Sunday, November 01, 2009

Where's Daddy?

Out in the workshop? Upstairs? At work? Killing people in a faraway desert? In Ithaca? Who's going to take care of me?
Within the mind bending, body wrenching whirls of the Hellthcare storm are some perplexing puzzles. All year the south node transiting Cancer is around to remind people of the problem of insecurity. Interesting that last Thursday, in the throes of the commotion, the node hit USA Mercury starting its journey across the four needy planets. Pluto is coming in from the other end, and Daddy waits opposite to see how the family fares.
Could it be that the government won't be there for the ordinary as hoped? The tendency might be to perceive the authorities as enemies, but that's also an exaggeration, and chancy, considering that one needs a ruling body.
Is the government trying to help or hurt its charges? Certainly Thursday made the confusion of that question apparent. I think people might not ever figure that out, and so, could ideally be more self reliant. A by-pass at zero cost.

But alternatively.....

Maybe the force of the system pulling people in would influence them to have more stake in fixing it. Pluto in Capricorn is bound to put the squeeze on and could conceivably create a more interested populace, should they get stuck. It could work many ways.
The ruling elites do take care of countless details that allow the ever hungry masses to survive in their large aggregates, unable to suck out their own oil or cut down their trees for dwellings anymore. Their food must be wrapped in plastic and labeled with colorful machine manufactured pictures. Their bodies require automobiles. The governments takes care of shipping most of their goods -- tea from China, cocktail umbrellas from Taiwan, elephant tusks from Africa -- all life's necessities. They pave their roads and mastermind their wars. People depend on them and trust is required to avoid the insanity of terror. All of it hums along until something strikes. Now that economic hard times have arrived, people are naturally worried about how they'll be cared for.
Who's responsible for whom? It seems like parents should be the ones since they made us, but they pass off the job to the authorities, who often are derelict in their fatherly duties. Do they care? Should they?
With whom do we sign the contract that says we'll be seen safely from our births to our deaths? Is it signed in blood or will a peacock's quill dipped in turquoise ink do the job?
Due to the limitations of my artist's budget along with my dislike of the medical industry, I work with my body as it heals itself, and I create and maintain the conditions for it to do that the best I can. I think often about the large task of care-taking, and the necessity of assuming that job myself when life requires it. And the freedom that approach provides. It's interesting how circumstance will bend to that arrangement. Will is plastic, I think.
But who can tell? Maybe the government will kick in and be a good parent. With four planets in Cancer the country could use one. Maybe Pluto in Capricorn has one.
Enter Uranus in Aries.
The puzzle of where Father is always baffles, but some answers might pop up while Pluto, the researcher, goes into the authorities' territory (Capricorn) with ruling Saturn about, and then the biggest Daddy of them all comes in sideways .... Uranus. The daddy of the heavens, and not known for possessing a sympathetic nature. That's a lot of daddy.
At 0 Capricorn, the commoners are being slapped into submission. It can be rough. But the system will eventually get down and get it too. It wants it. Whatever trouble comes riding in would enter anyway, so it really doesn't matter who does what to whom, although a pound of flesh to the pending care-takers of our bodies is pricey. It's no one's fault, deals are two-sided, or more, but raging at the system is sometimes helpful. Standing up to the $^%#F967! It's natural to get mad at a bad dad. If you can locate him.


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