Friday, July 24, 2009

Panic in Needle Park

That was the title of a movie I saw once about a ragged group of junkies who procured their fixes in a Brooklyn Park. The supply suddenly dried up and the film was an interesting view of the ways in which they survived.
Neptune equates with drugs and illusions, and the feeling now reminds me a little bit of that movie. The Hope & Change altered state has ended and people are suffering withdrawal with the accompanying panic that it might not return. The high was so expansive that the comedown was bound to be of similar great dimension, but there's more Jupiter-Neptune ahead with the chance to adjust to reality in stages.

Anyone occupying the White House now would have been subject to this climate, and most likely would have handled it equally. It's not at all personal.
It was a thrill for some to revel in the new administration's magical powers and for awhile, it was relatively harmless. But the people are changing surprisingly fast and are preparing for future challenges, including an evaluation of their leadership sans the Hope & Change.
I've been listening to my local radio shows and oddly, the general public seems to be a little bit ahead of the blogosphere on this one. They like the president, but they have serious doubts about his chances of fixing the problems.
The diminishing hope is exactly on schedule, since expectations have to be cleared occasionally. The bare bones approach in Capricorn wants to do what's within capability with a guarantee of success.
People adjust to sudden sobriety in a variety of ways. Some are angry and blame anything. Others welcome the change and see the seeds of genuine optimism provided to replace the drug. Some couldn't care less. Most are a little worried, but have confidence that things will work out.
It can be difficult to comprehend the urges politicians have in their hunger for power, and Saturn-Pluto is the epitome of ambition. The panic they're experiencing now is loss of public support, without which, they lose their seat in the ring of power. They're nervous. Both parties are frowned upon out there. They seem to be showing their weakness. And Pluto is coming in.
All the politicians are bought (hired) by these corporations, and just like any business, they have to do what they're ordered to do by their bosses. But things are getting out of control. Or have gotten. With Pluto soon turning direct and heading for full Capricorn territory, the story is just beginning.
Alas, the bystanders are foregoing the fairy tale as Jupiter and Neptune separate, not the support of the president, of course. They still like him. Next year, as Jupiter and Uranus complete their work in Pisces, the initial panic should turn into acceptance and a new enthusiasm for reality. And the dealers will be out of work.