Monday, October 05, 2009

Multidimensional Evolution

Several days ago I noticed the waxing moon beside Jupiter in the night sky, ancient, steady, and beautiful. I like contemplating the systems of the universe in their perfection including life on earth. People might not like the eruptions, disruptions, and general discomforts of experience but one thing leads to another in a sequence that ultimately works.
All creatures feel fear. Those of us in the animal kingdom are destined to live a natural life and die successfully with all the facets that make up the challenges of surviving. The demands of sustaining the body and the fear of predators are part of the situation.
It isn't about politicians, nor anyone for that matter. Nor is it about a sudden shift in collective consciousness. It isn't even about good versus bad. It's simply about systems doing what they must in order to continue. The earth changes in a steady rhythm and all living things adjust. I think this is what might be called evolution.

Evolution can go in many directions. Sometimes it moves forward and sometimes it retrogrades seemingly undoing progress. Humans can't perceive the overall stages being caught inside the mechanism.
The biggest mistake this so called advanced creature makes is assuming s*he is solely responsible for the changes on the planet and the development of social and political organization. This is, of course, inaccurate. Human systems are an infinitesimal part of universal ones and governance so far is beyond our comprehension, intelligent as we might think we are as a species. What people might perceive as wrong now will turn out to be right in the end. It has to.
I've come to the conclusion that there is an intrinsic intelligence in systems that oversees their proper functioning. Even their demise is nourishment for new ones better adapted to changing conditions. Now the cosmic plumber and drainage specialist, Pluto, has arrived to clear the passageway for the next dimension awaiting this doing breathing organism. It's wise to remember that the time preceding a planetary return is an ending. The wrap.
The Weaning
233 years ago Pluto was concluding its transit of Capricorn when the newborn American country separated from her mother, and now that Pluto is returning, the urge to do it again has surfaced, steadily gaining strength. The weaning procedure is in motion with the moon's south node in Cancer and Pluto just beginning the revealing journey opposite the four USA Cancer planets. Accompanying the initiation is a pervading sense of insecurity, not surprisingly. But I also feel an accompanying confidence, necessary to prevail in tougher times, an aspect of Capricorn.
With the economy shrinking, the earth heating, wars threatening, and the absence of leadership becoming more apparent every day, one can see that no one knows what to do. This is favorable, as the country begins her weaning in earnest. There'll be no sudden radical shift, I don't think, but likely a gradual motion, forward, backward, and sideways, as systems struggle to continue, just like the planets. The planets give us a great clue as they move in their multi directional paths. Magnetic forces keep them all in order as they probably will do for us. The magnetism of Pluto together with the structure of Capricorn indicates that they will.
Bush and Obama - the same coin.
People had hoped to leave the past behind and go on with a reborn country free from the previous pain but circumstance has taught otherwise. The former president and the present one are linked for good reason.
On November 2, 2004, Saturn was retrograde at 27 Cancer, exactly opposite USA Pluto. The Moon was in Cancer as well. Naturally, Bush was re-elected with this backward clinging configuration. He also has natal Saturn in Cancer in the 12th at 26, the ultimate in a lesson born of the parental axis. He represented the Cancer parent. Security was the basis of his administration.

Obama has Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th at 25 conjunct US Pluto, the fatherly figure, just as problematic for this dependent country that rejects maturity so soundly. Responsibility is his main point, but he, himself, is not exhibiting the trait. 12th house Saturns often indicate failure in mundane reality, and this is the ticket to the country's recognition of her own overall failures coming into focus with Pluto's return. You can see the start of defeat and humiliation, a necessary part of improvement.
The ideal solution to this puzzle is for independence to develop when the citizens stop waiting for someone to bail them out. The opposite of the Great Depression with Pluto in Cancer. The weakness of leadership, the inability of these parents to make it all better, only facilitate this growing up endeavor. All creatures have to leave the nest or den eventually. So this is why the people are slowly becoming more aware of the incompetent leadership they have. It ideally leads them to fend for themselves adequately, if not well. Anyone elected now would be in the same position.
We're in good shape, really, as the view of the current one comes into sharper focus. In fact it was recently pointed out that "he lies."
That cry was like a shot heard round the world, the quintessential example of the Saturn-Uranus opposition which was exact that night. An entire history of tradition was shattered in one shocking moment and I expect it will trigger an extended series of breaks with authority. The shot is still ringing.
It's as true as can be. Maybe the time has come for the children to peek out from behind the shield of fabrication. Take the recovery, for example. The people are being told the recession is over. Even if recovery is underway it will be so slow as to be imperceptible. The fact is, we're probably headed for a long period of harder times, and yet the people seem to be getting ready to acknowledge that fact. So the deceptions of the rulers might be growing less useful since the people need to pay their bills. If the parental figures can't do the job, something else will have to be done. Around the country, individuals are voicing genuine dissatisfaction with government and the weakness so obvious now is designed to eventually transfer strength and power to the country at large whatever path that takes. The system is top heavy. It has to adjust. It's physics. Dynamics.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces
As fact and reality weave their way into daily life, Jupiter soon enters Pisces to meet up with Uranus in a grand finale before the two go on to Aries and the next Saturn-Uranus opposition. Disappointment with leadership is rising. Hope isn't always the remedy. Sometimes it is, sometimes not. It's always around, anyway.
Surrendering to what is, is a relief. The effort to shore up delusions can be exhausting and Pisces dissolves burdens if you let it. Giving in and up momentarily can lead to surprising satisfaction and a release of long held tension and breath. And giving up the idea that the good parent will be coming around the bend to save the day could pave the way for substantial administrators taking care of our country's business. Conceivably. Eventually.

The earth always warms before an ice age and that's probably what's happening now. Land masses move and water sources shift in dramatic ways during these events, and more quietly other times. Wildlife leaves when water and food sources dry up, but returns when conditions change. They die out when the time comes. The ecosystems are in continual flux and probably man's poisons are no greater than natural ones. Antidotes are always there, a requirement for system maintenance. Europe, once a part of a huge super continent, is now moving back to merge with Africa again. So the system we tiny creatures are a part of runs on its own with or without our said mastery. Apparently we're wanted so the earth will do with us what it will as it continues to evolve. Animals know what to do and so do we animals.

It's the same with our social and political systems. They adjust to changing circumstance and evolve accordingly, so the years ahead are probably going to take care of the collective and keep it thriving, speaking of parents. Human disasters are part of the system's way of surviving. The struggles are universal to all living things. And there's not much you can do. Except to do your best.