Thursday, October 15, 2009

Suckers and Thieves

Uranus, Neptune, and the Body Politic
The dissonance of the Nobel Prize is minor compared to that of the ersatz health care reform. For several years I've heard the crowd's agonized scream (loud, too) about the domination, corruption, and overall evil of today's business corporations. And now their hearts are bursting with joy - warmth spilling on the floors, walls, and ceilings - as the government attempts to force them into bondage to one of the biggest corporate conglomerates of them all -- the insurance companies. Now that's dissonance in lieu of labeling it insanity, if I were frank.

Pluto, Scorpio, and the eighth house ... insurance companies. It does make sense doesn't it? The insurance industry and the medical establishment (Capricorn) are two of the largest financial contributors to politicians' campaigns and law-making. The office holders won't defy them. Not now. Pluto at zero Capricorn is too early for the system to falter and the squeeze is just starting. They also need your votes and everything they're doing is geared to that goal. It's what's called being played. You.

There never was going to be a public plan and if there is one, I'd expect a fake. The president told you that in the beginning. It's easy to read between his lines. You already got suckered into bailing out Wall Street and look what happened. Profits are soaring and even though your little funds might be growing, when the sell-off comes you'll be left holding the bag. An empty one.
The plutocracy is trying to save their organization, (Why not? With Pluto in Capricorn) or make a mighty profit on its downfall, and they are well known for their ruthlessness. The public is well known for its naivete.
But along with the dissonance of the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception is the other possibility -- the chance to gain an out of the ordinary awareness.

Forcing the entire nation to buy a commercial product tells the story perfectly. The profits dangling before the sellers are driving them nuts, not to mention all the kickbacks for the dealers.

Raising the cost of living this much for a sliding economy shedding jobs with no end in sight is cruel and unusual punishment. Well, Pluto in Capricorn can be like that. People would not be able to pay for these forced contracts and the amount of money trying to collect could be staggering. Who pays for it? You.

Say there's some "public option" now that they've given divinity to the phrase prodding you to believe it's a glorious gift of mercy. Just wait till you try and get it. The cost of administering such a plan would be astronomical. Who pays for it? You. And who qualifies? Not you, most likely.

A large part of doctors' payroll is spent trying to collect from insurance companies who play a hard game. With so many added clients, doctors will have to increase their staffs and raise their fees. Who pays for it? You.

A plan to regulate the companies is being discussed. The cost would be, well a lot, trying to monitor their actions. Who pays for it? You.

You can pay to hand your body to a business. Or you can pay the penalty. Pay the government for being alive. You have options.

All this in a failed economy that even the escalated wars might not remedy. It could, theoretically, make you sick, raising the expenditure that much more.

A problem with one party rule is the desperation with which the ruling party fights to keep its power. The frustration of the outsiders fuels the conflict and the fine art of cooperation and compromise remains pretty much out of reach. Funny how this bill is barreling through just before the midterms, and even funnier is how it wouldn't take effect until 2013, just after the current president hopes to get re-elected, just in case it doesn't do too well. A more balanced legislature after the next election would help.

Saturn in Libra square Capricorn holds potential for good debate and law-making. Excellent possibilities. Would that some of it would be dispensed. It takes taking time. And honestly entertaining the thought that your opponent might be right. And respecting facts. And keeping personal feelings within control and functional. The square deal. And not terrifically sentimental. Logical. Above the belt.

Saturn is approaching the critical 29th degree and the Virgo fix would like to be applied. But what fix exactly? It's good to keep in mind that Saturn returns to Virgo next spring for a last ditch something or other. With so much Pisces around chaos seems to be the way to go. So the fix is really unknown at present. I'll try and fix something by spring.

Anyway, it's maddening. If I were you, I'd be discerning and pay strict attention. Watch thy money. Heal thyself as much as possible. If I were me, I'd pay strict attention. I'm glad I'm not a thief.