through with or without hate, and it is picked up by the senses. Of course people will make him into something else. That's how we survive.

But this sordid nature is also ours, evidenced by the continuing sleazy wars for profit, and the economic crippling of third world countries. The weapon and drug games that are going strong. Focusing all the hate on him totally shortchanges the real source of our troubles. He is a pustule on our face and a symbol of our sneakiness. Looking within will lead you to worse. Also to good things and potential healing factors. It can be done. Hopefully after the Pluto return and the Cancer stellium has gotten the treatment.

12/4/09 3:40 PM  
Blogger chiron said...

Well JM. The illegal aunt got a pass. The near rapist bro was shunted through British immigration and allowed to fly to DC. There is a greater message about the relatives many fail to understand. Aside from the simple wrongness of privileged largesse, and the wink wink issue the pass approach for Obama, it simply flies in the face of all the rhetoric tossed willy nilly during the primaries. Rhetoric such as we are tired of the Bushes and the Clintons. Two families have ruled for twenty years, ya da ya da ya da. Not incorrect. There was a point to it. However this clique is giving themselves a pass from criticism. More cogently, the press is ignoring it. In vivid juxtaposition however the press screams shrill at the wind at every nuance of personal drama from Sarah Palin. While Teddy is enshrined in the pantheon of legendary heroes, despite his horrid history of drinking, cheating and personal failure, it is permissible to require individuals like Sarah Palin to give a stool sample at every opportunity. It is only on blogs such as this that both sides of an issue can be analyzed and understood. Hate is certainly not necessary. Exposure is most definitely required, and there is a lot to expose. It goes to the fundamentals of a broken system. If you believe that the constitution is at the core of the nations being, then continued abrogation of that core document taint the nations soul. The cybersecurity act, the funding of the war in Afghanistan, torture, unlawful surveillance, sovereign immunity,and on and on. We criticized the Bush administration as 'bad' people doing bad things, now we have supposedly 'good' people doing the same things. I for one don't intend to allow anyone to pull the wool over my eyes ever again. Exposure of truth sometimes comes like a sculptor working in stone. You chip away a little here, and you chip away a little there until there it is. Since he should be treated no differently than any preceding potus, its all grist for the mill. The ultimate objective is truth.

12/4/09 5:30 PM  
Anonymous dble aries said...

Everyday, I tell myself, do not pay attention to any commotion going on now, wait until Uranus transits to Aries. Then we have news of the escalation of troops, more unemployment, etc, etc. and I am back reading the news! And I am sure the dog is a cover-up for some other lie going on? or a phony presentation of the "All American Family".
My belief is that Obama will have problems, when people realize, that he is not following his campaign promises. Protecting Bush, torture, Wall Street, the Banks, and not getting out of Iraq!
His betrayal and sneakiness, will slowly come out, when he fails on those promises. Distrust will set in.
Facing, our own demons, too, will not be an easy pill, and that we were duped.! I hate that, when it happens! Yes, we hoped for real leadership, and guidance in changing our world. But appears, we have to do the transformation ourselves.
We will have strength in numbers, and I am up for the cause!
Great encouragement comes from here.

12/4/09 5:31 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I can't think of a single thing to add to the previous two comments beyond some additional abominable legislative acts that got passed in the last 12 years or so.

12/4/09 6:02 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I agree with your last comment wholeheartedly, chiron, and I will say it was well stated. His repeat of Bush policies and the lack of criticism not only disturb me, but I think they are wandering into treacherous territory. And I agree it must be chipped at relentlessly.

The fact that Move On and the Center For Anerican Progress are now cheerleading his wars is psychotic. But I know the country is in a psychotic episode now and will be for awhile.

We are not alone in being angry with the fancy rhetoric. "Now is the time," bullshit. His platitudes are as bad as they get and they're getting stale already. Many more people than is realized are feeling betrayed, and I do believe in a little bit of time, they are going to be heard. But I also think we are going into a repressive time and that this government is going to clamp down on us. It's already happening as he's worse than Bush in the Constitutional Rights area. He's worse than Bush in many ways, and it's coming out in the wash eventually.

I love it when you speak up cogently in your own words. Few are more articulate and right.

Since he should be treated no differently than any preceding potus, its all grist for the mill. The ultimate objective is truth.

Yes. And the fact that he is being given special treatment is the good sign. His fall is going to one of the biggest and we will be relatively free. Using our senses now will help when we go forward after the Pluto-Sun opposition.

12/4/09 7:20 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The reason I mentioned his mother's line is that so few understand this man's clawing to the top and how far he'll go to get there. This betrayal is small potatoes compared to what he's capable of. I'll just be glad to see the back of him.

Great comment dble A. You nail it so consistently. I'm upset about the 83 billion war funding. Our money. With not a peep. What next? And I agree. The promised exit from Iraq is being used as a pacifier. I'll believe it when I see it.

The all-American family game is also going to have some surprises. His ambition almost destroyed his marriage awhile ago and you better believe it's still a killer.

We don't have the karma now to have a good society and sudden fortune. As I've said, we have hell to pay first. And right now, our karma is continuing in the same vein. The only thing that will change it is our efforts against the government. You're right about the numbers, and soon they will be an important factor.

I could tell yesterday. The people are sensing the truth. We have to. I see so much good in people everywhere and I wonder why we have this situation. Where is the knob to turn? I've got the wrench.

12/4/09 7:34 PM  
Anonymous dble aries said...

The legislature process, Congress, is a disgrace too. Joe is right.
Chiron does say it all so wonderfully explicit!
My understanding is that the White House, and Rahm Emmanuel are working directly with Move 0n and other groups, if they do not follow the "plan", they could lose funding. Firedoglake had an article in reference to that, but that it would not harm them. They have the funding.
I believe that they are all one big cabal. Bush, Clinton, Congress, all in cahoots together.

Also, praising Eric Holder, for a fine Judicial decision, in the Ted Stevens case is ludicrous too. Stevens is still guilty. The prosecution was set-up to fail, and Bush did not have to give him a pardon. The money and power is a "get out of jail" free card, for all types of crimes.
Wow, truth has to happen and that knob has to turn.
Got to go listen to some jazz now, and perk up the mood.

12/4/09 9:07 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Jazz is king.

Chiron exposes everyone's ugliness pretty much, as the cover quivers.

The one that got to me was the speech in Iraq when the leader said how great the invasion was. Well, people can change, I guess. War is good now. Heroic again.

We'll see. I was just absorbing a Japanese spiritual tale and wondered how to blend the two worlds in my life. I keep thinking I have to retreat from the violence, but there's no guarantee anywhere. We're playing against the house, and I with a stacked deck. It's amazing I end up in as good a shape as I do. Running probably. My Zen.:) It's all my fault, anyway. I came here for some odd reason. I'm getting some cosmic WD 40 for the knob, dble A. See if that'll do the trick.

Am I paying for the dog food?

Think spiritual, jm. Spiritual! Chimes, please.

13/4/09 3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that they are all one big cabal. Bush, Clinton, Congress, all in cahoots together.

Your comments are true and if you look closely you will find the Clintons are still in power. It went from Bush right back to Clinton because The Secret Government is calling the shots. Check out these sites.
Alex Jones,
William Cooper and
Patricia Cori's book No More Secrets No More Lies

Read the entire Patriot Act. The most dangerous piece of legislation slithered through with little anger or protest and was signed into Law by Bush.

You have every right to be angry but your anger is directed in the wrong direction. The SG wants you to blame O but his hands are tied. Think Spiritual and may God help us all.

13/4/09 11:10 AM  
Blogger jm said...

No. The Clintons are not in power and I don't think they ever were. He was a puppet like the rest. The decisions are being made by those who hold the financial power along traditional lines. Alex Jones and others are right in theory but wrong about a lot of things. It's true that the politicians are in on the profit-making and that our tax money is being stolen. In fact, I think this country is being manipulated by the old powers, a dilemma to be addressed with the Pluto return.

The Patriot Act and other dangerous legislation is beyond the rulers since the collective has specific lessons to learn about authority. One of the first is the problems with fear of a conspiracy or shadow government. The government comes from the entire body politic in keeping with needs of the time. We need oppression sometimes, freedom others, and societies change among the forms. The cramp and release of movement.

One of the first major lessons is to let go of the fear of a monolithic power such as the SG. What the SG "wants" is moot. The shadow government also has a shadow ruler -- the collective subconscious. There is no ultimate power and yes, they'd like you to believe that, but it's not true. There are too many factions within to make an enduring one ruler world.

O needs to be blamed as much as anyone. It is just as much our faults too. No one is a victim. We all created this system as a means to survive and as survival dictates, our systems will change. NO ONE is in charge. When you go to topple the rulers you will find this out. They grow back. The source is within the collective.

O is not being blamed, he is being worshipped, just as the current decision makers desire. He's being used as a toy and distraction. A pacifier. But my theory is that he is there as an agent of a revolution of some kind and we are supposed to rise up against him. He wants it too, or at least his south node in Aquarius does. He is in no way the ruling power, but he could be a step to some change, if we fully recognize that revolution comes from the whole, with parts resisting parts to get there. There could be nothing more healthy for our society than blaming and going against this administration, including the president, realizing that we are in it together in the big picture. It's going to happen anyway.

Power shifts by necessity and the body politic tries to stay alive and healthy like any other entity. It could be a time for major shift, but still it's a speck in the evolutionary process. Our governments reflect us perfectly. The one we have now is the right one for the time, but Pluto in Capricorn is exposing the decay and disease that need to be removed in the systems. One of the hardest is the belief in a mighty punishing monolithic ruling power. It's necessary only if you need it for yourself, for your personal evolution. The SG and NWO fear will go with the first major step toward maturity.

So resenting the president is a step to something better, along with the realization that we have given the power to the current rulers. It's up to us to redistribute it as needed. We govern ourselves when we are ready to do so. It will be reflected in entirely new leadership if all goes well.

13/4/09 2:19 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The Pluto return is interesting considering the convergence of Capricorn planets surrounding it. Capricorn can mean conservative authoritarian leadership or excellent administrative skill. Impossible to say yet.

Some change has to come to get to good leadership. The president we have now is a marketing commodity, and he is being continually packaged and sold as a mythic hero. The media are being paid to do this. But the alternative pathways of communication are throwing a curve and the battle is on.

This is why I'm looking at midway through when Pluto opposes the Sun after Jupiter, Lord of Advertising, to see if there is movement away from the Hollywood approach to governance. If problems are taken seriously enough, it could happen, no matter what the marketing entities have in mind. They go with the flow, too, and I'm sure they never anticipated the gold mine they stumbled upon in this president as far as manipulating the populace goes. Talk about easy money. But the other side of hype might rear its head as we reach the Capricorn convergence, and certainly, the law and order this configuration indicates should arrive. What kind of law depends on the preceding years.

Things can worse or better. One has to allow for any possibilty if one really wants something different. Possibility is one of the gifts of living, but the chips can fall any which way. Play when luck is around, and cash your chips at the right time. The game goes on as you tap in and out. And cut your losses.

13/4/09 3:17 PM  
Blogger chiron said...

Some of the most erudite comments I've read in quite a long time JM. You've hit the proverbial nail into the ole crucifix you have. ( sorry I'm still in the Easter mood..."The gay roman soldier looked up at Jesus on the cross and said "nice hat ... and I love your nails"") :o

Packaged and sold indeed. Kind of like suppositories; and you never knew you needed them.

13/4/09 7:42 PM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL, chiron.

Thank god for us.

13/4/09 8:54 PM  
Anonymous Jewel said...

jm, thank you.

13/4/09 10:07 PM  
Blogger jm said...

How elegant you are, jewel.

14/4/09 1:13 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Ah yes, Easter. Chiron, you may enjoy this one... It was reported that in the City of Brotherly Love, the Vatican's Good Friday broadcast, brought to viewers by Comcast, was interrupted for about 30 seconds by a commercial for "Girls Gone Wild." Allegedly it was a Emergency Broadcast System testing glitch.

Brings new meaning to the invocation "He Is Risen!"

14/4/09 4:45 AM  
Blogger chiron said...

LOL good one Joe.

Been watching the hoopla over the new 1st pooch? Seems he was not only from a breeder, but has a pedigree. His real name 'Amigo's New Hope'. Lol nee BO. Well at least one of them has a birth certificate.

14/4/09 6:41 AM  
Anonymous dble aries said...

jm, thank you for all the insight, inspirational info, fun and friendship we have here.
This is my solace.

My belief is that the Gov. is run by corporations, similar to the likes of the Bilderberg Group. They are all in it together for the money. Now, I find that my frustrations/anger is not only towards Obama, his administration, both political parties, but towards the people that do not see the atrocities being carried on! I will mellow out, {talking to myself!} with acceptance, and patience as I have done with Obama. This too, shall pass.
There are two great articles in, Glenn Greenwald, where he is speaking out against this administration. There is more sanity coming around.

Of course, the dog would have a pedigree! LOL- Got to keep climbing the establishment ladder, with every step.
Today, it just a "how did this happen?" Tomorrow will be better, as I go through my own personal rehab! and trust of a higher power.

14/4/09 9:52 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Dble A, you always put it so well.

That's very interesting about the pedigree and his social climbing. It makes perfect beautiful sense. You're going to see more and more of this. Few believe me but astrology? Saturn in Capricorn? So true that people believe what they want to. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the climb, it's just not people power, and the people should simply be aware. Prestige is more important and raising the class status. Why the drama about the pound? Admitting they want a fancy dog is so much better. The guilt about his climb is the problem. The coverup. Everyone's got their own destinies and puzzles, and it really doesn't matter in the long run. He was the establishment candidate, and we are the reform if it's to come.

Aren't we all in it for the money? Or personal gain? So that's why the collective created this system together based on subjugation of some, elevation of others. The natural hierarchy that defines our place now. Evolution should change it in time, since slavery is no longer acceptable business as it once was. But we're all caught up in survival behaviors and that's why the people ignore the atrocities. Their commodities are worth it. The incredible emptiness we're dealing with is illustrated so well by the making of someone else's dog the most important thing in their lives. They're just afraid to look at the other things, and can you really blame them? They're not strong enough. And unwilling to take partial responsibility. And the void demands filling with things.

There will be plenty more speaking out and sanity coming around. That's the reason for this psychosis as a lead-in. Again it's not the characters. No matter what they do, it's time for resistance and that happens no matter who's in office. The hardest part is including their beloved man in the system. Going against him will be the biggest challenge but it will come at the right time. The friction sparks the necessary energy for change, so this has to be for now. It's all orchestrated to create results we don't see yet and everyone is instrumental and important. So metaphysically, he really is helping us, but through opposition in the mundane realm. It should be interesting. People are specks in the cosmic system. We make individuals and dogs more important than they are. Events happen anyway.

It's actually a good time to kick back a little before the action revs up.

14/4/09 1:39 PM  
Anonymous dble aries said...

Partial from the Obama speech today

''But if every family in America cuts back, then no one is spending any money, which means there are more layoffs, and the economy gets even worse. That's why the government has to step in and temporarily boost spending in order to stimulate demand. And that's exactly what we're doing right now."

We have to keep consumption, consumerism, going to recover. We have to keep going through that revolving door with lower wages, and higher credit card interests. We have to work for the phony "American Dream", that someone made up years ago. I also, overheard in a political meeting, that we are not ready to change, because we "want the money" too, we want to strive to be rich, as we have been programmed to do, and to be just like "them". Pluto in Capricorn cannot happen soon enough, to break these myths, accept ourselves and others beyond the monetary mode. Live a peaceful life, within our means, and have the truth.

This has been far too much thinking for a dble aries, I am not geared for this! Ha Ha-- I am giving myself a headache.

However, the dots are beginning to connect, and it is time to rev down now.

14/4/09 4:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It sounds eerily similar to the suggestion when the Trade Towers blew up: "Go shopping." He's a wind up toy. But people are happy and one grabs for those sensations pretty hard. It's natural. It's OK.

It's true about spending but I would imagine in the far stretches of my mind that a temporary setback might be the only way to a cure. It's a lie all the way around. No one wants that cure.

But what does it matter? It does what it does.

Meanwhile, a $30/yd piece of fabric I wanted went down to $4.50 due to my patience. I still might not put my little hands around it and call it my own. Either way. Oh. I did get a pair of $7 gloves for a quarter last week. I splurged. I'm sorry the world is losing money on me though. I have feelings.

I surrender, too. It's exactly as it's supposed to be. Now maybe I can get off the hook.

14/4/09 5:32 PM  
Blogger chiron said...

I had to laugh yesterday at Anderson Cooper on CNN. He has been an overt and obvious Obama partisan from the get go, and uses his pulpit to occasionally snipe at voices of reason or opposition. Yesterday, he was railing against the tea party movement occurring today across the country. One of the tactics utilized by the tea party proponents is to mail tea bags to congressmen along with letters expressing their opinion. Dear gay boy Anderson thought he was being cute and witty by commenting that the problem is "that if you are teabagging you wouldn't be able to say much". Funny, witty indeed. But unlike Kathy Griffin on NYE, this time Anderson 'outed' himself. Not too many straight people would understand the gay term 'teabagging' or that it describes a certain sexual technique. You can't hide behind a veneer on one hand, and then expect to snipe away without someone taking notice on the other. Poor Anderson, his closet has a helluva lot of windows these days.

15/4/09 9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of us who visit ru do celebrate Easter, jm and found chiron's joke about Jesus inappropriate, insensitive and very hurtful. We wouldn’t dream of coming here to disparage atheists, gays, astrologers or Buddhists.

Chiron gleefully points out other people’s flaws oblivious to the fact that everyone has good qualities regardless of how bad they are.

Matthew 7:3-5 (New International Version)
'Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.'

Thank God chiron is PERFECT !!!...;(

15/4/09 3:25 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Complaint registered and filed. No action is as yet contemplated.

15/4/09 5:47 PM  
Blogger jm said...

All right. I suppose I have to speak.

Chiron disparages. It's true. And you all don't? The only difference I see is that he doesn't cover it up. And the rest of you are not doing such a great job at that, I might add. Sanctimoniousness has its perils. I know.

I'll tell you what's disparaging. A leader praying in church on Sunday and dropping bombs on villages on Monday. How about the plank in that villager's brain from flying boards from his home? That's disparaging to Jesus, Matthew, God, and life itself.

I prefer a comment on a blog, along with understanding the resentment some justifiably feel.

15/4/09 6:22 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

JM, have you seen/ heard this?

Susan Boyle A friend who normally is sensible insisted I download and listen to this. With slow dial-up it took forever.

The voice is lovely but the true pleasure is in watching the shock followed by pleasure of the listeners.

For some reason I thought of you, my Uranian friend. Not because of any similarity in music but that perhaps people are finally sick of the plastic coated, managed, prepared. Maybe our time is just around the bend.

15/4/09 7:37 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh my god in heaven.

I have never seen anything like this in my life. Genuine joy. The voice, the reaction, all of it. The real thing. Thank you, dear tseka. You are there.

What money doesn't own.

Heavens. How unusual.

16/4/09 12:11 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

hehe Tseka beat me to it. I was thinking of posting it last night but never got to it. What I can do is share this essay from the Herald, a newspaper in England. It filled in the blanks for me as I couldn't understand much of what was being said between Boyle and the judges.

The Beauty That Matters Is Always On The Inside.

16/4/09 4:43 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

And I just noticed this interesting thing: the title of this particular thread, "A Noteworthy Study," is incredibly apropos right about now. :o)

16/4/09 4:44 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh my god, joe. What an article. Thank you, you two, for this unexpected joy. I am rich.

16/4/09 6:41 AM  

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