Friday, October 16, 2009

The Source

After dispensing I can't remember how many billions to help out the banks that were failing due to corruption, we're now getting the results. They've continued exactly as before, actually getting more profitable. And soon the next wave of housing troubles will be foreclosing in. Then who knows what? If I were a soothsayer I would say, but I'm not. I'm banking on some unknown trust fund.
Whose fault is it? This country has been dirty dealing from the beginning and everyone pays the piper. Such is the way of Pluto coming to USA Venus and Jupiter in an avalanche, a volcano of sensation. Pluto, the great magician, is just getting down to business, and he has a plan. The bankers are the symbols of collective untamed desire, tricks, nefarious deals, and all the underhanded means of accruing wealth that have been going on forever in all strata of society.
Pluto also guides people to sources of riches invisible to those overfilling the material vaults. There are tests for the interested. The trials often demand loss, at first, to make room. Our bills due are strange things and money is odd. "In God We Trust," our money says. Well I do sometimes.
Bonuses, bottom lines, profits, losses, assets, liabilities, billions, trillions -- what are they, really? How much is enough? If an individual knows that does it matter how much anyone else has?
It's weird. When people steal from me I always figure they need it more than I do, and that they carry some suffering I wouldn't want. And I walked into it. Being able to eliminate, to take it or leave it, the freedom to be with or without, could be the greatest of riches. Who or what truly takes care of us? Beneath the ravaging, the earth still renews and provides.

I think the sun, the moon, and the stars beamed down to humanity through gold and silver as a reminder of other sources of wealth. It's almost too much.