Monday, January 25, 2010

Self Mastery

The Source of Supreme Authority
Pluto in Capricorn
Now that the disintegration of Pisces is continuing, even increasing, it's an opportune time to look within for possibilities prior to the potentially active period coming soon. The earthquake that just exploded reality as Jupiter entered Pisces announced a good chance to forget non-creative thought, break some stilted patterns, maybe abandon concrete plans. Predetermined change is talked about extensively but not always easily materialized.
Greed, Corporate and Otherwise
Greed appears to be firmly wired into creatures at this point probably for logical reasons, one possibly being the lesson of evolution and mastery over temptation and destructive urges. I've known many Scorpionics who are concerned with control over appetites and some are good at it. The state of desire is more satisfying that overindulgence to these oddballs. They take in just enough, while using the energy of longing for creative purposes. I've noticed a lot of vegetarianism and abstinence in these circles, and Scorpio is the bridge from earthly delights to spiritual in Sagittarius.
The corporate monster is a collective creation. You are the ones who anthropomorphize the businesses, giving them personhood, by calling them evildoers who victimize you. The Supreme Court is a symbol reflecting that view. If you murder the conglomerates, they will gladly return from the source. Pluto is like that. There's an essential urge to cluster and grow in nature, often testing limits. Then there's the compulsion to externalize demons from within, hang them anywhere, I suppose so we can get to know them.
A relentless grasping for commodities beyond the immediate environs, astronomical indulgence in advertised suggestions, undying support of big business through purchases and investments in mutual funds, and love of pleasure palaces filled to the rafters with cheap goods all have created our present dilemma.
The practical solution is regulation within the many levels of human society, and Pluto (desire) in Capricorn (discipline) tells you how to do it. Self management, moderation, patience, delayed gratification, self respect, genuine admiration and criticism of people, adherence to the common good, and learning to let go, while correcting what can be improved are among the techniques. You are the master of yourself.
Hatred and Fright
The trouble with vitriolic blame rather than intelligent criticism is that it doesn't change anything. The evildoers continue, maybe even getting more hardened in their ways as a result. The refusal to respond with equal vituperation takes self control. At the same time, questioning of your own dogma is beneficial. The human mind is funny. It's difficult to know exactly what is right, since it's often a matter of conjecture.
Are people going to follow these automatic reactions instead of applying honest evaluations with radically new courses of action? If so, I'll have to go. Hope, e-mails, and mud pies are not likely to bring a futuristic revolution of any substance. Is it really the business monsters' fault? Is it any one's fault? Is it really wrong? One thing leads to another in a sequence we humans can't really perceive accurately. Political climates come and go until, if there is such a thing as evolution, each individual learns to govern its self.
One of the most valuable lessons is mastery over excessive fear. Maybe Pluto is spooking the crowd in order to achieve this some day. Dependence on illusions can increase panic since they are ultimately stripped leaving you exposed and extremely insecure. Pluto is fond of the naked truth without pretension, whether it's true or not. It's often a relief to give up and relax, taking circumstance as it is. The chatter about how dangerous a situation looks can sometimes be ignored. Frequently the heightened fear of the future is a mask over the boring nature of daily life. Thrills to cover the knowledge that the "thing" never really happens. Existence is largely routine.
It's Not About Obama
This person is not the problem and he's not the solution. The scope of the centuries old history of this country due for judgement in Capricorn is beyond the president. He can tag along if he wants to, tethered to his teleprompter, while some take advantage of the opportunity to become more independent, self-sufficient, and discerning in electing leaders, while developing some mastery over the political process.
The Troublesome Possible Future if Paradise Decides Not to Come
It's natural and enjoyable to predict in order to control the future, but the future is being created as we go, with guidelines, maps, blueprints, etc., to follow loosely. I've noticed that the future acquiesces to my dictates only on occasion, but maybe that's my doing. Self mastery includes keeping an eye on the blank parts of the slate thus giving the individual more say in the matter.
I've come to think I do exactly what I want to do, live like I want to live, like it or not, and I assume the collective does too. There's enough power to go around and as much as one needs can be had at any time. But agony can be enjoyable for some when Pluto promises who knows what from the supreme authority at hand.