Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pluto Gets to Work

Pluto in the Capricorn Season
Last December when the Sun met with Pluto euphoria was in the air and wishes were freshly minted with hope just in from the horizon. This year we're two Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions wiser and the cosmic digger is ready for serious business with Saturn intimately involved. Change has occurred if not exactly what some had anticipated. So far I've found this holiday season to be one of the weirdest I've ever been in. A magnetic distraction seems to have gripped society's psyche, although some are dutifully recalling the Baby Jesus and purchasing commodities as well as can be expected.

The Veil Dissolves
Jupiter Conjunct Neptune
So it came to pass. Collective illusions so diligently maintained have melted away revealing just how corrupt and ill-behaved our political officials really are. It's difficult to miss. An excellent study in how they operate. The stabbing, bribing, stealing, and most of all -- lying -- have aligned to expose the plutocracy in action with its unattractive appetite for power creating a depressing drama available in each and every home for the pleasure of the viewing audience. The pecking keys are certainly registering the alarm.
People are angry with the government. The battle is on. It always is, really. This one can be classified in the "war of necessity" category. The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto days are as good as here and it's getting time to consolidate and mobilize. The disease in the system demands a cure. The promised unity does appear to be happening after all but not quite for the reasons predicted.
This is the initial breakdown phase of Pluto in Capricorn dealing with group finances versus personal. The current administration was designated to facilitate the demolition before reconstruction can begin. Everything they touch is turning to disaster, magically illustrated by the 29 Scorpio Moon of the inuagural chart.
A Monster in the Halls
The first big Plutonian monster came in the form of the insurance care bill now under attempted construction. If Pluto-Saturn succeeds, the bill goes. The insurance companies represent the established order. Simple.
This drama was played out for the people to recognize the technique of their political office holders. The spin has spun out of control and now the truth is emerging from the wreckage, just the thing they thought they could forever cover up. "The truth will out," it's said, and I tend to believe it. "You lie" covers a lot of yous.
The punishment of Saturn-Pluto can seem brutal and everyone is due to get some of it, for virtually none of us is innocent. It's amazing to feel the rage surfacing and there's going to be a lot more, especially when Uranus gets its revolutionary fire. Group movement like this comes from within the body politic and not much can stop it. Pocket picking will arouse almost anyone. Price gouging has its pitfalls. Money issues have hair triggers.
So the breakdown is upon us. It's far from reform. There's nothing to reform. What's happening now is a panicked attempt to medicate the sickness with impotent measures, trying to keep the entity functioning. The system needs a doctor. And I don't think its covered in a plan.

I've actually been impressed with some of the bloggers lately. Their wits are being sharpened and probably being refined and tooled for the battles ahead. Some of the unsatisfying personal infighting is turning into fine debate. It could get stimulating.

So on this Jupiter-Neptune celebration of religious saviors, aside from the gifts generously offered by the magi, human creatures have engaging challenges ahead that are garnering attention. I'm interested in following the story.
Painting: Suspended Power: Charles Sheeler


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