Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Stars

Jupiter, Neptune, Leo South Node
Let Us Pray
The latest object of mass worship was not very talented. A mediocre circus act at best, a carny freak show in the end. Loud, crass, stiff, and overdone. It was a testament to the mutilation of life done to entertain the masses including the desecration of music. Group frenzy, screaming, and extraction of money. Call it what you will, talent doesn't work that way. The death has been the most entertaining moment, has it not?
Jupiter rules icons, Neptune rules worship, and here we have the dilemma spelled out on the blackboard in stark realistic terms under this beautiful Capricorn Full Moon, a harbinger of the Pluto transit to come, especially after Uranus and Jupiter leave Pisces. It would have been nice to have a great moment in human evolutionary advancement, but it didn't work precisely that way. It did bring teaching though.
You can see how lost the masses are and how tragic the urge is to find something to believe in, with real spiritual teaching at this moment's core....the source of one's divinity is in one's self. I still don't know why this eludes people so. Analyzing others is limited in terms of accessing spiritual nourishment. I hope the cosmos has a trick up its sleeve by 29 Pisces.
People are people. Gods and goddesses? Prophets from paradise? Mythic kings and queens? Put a crown on your head and see if it works. And dress your stage up with a billion dollars worth of trinkets. Entertainment? What does it take? The 0 Leo Node hopefully will leave some clues.
Maybe as the crowd goes forward the hero worship will make some progress in winding down. Even an imperceptible sliver would help. I will say that it's better to fall at the feet of an entertainer than some psychotic general leading a nation. So perhaps some progress really is being made. God is a problem, for sure. Love is a four letter word.
I'm optimistic. It's all so obvious. Clear as a star in the black night.
So I'm going to go ahead and believe. None of it really matters, but, you know. Nothing else is going on. Or is nothing going on? I hope so.