Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Democrats Have Been Slipped a Mickey

Fair is Fair
Saturn in Libra
As paradise purged completely of Republicans fritters away before glazed Democratic eyes, reality is rearing its interesting head. They're not doing so good. There does seem to be a basic plus-minus balance as Saturn in Libra likes to point out seeking its goal of neutrality.
They actually seemed to believe that the ancient Republican Party was dead, never to be resurrected, while the dashing newcomer led the Good Party into permanent dominance, locking the miscreants into humiliation and imprisonment, unfortunately with progressively mounting glee.
Circumstance is proving otherwise. The intelligence of the system is always at work, no matter how dull humans pretend to be sometimes.
It's inconceivable to me how anyone with even a morsel of intelligence could actually believe that one-half of their fellow countrypeople would be left out of decision-making. Or that they'd really want that. What good does hating half the country do? Just in case a decision really has to be made, Libra notwithstanding.
The truth is, Pluto in Capricorn means restriction. The broad government programs of the Depression can't be created this time along with the staggering expense of two losing wars. The Democrats' high hopes of bailing out the system won't work. The lessons of restraint have to be learned and the more money is spent, the harder that education is. Increasingly, programs will have to be trimmed. The Republicans' aversion to reform and progress is also a hindrance, so neither party is well positioned to succeed currently. They're without a bubble.
I developed an unusual habit recently ... listening to conservative talk radio (not the sick and famous), along with a particular local nonpartisan show that's quite revealing. Ordinary people. I want to know what they're thinking, and it's surprising.

The right used to complain about liberals furiously, but their attention is turning elsewhere, although still concerned about socialism. The common Republicans are mostly talking about government spending and trying to figure out what to do. But then the moderates have always done that. I don't think they see Obama as important. They don't express much hatred, not even the more conservative.
The federal government in general as it stands now is not trusted. The issue that has united collective thinking is the bank bailouts. People of both parties are angry about the dominance of big business from what I hear them say.

The block politicians are after is the Independent one and it's growing. Republicans tell me they used to be "that way" but now they don't know. It coordinates with the Uranus in Aries years ahead when solutions to fit individual problems will be the ones pursued, breaking out of preordained patterns and shifting the puzzle parts in new directions. The 2010 elections are going to be very interesting as things get unpredictable and alignments get out of whack. Or in.
So I think the failure of both parties is a good thing as balance swings in to keep the group from passing out in delirium. The mickey will wear off so Democrats can come to their senses and face the fact that they aren't the ones to fix it quick and keep their omnipotence intact. They're getting knocked about like the Republicans did, while the people scratch their heads and wonder who's going to take care of business. It might very well take an interesting twist in the next few years as the elected ones get used to the changing reality and the partisan breakdown.
Now is a time voters are feeling the urge to disengage from rigid programmed loyalties, with the help of Uranus breaking boundaries in every direction with more to come. They're moving toward policy and maybe less personality attachment, Uranus being unsentimental
Maybe the next Jupiter-Neptune conjunction coupled with the wild Sagittarius season will, in time, lead to a reality potion to replace the mickey the overworked Democrats unwittingly swallowed. Soaring hopes might increase again, but a reasonable amount of that intoxicant would work well as the bread of reality gets a taste, and both political parties accept their limitations.