Friday, April 03, 2009

King of the Blues

Simple blues in C
I'm howlin' like a coyote
Underneath the moon
Mad as a jackal
And dizzy as a loon
I'm wacked ... out ... almost split in two
Tryin' to please myself and tryin' to please you
Hey Mister, come hear what I gotta say
I am gonna do it

A king has got his castle and a queen has got her throne
I'm gettin' kicked out of my happy home
There's an element of something thick in the air
And a big fat rat scratchin' round upstairs
And if ... you don't think I can stay
I am gonna do it

When you're high upon the mountain, king of the hill
Pickin' and choosin', doin' what you will
Remember while I'm down here singin' the blues
That the high and the mighty got the most to lose

I'm stayin' out of trouble, this point in my life
Stayin' out of trouble, tryin' to do it right
I'm not hurtin' anyone and no one is hurtin' me
I'm just as nice as I can be
And if ...
You don't like what I do or say
I am gonna
Do it anyway
I am gonna
Do it


Blogger chiron said...

just perfection.

3/4/09 6:40 AM  
Blogger chiron said...

Again I feel compelled to mention the ring kissing disgrace with the Saudi king. This episode is an action akin to a 'Freudian slip'. A window into the soul. Why would any American politician feel compelled to grovel before the hereditary head of a hypocritical and corrupt family of murderers and despots? Why kiss a ring? Ring and hand kissing is an ancient practice of deference extended to someone perceived to be of a higher social status or class. It is still practiced within the Catholic Church, as an example, where when greeting a high church prelate a devotee will kiss the prelate's ring and combine that act with a genuflection demonstrating even stronger filial obsequiousness. In Mediterranean cultures, it is a symbol of obedience to the highest rank of a family, such a respect offered to a Sicilian crime Don. Why was Obama compelled to act this way? This to a man who symbolizes the economic strangulation of America's testicles with Saudi oil, who personifies the culture that whacked this nation during 9/11? A Freudian slip yes, matching the 'Muslim' episode with Stephanopoulos. There is nothing that can defend this. The 12th house also indicates deeply kept secrets. This man is rife with them. Keep on your guard. We are a nation in danger.

3/4/09 9:47 AM  
Anonymous dble aries said...

When you're high upon the mountain, king of the hill
Pickin' and choosin', doin' what you will
Remember while I'm down here singin' the blues
That the high and the mighty got the most to lose

Stunning, priceless words. Wish I could play a banjo and please do, pass those Mars-dried tomatoes!
It's the "doing, what you will", that is the danger, around us. This whole episode is another outrageous spectacle, full of hypocricy. Bowing to the Saudi's?, worse than I suspected.. there is nothing that can defend this. Bush should be proud of Obama. And why is Hillary there? we know why, but that is another in your face, slap. Let's line up some more money for the personal accounts.
Got to keep a sense of humor, in all this torment. Maybe I could take banjo lessons?
Jessica Murray's, mothersky blog article, on the Uranus "people" awakening, not the man was wonderful, and have to focus on that. That is our hope.
More grassroots protests are on the horizons, when the people recover from all the mind-boggling news. It is insanity, to deal with, that surrounds us everyday.
And for now, this keeps us side- tracked.
I belong to two groups-300- like-minded people that I take solace with, and the numbers are growing.
And "the high and mighty have the most to lose".
Raging Universe is wonderful too, to be surrounded with.
"oh mercy me". what's next?

3/4/09 11:17 AM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

Thanks for all the great blues. I'll be exploring...

And also away for the next week or so.

3/4/09 12:41 PM  
Anonymous duCan said...

Sorry I missed the Gee 1 dinner and those scrumptious mars-dried tomatoes. But I am now in 'Blues Heaven' listening to Otis and Muddy thanks to JM's excellent choice. Performance par excellence!

m.p.k, you're welcome, will miss reading your thoughts on the issues. Wishing you a wonderful trip.

3/4/09 12:54 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Dble A, I am really pleased. The lines you chose ...

When you're high upon the mountain, king of the hill
Pickin' and choosin', doin' what you will
Remember while I'm down here singin' the blues
That the high and the mighty got the most to lose

are my favorites in the song. "Pickin' and choosin'" was a special joy to write, and I remember it vividly. I sing this song with truth and conviction.

This is good. I've been thinking in the last 24 hours about the blues and why I like it so much at its best. The honesty. I've always been daunted by the dishonesty in the world and felt like I couldn't cut through, but this proves that maybe it's possible. Another try is in the cards. This tune was well received before, and now they are reacting more noticeably and positively to me, myself, so it's getting to be time. I have to adjust to these changes.

Some of my former foes have turned into allies, and I'm doing a double take. It could get interesting. My previous supporters remain intact. Aries can be fascinating, and Pluto on my Mars is bringing it all out. I've always wanted most of all to be honest with myself. I've taken some risks lately in expressing what I was disguising, and I think it was the right decision.

Aries are rejected for their cut-through sometimes and received at others, when its needed. I'm getting the feeling that there could be a sizable wave of this Aries need coming up. Right now, I am looking around surprised when I go out there. Interesting how you showed up.

The banjo is one of my all time favorite instruments, and I intend to take it up myself! Add it to my stage show.

3/4/09 1:57 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Pluto is stationing now, at a standstill, and Mars is opposite Saturn. An uneasy truth is apparent, but still the people can't face it with the Pisces factor in play. I think this summit has been fascinating in it's revelation of some of this truth. Leadership doesn't look so hot. And who exactly is in charge with Pluto in Capricorn? The kings? The old School? The newly elected? The dictators? The voters? What a game we all play.

What's false and what's real, what-who's right and who's wrong, and does it really matter? Push always comes to shove.

Pluto is going back to 0, just getting started in this long transit, and there is a lot to come. My experience in both living and being an astrologer has taught me that nothing works out as expected and there are surprises coming. When Saturn goes direct next month I think more of these truths will slowly come to the surface, Saturn being the emissary of Capricorn. After the summer and into the fall, the map is going to look different.

The rooting out of authority sickness and decay is ahead, both personal and collective, and I think right now all the obvious leaders are part of the disease and we should be seeing this more and more. At the same time, fixations on any of them, both good and bad, reveal our own internal problems and the opportunity for growth in that respect is here.

I often pity the rich and powerful because they are trapped in their webs and with having everything comes the recognition that it isn't all that satisfying, yet there's little more to be gained. Down is the only route that leads to growth. Some will go.

In the meantime, the road up for those on the lower rungs should be traveled carefully and with wisdom to get the best results and avoid the same mistakes, although that's near impossible.

Pluto is bound to shift the power structure, and most are afraid of upsetting that now and the insecurity that results, no matter what they say. So they are clinging to whatever leaders they think are different from the old. They will learn. This fear and clinging will increase as Pluto moves ahead.

It's too soon to do anything about what disturbs some of us, but I also think the shifting, falling, and rising, will happen automatically, so we can do what we can and want and that will suffice. We'll know what to do.

There's no doubt that some grassroots solidarity is developing, but it's slow and not yet effective. I've always perceived the leaders of the world as weak and servants of a larger authority. Their problems stem from their belief otherwise. They are about to learn as well. I just wish they wouldn't waste so much food. I've been to Haiti.

I think these people up there now are going to be replaced, and people might look back wondering why they thought what they did of them when they were onstage. It all comes clear in retrospect. Those of us with foresight most always have to grapple with patience.

A kind of cell division has to take place as people see the leadership as equal to them, not more or less powerful. The same. We are the same. Different jobs. That's all. This is the ideal that won't be reached but it can be strived for.

3/4/09 2:45 PM  
Blogger jm said...

also want to mention that obsession, either following with a religious fervor, or mistrusting and disliking intensely, are the opposite sides of the same coin. It's still clinging in favor of separating and moving ahead on one's own, in charge of personal destiny.

Pluto in Cap could certainly be influencing this behavior, so hopefully as things progress, the objectivity and clarity will increase. Uranus in Aries is going to bring this to the fore, as the wise see their lives as their own, no matter what the billions on the planet are doing, and who they choose to "guide" them.

People are being born, dying, eating, starving, killing, loving, moving, staying stagnant, getting sick, getting healthy, making it, losing it -- everything is happening and each one of us finds her own niche.

Perhaps more than the collective moving to some great transformation in the Aries years, we will simply become more aware of our separation and unique place in the whole, and we will come to "know" we have control. That would be a great transformation, no doubt.

Leadership is a big one. The authorities silent within are starting to speak up.

3/4/09 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Hey, Chiron, way to take the wind out of that poster Jill's sails with your response, over at Lynn's blog. As I noted, if Obama's been kissing Saudi rings, you can bet he's been doing something unmentionable to the PM of Israel, just like Bush before him.

3/4/09 3:38 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Ring and hand kissing is an ancient practice of deference extended to someone perceived to be of a higher social status or class.

Exactly. Saturn in Capricorn and the social climb.

3/4/09 4:42 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Once again you are right. The SN is exactly conjunct US NN in Leo. There's a lot to it.

4/4/09 1:12 AM  

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