Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beggars and Choosers

Seems like humans are always begging for something from someone - God, the government, the boss, Jupiter .... If only they knew who was in charge.
I guess with Pluto in Capricorn we're about to find out who cares and who doesn't, just how much mercy will be extended, and exactly how much we're on our own.
The people just spent millions and millions and millions of dollars hiring the current government and now they're on their knees begging for care and for Wall Street to stop stealing all their money. Where can they go for help? A quandary it is.
There's a lot to cover besides everyone's illness, and outer space is extending the populace a little preliminary course in realism, not greeted with joy considering the country's elevated Neptune. This Neptune is about to be crossed by Saturn, and fantasy will have to share the area with practicality for a little while. Fair's fair.
It's true that Pluto makes experience seem like a life or death situation, but it really isn't that fateful in the long run. And the long run is what we're in for considering the four Cancer planets. The wave of panic is really unnecessary other than to provide the temporary thrill of fear so many favor. I wish them an enjoyable frenzy.
The way I see it ... the public is a hyped up rag doll with its arms being pulled out by both parties vying for power and elections approaching. It's all in the game, and as usual, the people are playing their subservient role masterfully.
Rushing like a runaway truck on I81 is not good for your health. Expecting the government to suddenly turn benevolent borders on foolish. And obsessing with the phrase "public option" is idly filling time. Most people don't know what it really is and yet their lives depend on it suddenly. It could just as well be " pubic borazzmatazz." Such is the madness of Pluto, not to forget the 29 Scorpio moon of the inauguration. Group phrases provide something to get your tongue around, but probably won't pay your medical bills. And neither might their insurance plans. But it's more than nothing. I think.
Probably the best thing would be no health care until there could be good health care, if such a thing could materialize in that foggy place called the future. But if the forces demand a deal, you can expect the establishment to win at this stage of the game, if you think there's a contest. You can cry and beg all you want to, but as long as you keep paying for these people to do what they do, and voting for them, they will do it.
And so the team arrives at the Virgo-Pisces axis again. Are we healthy? Not particularly. Can we get healthy? Maybe some of us. Who's going to pay for it? Good question. Who's responsible for whom? Good question.
Sickness is big and remains a puzzle no matter what. When healing became controlled by profit people got entangled and now it's bigger than the sickness. A chicken for a cure got out of hand.
The fact is, you can get health care now. You won't expire without the public option, Pluto notwithstanding. You can enjoy what you have. You can eat well, exercise, and control exposure to painful stress in many cases. You can go to a naturopath. You can get poked by an acupuncturist at a very reasonable rate. You can clean the house and do some long awaited repairs with the end of Saturn in Virgo. In fact, you can organize your life. You can learn to like yourself despite the world's injustices. All things Virgo create health in a human and now is the perfect time to get it. It's your body. Baby.
Soon sickness will be prohibitive. Heh! That'll do it.
So it was designed all along.